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Retro WWE NXT #151: Seth Rollins vs. Big E for the NXT Championship



Retro WWE NXT Episode 30: Original Air Date — January 9, 2013

The show kicked off with a review of last week, from the attack to begin the show, Dusty confronting the Shield, the Rollins-Graves match, The Shield run in and destroying the rest of the locker room, and then Big E Langston coming in and backing them off simply getting into the ring. They then showed Dusty announcing that Langston would challenge Rollins for the NXT Championship tonight!

Coheed and Cambria play us in. The Shield is now all over this open.

They go to the announcers, who this week are an even younger Tom Phillips and William Regal, who announce that Dusty has now made the title match a no disqualification match.

The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper and Erick Rowan w/ Bray Wyatt) vs. Yoshi Tatsu and Showtime Percy Watson

Wyatt led his men to the ring cutting a promo as was his custom. He said that he could give them hope, meaning, and strength, and when they were alone, they were weak, but together they were strong, they could change the world.

They were Family…

Then Harper and Rowan come out, with Rowan bringing out Wyatt’s rocking chair and putting it on the rampway. Harper and Tatsu started the match, and Harper when right at him at the bell, kicking him in the gut and clubbing him across the back. Harper brought him into the corner and grinded his face before tagging Rowan, who hit a double axe to the back, and dropped him with a headbutt. Rowan missed a knee-drop and Yoshi tried to get to his corner, but Rowan grabbed his leg. Tatsu was able to roll through and kick him off and tag Watson. Watson staggered him with a clothesline and an armbar, then finally dropped him to his knees with a dropkick. Harper distracted and Watson tried to nail him but missed, and Rowan clubbed him from behind. Rowan choked him across the second rope and when the ref broke it, Harper kicked Watson in the head. Rowan choked and stomped him some more, then brought him into the corner to tag Harper.

Harper dropped a pair of elbows and locked in rear chinlock. Once Watson started to fight, Harper shut him down quickly and brought him back into the corner. Rowan tagged in and Harper whipped Waston into a Rowan body slam, before Rowan used a neck vice. Percy kept fighting, and Rowan cut him off to the gut as Regal urged Phillips to do more research on the Wyatts. Rowan brought Harper into the corner and tagged in. Harper hit a forearm to the throat and clubbed him in the back, but Watson caught him a jawbreaker and sent him to a knee with an enziguri before making the tag to Tatsu.

Yoshi came and hit a series of chops and leg kicks on Harper. Harper looked to cut him off with a clothesline but Yoshi ducked and drop kicked his knee then hit a Shining Wizard, but Rowan broke up the pin. Watson came in and started nailing him with rights and tossed him to the floor, but turned right into a big boot from Harper. Tatsu caught him with a head kick that staggered him and Regal said that would have knocked anyone else out. Tatsu went up top but was distracted for a moment by Rowan and he went for the top rope spin kick but missed. Harper then whipped him into the corner and hit an avalanche in the corner, then followed up with the discus clothesline for the three count.

Winner: Wyatt Family via pinfall

The Wyatts walked slowly up the ramp to Bray, as if looking for approval. Bray smiled and hugged them both before leading them away.

They announced Paige vs Emma next, with Emma touted as NXT’s first Australian Diva.

Paige vs. Emma

Emma came out first doing the dance she soon became known for. This is only her second appearance on TV and her first working her gimmick. The fans, and Regal, didn’t know what to make of her. Giant Pop for Paige who other than Big E and The Shield, is the most over act at Full Sail. Also, Summer Rae is the ring announcer here.

The locked up to start the match and Paige quickly grabbed her by the hair and sent her flying, then followed up with a second hairmare. She went for a whip, but Emma blocked it and kicked Paige in the shin, then caught her with a running dropkick to the chest. She took her time before covering and getting a one count. Emma started stomping the hamstring of Paige, then hit a leg snap for a two count. She taunted Paige and did the dance again, leading to a “You Can’t Dance” chant as she went back to the hamstring with kicks and got Paige into the corner, wrapping her leg in the second rope. Emma grabbed the leg and taunted Paige, who tried to slap at her, but Emma avoided it and hit a Dragon Screw before applying a half Boston Crab and we get our first Lance Storm name drop of the year…

Paige is able to roll through and kick Emma off the hold. Emma pulls herself up and tries to go after Paige, but Paige caught her with a sidekick to the ribs and then went straight to the Paige Turner for the three count.

Winner: Paige via pinfall

Paige celebrates as they hype the title match, and a tag team match next.

Then we are introduced a fresh-faced young man from Britain named Adrian Neville. He says that they called him the Man That Gravity Forgot and when he made his NXT next week he would show everybody why.

They showed what happened last week when Michael McGillicutty showed up unexpectedly to save Bo Dallas from a potential beatdown from Epico and Primo, considering the two had an issue a few weeks back. My gut tells me that they put Dallas with McGillicutty because somehow, McGillicutty was over the fans and they were already started to puke up Bo.

Epico and Primo vs. Bo Dallas and Michael McGillicutty

Primo and McGillicutty started the match. They locked and Primo slapped on a headlock, then switched it to the other side, then went to a drop toe hold and celebrated. The fans chanted ‘We want Rosa” again at the heels. They locked up again and McGillicutty grabbed the headlock. He switched to single leg and took Primo down, then went into a front facelock. Primo got to his feet, so he switched to a headlock and the fans started chanting “Ya!” for McGillicutty. Primo sent him into the ropes and dropped down, but McGillicutty caught him a stiff chop to the chest, prompting a “Ya!’ from the fans. Epico tagged in and consoled Primo for a moment before charging McGillicutty and getting caught with a side mare into a headlock. Primo got to his feet and spun out of the headlock, but ran into his own stiff chop to the chest. Epico tagged back in and he ran into the headlock takedown. Primo rolled his on shoulders for a one count, but McGillicutty got the hold back. Primo worked to his feet and tried to throw him into the ropes, but Michael cramped down on the headlock and took him over with the side mare again. Primo managed to work to his feet and break the hold with some elbows and whipped in McGillicutty looking for a hiptoss, but McGillicutty blocked it and hit his own hiptoss and then took him over the side mare into the headlock again!

Primo managed to work his way back to his feet and pushed his man into his own corner and Epico tagged in. Primo held him so Epico could land a boot to the gut, followed by a chop to the chest and a right hand, then whipped him in, but McGillicutty ducked a right hand, leapfrogged over a backdrop, and caught Epico with a running dropkick for one count, then took him down with a side mare to the headlock one more time. The crowd is chanting “Headlock!” Commercial Break.

BFC, McGillicutty whips Epico into a kick to the gut, and Dallas clubs him with a running elbow to the back for a two count. The fans started to boo Bo immediately as he grabs a chinlock. Epico gets to his feet and backs him into the corner and nails him back elbow, then slams his head into the turnbuckle and nails Bo with a chop to the chest. Epico whips in looking for a clothsline, but Bo ducks and Epico tries a dropkick, but Bo swats it away and drops him with a right. He sets him up for the 10 punch from the corner mount, and hits four before Primo distracts him, and Epico slides under his legs and crocthes him into the second turnbuckle. Epico is on with right hands from the mount before bringing him into the corner and stomping him as Primo makes the tag. Primo stomped s mud hole in him as the crowd chanted ‘We Want Headlocks.” Primo set him up and hit a sit down splash across the ropes. Primo followed up with a slingshot senton, followed a kneedrop for a two count, then choked Bo with his shin. Epico made the tag and Primo whipped him into an Epico dropkick for a two count.

Epico then went to the rear chinlock. Bo managed to work his way to his feet, but Epico pulled him down by the hair for a two count, then went back to the chinlock. Bo worked to his feet and hit a jawbreaker and tried to charge for the tag, but Epico caught him and drove him into the corner and hit some shoulder blocks to the ribs. Epico taunted McGillicutty and Bo tried to land bodyshots from his knees, but Epico grabbed him in a chicken wing to make the tag. Primo and Epico hit a Russian Legsweep/legsweep combo, and Primo followed with a leg drop for a two count. Primo used a chin lock, made the quick to Epico, who stomped, and made the quick tag back to Primo. They tried their whip/dropkick move again, but this time Bo reversed it and Epico hit Primo.

Hot tag to McGillicutty, who came in rocking Primo with right hands as the fans “Ya’ed” away Primo tried to cut him off a boot and whip, but McGillicutty put the brakes on it and nailed with a lariat, followed by a Saito Suplex. McGillicutty hit a sliding forearm on Primo and covered, but Epico broke up the pin, then clubbed Dallas. McGilicutty clotheslined Epico to the floor, but then Primo came from nowhere with the Backstabber for the three count.

Winner: Epico and Primo via pinfall

Main event time.

The graphic The Shield came on the screen but with no music, Seth Rollins came out of the crowd in his Shield gear, NXT Title over his shoulder. Then Big E plays and he makes his entrance. Byron does the Championship introductions. Jim Ross has replaced Tom Phillips on commentary.

Seth Rollins (C) vs. Big E Langston in a No DQ Match for the NXT Championship

The two faced and paced a little bit. Rollins went for a waist lock, but Langston spun away. Rollins tried a kick, but Langston caught it and threw him down by the head. Big E went for a slam, but Rollins slipped out and hit a shoulder to the quad of Big E. Rollins followed it up with a kick to the gut and some bodyshots, then applied a front facelock. Big E squatted deep and picked Rollins up and drove him into the corner, hitting some big shoulder blocks to the ribs. Langston backed up and went for a big charge, but Rollins moved and Big E went shoulder first into the ringpost. Rollins went for the Dragon Cutter, but Langston shoved him off and caught him with a gorilla press and tossed him effortlessly to the outside. The crowd chanted ‘Five!” Langston went to the floor to go after Rollins and all of the sudden, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns were on him, hammering away, before throwing him into the steps. They helped Rollins up and we go to commercial.

BFC, Rollins has Langston alone in the ring and clubbing him. Big E tries to shove him off, but Seth nails him a round kick to the chest and applies a Figure Four Headscissors. Seth pulled his leg down to strengthen the hold, but eventually Big E made his way to his feet and lifted Seth off the mat and hit an Electric chair while Seth still had the legs locked! They come up slowly and Langston nails him with a pair of clothesline and some knees to the ribs, then sets him up for the big body block. Ambrose and Reigns jump on the apron and Big E nails them with a double clothesline. Langston sets Seth up for the Big Ending, but Ambrose and Reigns make the save. They take Big E down and Ambrose holds him with Reigns unloads on him. Some of the C team guys come down, and they get taken out quickly. But then the babyface roster along with the entire B and C team comes down. Kidd, Gabriel, and Dallas grab Reigns and actually start to push him back while the rest of the guys grab Ambrose and carry him off.

Seth is now alone with Big E in the ring. Seth then hits the Dragon Cutter (standing Slice Break No 2), but Big E kicks out! Seth looks exasperated and he goes for the Dragon Cutter again, but Langston reversed it into the Big Ending. One, two, three! Big E Langston is the NEW NXT Champion!

Winner: Langston via pinfall

Big E is presented with the belt and the rest of the roster comes and celebrates with him as the ref wraps the belt around his waist. They then leave so he can celebrate on his own as the show ends.

Frank’s Take: Wow! This is truly the first great episode of NXT Television, as the NXT Title changes hands for the first time, with Big E overcoming the odds and looking super strong in doing so. As much as I love Big E as part of the new day, I still think he has a future as a badass babyface destroyer.

Frank has been a wrestling fan since he was two years old. (Don't worry, he's got proof.) He's also a huge boxing and UFC fan and has a long standing love affair with Popeyes Chicken. He still owns a VHS copy of the first Ring of Honor show ever and was watching NXT before it was cool (or good). Bret Hart > Shawn Michaels. You can follow him on Twitter at @FightFanaticPod and on Tumblr at FrankTheFightFanatic. He's also starting his own podcast soon!