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Retro WWE NXT Episode 18: The Ascension and Ohno vs. The Usos and Steamboat



Retro WWE NXT Episode 18 — Original air date, October 17, 2012

The show begins with a recap of last week’s NXT Championship match between Seth Rollins and Michael McGillicutty, with the build-up that included WWE Champion CM Punk telling Rollins to beat the respect out of McGillicutty. The match was back and forth hard-hitting affair that ended with Seth escaping McGillicutty’s swinging neckbreaker and hitting the Slice Bread No.2 for the win. The last shot we see is Seth and Punk staring each other down after the match.

Coheed and Cambria then play us in. Byron Saxton and William Regal are on commentary, and Summer Rae is the in ring announcer.

Alex Riley vs. Jinder Mahal

Saxton notes this is the first time Mahal has been back since losing in the Gold Rush Tournament Finals to Seth Rollins. Loud “USA” chant as the bell rings and Regal wins my heart all over again by calling the crowd xenophobes. They locked up to start the match, and Riley tried to go to an armbar, but Mahal yanked his arm away and looked at Riley with disdain. They went to lock up again, but Mahal slipped under and applied a waistlock, but Riley broke the grip and turned into a wristlock, then switched to a top wristlock.

Mahal went to his knees and pushed up to reverse the hold, taking Riley to the mat and bending his risk back. Riley kipped up and came with a full armdrag and twist, taking Jinder down. Riley then caught him with an armdrag into an armbar. Mahal worked his way back to his feet, but Riley switched to a hammerlock, forcing Mahal to go the ropes. The ref called for a break, distracting Riley and Mahal nailed him with a back elbow, then took him over with a side mare into a headlock. Riley worked his back to his feet and threw Mahal into the ropes, but Mahal caught him with a shoulder block. Mahal ran the ropes, but A-Ry dropped down and caught Jinder with a dropkick, then trapped him the corner mount. Mahal covered up to avoid Riley’s punches and slipped under the legs, but A-Ry caught him with hard kick to the face, then hit a second rope shoulder tackle for a two count.

Riley went for a whip, but Mahal reversed it and caught him with a knee to the gut. Mahal followed up immediately, kicking A-Ry in the gut and then giving him a gordbuster onto the top rope for a two count. Jinder sprung off the bottom rope for a series of knees to the chest of Riley, then locked in a sitting abdominal stretch. Riley managed to fight his way back to his feet, and caught Jinder with a big hiptoss. Jinder charged into a backelbow and Riley followed up with a clothesline. Mahal tried to come back with a clothesline of his own, but A-Ry ducked and went for a backdrop, but Jinder grabbed him and threw him into the ropes and tried to catch him with another knee to the gut, but Riley countered into a schoolboy and got the three count!

Winner: Riley via pinfall

Post-match, Riley was trying to celebrate his way, but turned around right into a high knee from Mahal. Mahal pounded him and then locked in the camel clutch torturing him with the hold before the ref finally convinced to break the hold.

Trent Barretta vs. Jake Carter

Byron smartly noted that this stemmed from a confrontation the two had last week. It wouldn’t have killed them to actually show it though. Carter is finally a damn hell against the clear babyface in Barretta. Can you tell I’m low key obsessed with Carter?

They locked up strong to start the match, with Carter getting on a headlock. Trent shoved him into the ropes and Carter put him down with a shoulder block, and then found the need to celebrate it. They went to lock up again, but Trent slipped under to grab a waistlock. Carter reversed it, then turned into a headlock. Trent threw him again and Carter caught him with another shoulder block, but Trent dropped down and caught him with a running back elbow, then took him down with a side mare into a headlock. Carter fought his way to his feet and tossed him Trent into the ropes, and dropped down and Trent went for a crossbody, but Carter moved and Trent hit the ropes hard and a little awkwardly, in a spot that looked a little mistimed. Carter quickly covered for a two count. Carter then whipped him into a high backdrop, making sure to take his time before covering for a two count. Carter pounded him with some nice body shots in the corner, then Irish whipped him hard into the opposite corner. Carter preened a bit before covering for a two count.

Carter briefly applied a rear chinlock, then released to drop a knee to the chest for a two count, then went back to the chinlock. The fans managed to rally Barretta back to his feet and he hit a few backelbows before breaking the hold with a back suplex. Carter beat Trent to his feet, but Trent caught him with a HUGE chop to the chest, then a right, but Carter cut him off with a kick to the gut. Trent fired back with a series of strikes and when Carter tried to fire back with a right hand, Trent ducked and caught him with an enziguri! Barretta built momentum for a modified springboard back elbow in the corner, but Carter caught him on the comeback with a big lariat for a near fall. Carter then crotched him in the corner for a second rope back suplex, but Barretta fought him off with a series of backelbows and hit a perfect Whisper in the Wind, but couldn’t cover right away and Carter kicked out.

Trent went for the running knee, but Carter avoided it and caught Trent with an overhead Belly to Belly suplex for a near fall. Carter wasn’t happy with the count, and pounded Trent from side mount before covering again for a two count. Carter tapped on his wrist as if to say, “It’s Carter Time” (Byron mentioned that at the beginning of the match and it took me a minute to get it. HeHe. Carter looked to be going for a lariat again, but Trent got a running start and caught Carter off guard with the running knee for the three count.

Winner: Barretta via pinfall

We get a quick little thirty-second Big E Langston package, where we see a highlighting of his new 5 count gimmick, with five Big Endings go with it.

Damien Sandow made his entrance to huge pop and immediately cut a promo ripping into the fans, calling them a failed generation and more awesome Damien Sandow stuff. He let the crowd chant “You Suck” for a bit and then fired back “Thank you for irrelevant opinion.” He then said he would dismantle the ignoramus in the ring, who was really just like them. “You’re Welcome.”

Damien Sandow vs. Brandon Traven

They locked up to start the match, and Sandow drops down for a fireman’s carry into an armbar. Traven worked his way to his feet, but as just as he was going to reverse the hold, Sandow pulled him down to the mat by his hair. Traven worked his way to his feet and reversed into an armbar of his own, but Sandow rolled through and countered into a wristlock, then twisted through into a hammerlock. Traven reversed it and turned it into a headlock. Sandow pulled the hair and managed to toss Traven in and dropped down looking for a hiptoss, but Traven blocked it and tried to reverse but Sandow blocked it and went for a clothesline, but Traven ducked and went for a right hand, but Sandow saw it coming and dashed into the corner for a break. The fans ate all of this up.

They went to lock up again, but Sandow cut him off with a kick to the gut, then took him down with a headlock takedown for a two count. Traven worked his back to his feet and tossed Sandow off, but Sandow put him down with a shoulderblock. He went to run the ropes and Traven dropped down, but Sandow just put the brakes on and started stomping the hell out of Traven’s back. Sandow dropped a knee to the chest, then slapped him dismissively on the back of the head before dropping him with a forearm shot. Sandow put the boots to him, but took time to pose and allowed Travers to comeback with a series of rights. He tried to whip him into a dropkick, but Sandow held onto the ropes and Travers crashed into the mat. Sandow was on him immediately with right hands, then put the boots to him in the corner. Sandow then went to the second rope and bowed, and the fans booed as if they were ready to skin him. Sandow dropped a knee to the chest from there and choked him with his shin, then pulled him into the center of the ring and locked in a modified cobra clutch. Travers fought to his feet, but Sandow cut him off with a series of headbutts and a knee to the gut, then applied a rear chinlock, but he applied from the side and bridged out for more pressure, allowing Regal to fawn over him. Travers got to his feet and Sandow whipped him in, but Travers held the ropes and caught Sandow with a back elbow, then kicked him in the gut and went for a sunset flip, but Sandow held on and tried to punch him, but Travers avoided the shot and his fist hit the mat. Travers put him down with a dropkick, but missed a kneedrop. Sandow was on him immediately with knees to the gut, then hit a Russian Legsweep, followed by the Elbow of Disdain. Sandow yelled “You’re Welcome” and hit the double underhook neckbreaker for the three count.

Winner: Sandow via pinfall

Then we get the Raw Rebound, as we see the contract signing form the Hell in the Cell match, when John Cena stepped aside to allow Ryback face CM Punk for the WWE Championship, but Punk concentrated on Vince McMahon more than anything. I hated this so much.

And now, it’s main event time…

The Ascension (Kenneth Cameron & Connor O’Brien) and Kassius Ohno vs. The Usos (Jimmy& Jey) and Richie Steamboat

Jim Ross joined Saxton and Regal on commentary, as per usual. Steamboat came behind the Usos as they did the Haka and then they charged the heels in the ring, and soon Ohno and O’Brien were flying out of the ring, while one of the Usos took Cameron on the other end. The heels regrouped as the babyfaces ruled the roost as they go to commercial break.

BFC, Cameron and Jimmy were locked up tightly in the ring. Cameron tried to go to a top wristlock, but Jimmy countered into a headlock. Cameron threw him into the ropes and Jimmy knocked him down with a shoulder block, but Cameron just rolled through it and screamed at Jimmy, so the Uso nailed him with a right and slammed his head into the turnbuckle before tagging in Jey and they whipped him into a double back elbow, then pretended to walk away before joining hands for a double elbowdrop. Jey caught Cameron with an armdrag into an armbar. Cameron fought to his feet, but Jey went to a wristlock, and Steamboat tagged his back, and came off the top with a double axhandle on the arm. Steamboat tried to go to a wristlock, but Cameron nailed him with a forearm and threw him down by the hair, then brought him into his corner and made the tag to Ohno. Ohno went to whip him in, but Steamboat reversed it and readied to nail him with a chop, but Ohno held onto the ropes and made the tag to Connor before dashing out of the ring. Cameron gave him a look as the fans chanted “You Suck” at Ohno. Connor came in and Steamboat made the tag to Jey. He came at Connor with a right, but Connor ducked and kicked him in the gut, then clubbed him before ripping at the mouth. Connor then tried a headbutt, but you know what happens when you do that to a Samoan. Jey broke out in a dance and hit Connor with a trio of right hands and went for a whip, but Connor blocked it and took him down with a Full Nelson into the bodyscissors and used the move to drag Jey into the corner. Cameron made the tag and put the boots to him as we go to commercial.

BFC, Cameron has Jey locked in a front facelock and Jey is trying to punch out of it, but Cameron cuts him off with a back suplex for a two count. Cameron then tossed Jey to the floor, mocking him as writhes in pain. Cameron distracted the ref as Jey was about to get back and Connor kicked him in the head. Cameron then choked him a bit, then dropped a big elbow for a two count. Ohno made the tag and put the boots to Jey, then hit a baseball slide to the ribs. Ohno pulled him to the center and covered for a two count, then locked in the cravate, then went to a front choke. Jey tried to push Ohno towards his corner, but Ohno saw it and brought him back to the center, before tossing him into the corner and tagging Connor. Connor put the boots to him, then used his legs for a basic neckbreaker. Jey tried to fight out with some bodyshots, but Connor cut him off and went for a slam but Jey floated over and got a sloppy fireman’s carry that almost dropped Connor on his head for a two count, but Connor came right back with his rolling Fireman’s carry for a two count, then wrenched the hold. Cameron tagged in and pounded him a bit and went for a backdrop, but Jey grabbed a backslide for a two count, and then tried to go for the tag, but Cameron caught him by the wrist and whipped him chest first into his turnbuckle. Jr said that a lesser man would have “folded up his tent and went home,” which launched a discussion about the pronunciation of the word tent…

Cameron worked over Jey in the corner, and then Ohno tagged himself in, earning another look from Cameron. Ohno hit his stylish kicks in the corner and mocked Jey, then distracted the ref so the Ascension could do their thing, but Jey responded by firing up and hitting everything that moved. Jey tried to leap for a tag, but Ohno caught him. Jey tried to float over into a sunset flip, but Ohno rolled through into an Alligator Clutch, but Jey came out the back end and made the tag to Steamboat! Steamboat exploded on his rival with a series of strikes, then whipped him into a backdrop. Steamboat nailed him with a superkick and made the cover, but the Ascension broke it up. The Usos came in and nailed them stereo clotheslines that took them to the floor, and followed up with stereo (well, almost) pescados! Steamboat then looked to be setting up his on dive, but Ohno caught him with an elbow to the back of the head from the apron! Ohno covered an unconscious Steamboat for the three count.

Winner: Ohno and The Ascension via pinfall

The heels celebrated their win as the show ended.

Frank’s Take:  I feel a little nitpicky as I say this, since I liked all the matches on this show. But this whole thing felt a little rushed. As someone who has been watching every week, I knew the stories that set up all these matches, but a new viewer would have been left in the dark. They didn’t show Mahal losing to Seth Rollins, and why he would be so angry at losing to Alex Riley and thus so desperate to get his heat back. They didn’t sure the confrontation the week before that set up Carter vs Trent, or set up the main event. It would have taken two minutes. But alas.

Also, Damien Sandow. Every time he appears on this show I just get so mad, because he was so good and never fully capitalized on just how much talent this man had. It’s just insane to me. And the fans told the company time and time again — this is someone we love, and WWE just sh*t the bed with him every time. It’s a no wonder I barely put up with this company anymore.

Frank has been a wrestling fan since he was two years old. (Don't worry, he's got proof.) He's also a huge boxing and UFC fan and has a long standing love affair with Popeyes Chicken. He still owns a VHS copy of the first Ring of Honor show ever and was watching NXT before it was cool (or good). Bret Hart > Shawn Michaels. You can follow him on Twitter at @FightFanaticPod and on Tumblr at FrankTheFightFanatic. He's also starting his own podcast soon!