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WWE RAW Highlights (12.11.17): Braun Strowman versus Kane for a shot at Brock Lesnar’s Universal Title



Missed the latest edition of Monday Night RAW? No worries. We’ve got you covered right here with all of the highlights to get you caught up with the major and minor storylines as we begin the build to next year’s Royal Rumble with a main event that will feature Braun Strowman versus Kane with the winner getting a title shot at Brock Lesnar.

Monday Night RAW opens from the Q in Cleveland with a fantastic promo from Samoa Joseph. Joe is able to coax Reigns out to the ring by his lonesome and employ a beatdown on him with some help from Sheamus and Cesaro. Rollins and Ambrose come to the aid of Reigns but they end up catching a beating too. This sets up three singles matches for tonight; Ambrose versus Joe, Reigns versus Cesaro for the IC title and Rollins versus Sheamus.

Absolution take on a team featuring three women with a combined 11 WWE world titles between them.

Bray Wyatt and ‘Woken’ Matt are back with some more verbal warfare. This gets so deep on Matt’s end that I have to transcribe a piece of it.

“The soul of Sister Abigail has existed for eternities. We’ve crossed paths before — yes. We’d walk hand in hand, admiring the gardens of Babylon. But, she contracted an addiction to the darkness and was consumed by evil. And now, her horrendous soul is the prominent passenger of the vessel known as Bray Wyatt.”

This is getting really good on Matt’s end. Now, hopefully Bray can fire back. I’m not sure if these two are working on their promos together but it sure doesn’t feel like it.

Enzo seems to have something or someone on his mind here.

The video above is proof that WWE is currently struggling to find something for Finn Balor. Let’s hope this changes during the build to Mania. I have a pretty strong feeling it will.

The first member of three singles matches featuring a member of The Shield tonight. It’s the architect versus one half of your current RAW tag team champions.

More Enzo and Gulak with a cameo from Nia Jax. Don’t be surprised if Nia ends up costing Enzo his title.

Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali, Ariya Daivari and Tony Abs get down to decide who will face Drew Gulak next week for a shot at Enzo Amore’s cruiserweight title. This was easily the best match of the night. Great adjustment following the Rich Swann incident.

Roman Reigns defends his Intercontinental Championship against the other half of your RAW tag team champions.

Jason Jordan continues to stick his nose where he shouldn’t.

Trouble in paradise for the Angle family.

What was supposed to be a singles match between Asuka and Alicia Fox turns into an all out brawl between Absolution and the rest of the RAW women’s roster.

Kane and Braun Strowman battle for an opportunity at Brock Lesnar’s Universal Title next month at the Royal Rumble.

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