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RAW Deal: Rousey, Lesnar no-show Monday Night in Detroit



Although they were both advertised to appear on the most recent episode of Monday Night RAW out of the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan last night, both Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar left the fans in attendance who showed up to seem them leaving the arena wondering why they didn’t stay home as well.

While Lesnar’s absence is said to be related to his ongoing storyline heading into WrestleMania, Rousey not being at the show has raised some questions.

After Lesnar’s advocate, Paul Heyman, showed up to represent his client last week in Milwaukee, we were supposed to get a face-to-face between Lesnar and Reigns this week in Detroit. Instead, we’d see Roman trot out with some harsh words for Vince McMahon in the opening segment of the program, blaming his lack of disciplinary action in regards to Brock on why the former UFC champion continues to stand him up. This would result in Vince handing down a temporary suspension to Reigns and announcing that Brock would show up next week for RAW in Dallas.

For Lesnar, WWE’s current Universal Champion, the no-show didn’t come as a major surprise. The ongoing storyline ahead of his upcoming title defense against Reigns at Mania has been woven in a way that should turn the fans against Lesnar due to his lack of interest in being a defending champion let alone a member of the current WWE roster. With his contract set to expire after WrestleMania, Lesnar is likely to leave the company for one final run in the UFC, which makes this storyline all too real. Unfortunately, the emotion that WWE is looking to elicit from their fans would only work if Lesnar’s opponent was anyone but Roman Reigns. The fans are sticking too their guns when it comes to Roman — they just won’t get on board.

It was announced last week that Rousey would be appearing on every single episode of RAW on the “Road to WrestleMania,” maybe they just didn’t specify when exactly that was going to start.

Reports came out ahead of last night’s show that Rousey was not in the building. Instead, fans in attendance who purchased a ticket to see Rousey and Rousey alone would just get a bunch of promos for her upcoming mixed tag team match at WrestleMania next month in New Orleans.

In the end, it would be Braun Strowman who do his best to save the show, inserting himself into a tag team mini rumble match that would close out the show.

Strowman once again proved his value to the company as the true star of the night, giving the fans that did stick waiting for the advertised Rousey segment that never happened a performance worthy of their time. But was it enough? Judging by the fans that were asking for refunds on their way out, they just seemed to want at least half of what they were promised. The bright side — fans were given a handful of free mini snickers bars on the way out as a consolation.

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