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RAW Highlights (6.11.18): Ronda armbars Nia, Seth smashes Elias’ special guitar and more



Here are your highlights from the Monday Night RAW go home show for this year’s Money in the Bank.

The bad news — we got a repeat of last year’s segment with the superstars talking on top of ladders. The good news — we got Constable Corbin sporting his fresh new look.

This was a really solid and competitive Fatal 4-way between the four RAW women’s MITB representatives.

Subtle seeds continue to be planted with Ziggler and McIntyre likely headed for splitsville sooner rather than later.

We were supposed to get Reigns versus Mahal but instead we got Reigns versus Sunil Singh. Talk about a swerve. Now we all have to wait until Sunday for the singles match that everyone is Chicago is talking about ahead of Money in the Bank.

Seth Rollins curbstomps Elias’ custom made John Mayer guitar. The back and forth here between Coach and Graves is borderline embarrassing.

The B-Team gets some work in ahead of their title match with the The Deleters of Worlds. No sarcasm here — we are pumped for this match. Everything about this is so good.

Bayley and Ruby Riott won’t be partaking in this year’s MITB match but you can watch highlights from their match this past Monday night above. Who knows, we certainly could see some outside interference from Bayley and all three members of The Riott Squad come Sunday night. It would certainly be more welcome than last year’s James Ellsworth debacle.

Was this another case of WWE giving away the finish for free before the big event on Sunday or can we now expect some shenanigans when Ronda and Nia meet in what is currently rumored to be the Money in the Bank main event? You tell us.

We close the show with Braun Strowman looking like your odds on favorite to take home the men’s briefcase on Sunday night in Chicago.

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