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Report: Hulk Hogan WWE return imminent



The return of pro wrestling icon Hulk Hogan to a WWE ring is nearly a done deal according to multiple sources.

It was reported earlier today that talks between Hogan and WWE have been positive and that they want to bring the former face of the company back the “right way”.

The Downfall of Hulk Hogan

There was interest in bringing Hogan for last Friday’s Greatest Royal Rumble event due to the Saudi royal family requesting his presence. Although that did not go through, it did get both sides talking which has brought them closer to a deal according to TMZ.

WWE released the following statement in regards to the Hogan situation:

“WWE applauds the work Hulk Hogan is doing with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to turn what was a negative into a positive by helping young people learn from his mistake. While he has taken many steps in the right direction since we parted ways, Hogan is not currently under contract to WWE.”

Hogan last appeared in a WWE ring in March of 2015 where he would save Snoop Dogg from Curtis Axel, who was working with the “AxelMania” gimmick at the time. Hogan’s contract would be terminated just months later due to the release of a tape that featured “The Hulkster” using multiple racial slurs. This came after he had just been brought back to the company in 2014 to host WrestleMania 30 following a sex tape scandal.

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