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Ring of Honor ‘Global Wars’ 2017 live coverage



Join us right here beginning at 8 p.m. ET for live coverage of this year’s Global Wars event out of Chicago featuring the top stars from both Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

If you’d like to join us to watch the show for free, feel free to use our code “odd4p7p” on the FITE TV app. You can also enjoy the show over at

We join Ian Riccaboni and BJ Whitmer on commentary for this Double Main Event PPV featuring Kenny Omega versus Yoshi-Hashi for the IWGP US Championship and Bullet Club versus Search and Destroy. Just when Ian gets ready to introduce the first match of the evening, the lights go dim and ROH World Champion Cody makes his entrance. He forces fans to kiss his ring as he makes the walk down the aisle and they’re more than happy to oblige.

“Thank You Cody” chants ring out from the crowd as Cody explains to us why the Global Wars tour is the most lucrative tour in the history of Ring of Honor, which he takes full credit for.

Cody now takes a shot at Roman Reigns for a tweet he [Roman] sent out earlier today. “For so long, I thought that tactical vest was just covering up his potbelly. I thought that tactical vest was just covering up failed drug test,” Cody says. The crowd erupts. “Oh no, it was covering up something much worse, it was covering up envy. Because this isn’t envy, this is a Club. Each and everyone one of you — we’re Bullet Club.” The crowd chants “Too Sweet”. Cody then asks Cary Silkin to kiss the ring to no avail. A man in the crowd sporting an American flag mask is then brought into the ring by Cody to kiss the ring. Cody takes a pic with the fan for the wildy popular ‘Being The Elite’ web series. The masked man takes of his mask for the big reveal — it’s Dalton Castle!

Castle puts a beating on Cody sending him into full retreat mode. Castle lifts the belt as Cody heads to the dressing room to collect himself.

Tag Team Match
Best Friends (Beretta and Chuckie T.) vs. Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser

Chuckie T and Silas keep start things off with a lock up. The Kentucky Gentleman and The Last Real Man continue to settle their differences until Chuckie calls out Beer City Bruiser. Silas makes the tag and Chuckie tags Beretta. “Heavyweight” chants ring out for Beretta from the smart crowd. Bruiser isn’t impressed. “You’re no heavyweight,” he screams. Beretta makes a quick tag and the “Best Friends” knock Beer City over. Beer City tags Silas and Best Friends take him out. Beretta gives Silas the face stomp and Chuckie does an over the rope rolling senton. Beer City takes both men out. The match turns into a brawl as team Silas and Beer City has had enough of Best Friends tomfoolery.

Bruiser beats on Beretta for a while until the newly minted heavyweight hits an enziguri. Beer City tags Silas to stop him from making the tag. Beretta eventually gets to Chuckie and Chuckie runs wild for the comeback. He hits a lovely Falcon Arrow on Silas. Beer City drives him against the ropes and Team Silas starts working him over. Chuckie tags Beretta.

After some more action, Bruiser misses a frog splash off the top rope after Beretta moves out-of-the-way. Beretta hits a piledriver on Bruiser and goes for the pinfall, but Silas breaks it up. Beretta attempts that same piledriver on Bruiser on the outside mat but Bruiser flips him onto the mat before hitting a cannonball on a downed Bruiser. In the end, it’s Silas hitting ‘Misery’ on Chuckie T in the ring for the finish.

Fun opening match. Silas continues to get a solid push.

Singles Match
Marty Scurll vs. Hiromu Takahashi

Ian points out that this is the first time that these two will meet in Ring of Honor. Takahashi is out first with Daryl. Takahashi shows off a wedding photo of Daryl and his wife, Carol. FightBoothPW would like to give our congratulations to both the Bride and the Groom.

“The Villain” is out next. Still my favorite entrance in pro wrestling today. With his trademark umbrella in tow and sporting the always fetching plague mask, Marty arrives a barrage of streamers and chants. The crowd appears to be 50/50 for these two.

As Whitmer explained, Scurll utilized his small joint manipulation game to its fullest in this one. He also brought Daryl into the mix using him as a weapon (did he even break his finger..err paw?). Neither man was above cheating in this one.

What a treat it was to watch these two in the ring together. Lots of taunting and playing to the crowd. No need for any crazy spots considering how over both of these men are. Takahashi is the more athletic of the two but he knows how to work with any opponent. And yes, we’d still get some wild spots from the ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ regardless.

The match ends with Takahashi taps to Scurll’s ‘Chicken Wing’ finisher as Daryl lay face down in the corner. For a second match on a PPV this was awesome. It’s just one of those match ups that probably could never fail.

Tag Team Match
The Addiction vs. Cheeseburger and Kushida

Kushida comes out with a purple hoverboard and the Doc Brown glasses while Burger comes out with a…Burger. Riccaboni informs us that these two are calling themselves 94Burger.

This match was pretty much what you’d expect. The Addiction are always great at drawing heel heat and Cheeseburger is a fan favorite for obvious reasons, he’s Cheesebuger. When it comes to Kushida, he may just be on my top five list for wrestler of the year. We also got to see him hit a cross body off his hoverboard on Kazarian.

The finishing sequence went like this, our stream froze and judging by Twitter, so did everybody else’s. It came back with The Addiction’s music playing and Cheeseburger looking like he took the pin. After the match, Kazarian and Daniels brought out a table to add insult to injury. Just when Kaz looked to put Burger through the table, Bully Ray would come out to save the day, putting Kaz through the table as Daniels looked on. Daniels would pull his friend outside of the ring before Bully asked for the mic.

Did we just watch Bully’s final table spot? It appears that he’s going to announce his retirement. The crowd chants “Thank you Bubba”. Bully brings a young man named Chase into the ring. He tells him that he represents every single fan that he’s ever wrestled in front of in his whole life. Bully says thank you and hugs Chase. He gives Chase a piece of the last table he’ll ever break. Chase holds the table piece up high to show the fans. Bully apologizes to the fans for taking up too much of their time before putting over Ring of Honor as a company.

8-Man Tag Team Match
Hangman Page, Cody and The Young Bucks vs. The Motor City Machine Guns, Jay White and Jonathan Gresham

It appears that we’re getting the first main event early. ROH Tag Team Champions Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley are out first with Gresham and White. The Bucks are out next with Hangman. Cody forgoes a solo entrance by joining his Bullet Club mates.

Lots of ‘F**k the Revival’ chants from the crowd followed by a ‘Cease and Desist’ chant. Cody and Gresham adhere to the Code of Honor. Cody asks Gresham to kiss the ring. Gresham pushes the champ and fires off some bullets.

Complete madness early including a 8-way drop kick. It’d be insane to attempt to give you a play-by-play on this match up so we’ll just say this, watch the damn match. And anytime you see the Young Bucks and MCMG on opposite sides of the ring, tune in. Also of note, Hangman Page continues to emerge as a major star.

A “Detroit Sucks” chant rings out as Search and Destroy starts to pour on the offense. This is a very pro Bullet Club crowd. More madness ensues highlighted by some very strong work from The Bucks and MCMG. Later on in the match, BC implements a quadruple sharpshooter but Search and Destroy survives. Page and Matt hit a shooting star indie taker outside of the ring and Cody hits a Cross Rhodes. All four BC members have isolated Gresham now who tells them all to “Suck It” before being nailed with a four-way super kick. Hangman hits the Right of Passage on Gresham for the pin. This match delivered as advertised. Total crowd pleaser.


Tag Team Match
The Dawgs vs. One Mean Team

We’re back with One Mean Team (#1 Brian Johnson and Justin Pusser) accompanied by Miss Jasmine. They’ll take on The Dawgs (Rhett Titus and Will Ferrara) in an impromptu match. The latter may be one of the worst gimmicks in recent memory. The crowd is dead silent for the first part of this one but they start to pick up as it continues. This was a nice little cool down match that gave these teams an opportunity on the big stage to attempt to take it and run with it. The Dawgs take the victory and Jay Briscoe comes in after the match and lays waste to One Mean Team, delivering a Jay Driller to Johnson to finish things off. Briscoe takes the mic to tell Todd Sinclar to “turn them bitches around”. Briscoe wants to address one person. That person is his brother, Mark Briscoe. He asks for his brother to heal up so they can get back to doing what they do best as a tag team.

Next up, it’s Shane Taylor, who also is not scheduled for this show. Taylor asks Bobby Cruise for the mic. Taylor explains to us that he gets paid to take people out and put people down. He announces that he’s joining Jay Lethal and Kenny King to take on Suzuki-gun with Mark Briscoe out of action due to injury.

6-Man Tag Team Match
Jay Lethal, Kenny King and Shane Taylor vs. Killer Elite Squad and Minoru Suzuki

Suzuki gets a nice pop here in Chicago. Pretty surreal stuff. There was a spot in the match where Lethal asked Davey Boy to tag in Suzuki, respectfully, so he could share some time in the ring with the legend. KES and Suzuki destroyed Team Lethal for a good stretch inside and outside of the ring before a chop fest between Lethal and Suzuki ensued. The crowd played along, silencing themselves while these two really laid it in. Suzuki came off like a complete maniac during this sequence which is always fun. Lethal took some more punishment from Davey Boy including a superplex, before Shane Taylor came in to break things up. Lethal ducks a clothesline from Archer and DDT’s Davey Boy before finally making the tag to the TV Champion. King finally puts his team on the offensive. Taylor and King appear to have some communication issues but they quickly recover.

Taylor is in the ring now laying waste to Suzuki. KES come in and Suzuki-gun is back in control. Referee Paul Turner is serving absolutely no purpose in this match. Taylor and Suzuki are still the legal men and KES, King and Lethal work outside of the ring. Suzuki sinks in the RNC on Taylor before hitting a Gotch-Style Piledriver on the 350 lbs plus Taylor. 1, 2, 3. Suzuki-gun are your winners. Referee Paul Turner raises Suzuki’s hand and eats a kick to the gut for doing so. Awesome.

Singles Match
Colt Cabana vs. Toru Yano

Yano is out first with a DVD. Colt Cabana is out next and he receives a well deserved hero’s welcome in his hometown of Chicago. There’s a Marty DeRosa and Sarah Shockey sighting in the front row and Colt gives Marty a hug. Dude, if you’ve yet to check out Marty and Sarah Love Wrestling, do yourself a favor and give it a listen. It’s the funniest and most original wrestling podcast out there. Colt brings out his Wrestling Road Diaries 3 DVD and the crowd asks the to trade. The barter is complete and a “Holy Sh*t” chant breaks out. Toru tosses the DVD and rolls up the distracted Cabana. Lot’s of tomfoolery here between these two wrestling comedic greats. We even get a turnbuckle pad duel which brings us a Andre Dawson reference from Riccaboni.

And this is exactly what you’d get from both of these men throughout the rest of the match. Pure comedic brilliance. We even got to see both men take turns pushing Todd Sinclair back and forth. What’s not to like? Cabana wins after hitting an elbow before scoring the pinfall.

Singles Match
Will Ospreay vs. Flip Gordon

Wow. This is the first good look I’ve gotten at Flip Gordon and I’m super impressed. Go ahead and add him to the list of today’s aerial greats alongside Ospreay, Ricochet and Jay White. This match was a beaut. Enjoy some of the handiwork of both of these men with the following collection of .gifs from this match.

In the end, Ospreay hit the OsCutter for the finish. These two tore the house down. Star making performance for Gordon and for Ospreay, well, he continues to cement himself as the best high-flyer in the biz along with Ricochet.

IWGP United States Championship Match
Kenny Omega (c) vs. Yoshi-Hashi

There are pops. And then there are pops. Then there are Kenny Omega pops. Not only did Kenny Omega sell out this building, he’s the single reason that every single store that carries streamers in the Chicagoland area is currently out of stock.

This was a solid match to cap off another great Ring of Honor PPV. Omega kept the crowd happy by doing all of his spots and delivering them with the type of charisma that only he can. This wasn’t an all-time great Omega match by any means but nobody is complaining. This was all about Chicago getting to see one of the top attractions in pro wrestling today in the flesh. Oh ya, Kenny forget to bring his US Title to the show again for those who we’re wondering.

Bullet Club (The Bucks and Scurll) came out after referee Todd Sinclair took a bump that left him temporarily unable to call the match. Cody and Hangman would join after Kenny would call for a 10 boots spot. Yoshi was able to escape and call Chaos out for help. Now, with 10 boots in each corner, both men continue to wrestler in the middle of the ring, unable to get their opponent to the corner, until, Omega is able to drive Yoshi into both corners to eat all 20 boots. Omega hits the Dr. Wiley bomb but Yoshi is able to kick out. He follows it up with a V-Trigger and a One-Winged Angel but Yano breaks up the pin by pulling on the ring. Beretta hits a dude buster on Omega. Hangman hits a clothesline on Beretta. Chuckie T. with a knee. Double super kick from the Bucks. Double low blow by Yano. I can’t keep up! Every member of both factions is hitting their moves. Ospreay hits a shooting star press which is followed by a 450 from Nick Jackson on Flip Gordon through a table. Is Flip Gordon even a member of Chaos? Who cares. This is amazing. Things call down and the focus is back on Omega and Yoshi. Omega hits another V-Trigger and another One Winged Angel for the pin to retain his IWGP US title.

Cody takes the mic and thanks Kenny Omega before handing it over. Kenny thanks Chicago for the warm reception and the lucrative merchandise sales. He puts ‘Being the Elite’ over before attempting to say Goodbye and Goodnight to the crowd before Matt cuts him off. Matt calls for a Bullet Club selfie and asks for someone to bring a phone to help them take a selfie. Nobody in the group is able to produce one. He then looks to the crowd for help. It’s Jimmy Jacobs! Jimmy recreates the now infamous selfie (with Kenny in this one) to close out the show. Well, not so fast. Nick apologizes to Jimmy saying that he’s sorry they got his ass fired. We get another ‘F**k the Revival’ led by Bullet Club before Kenny puts us to bed with a Goodbye and Goodnight.

Final Thoughts: When you put both Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling together you truly get the best wrestling on the planet. This show gave us a little bit of everything and it was booked the right way. The final three matches gave us comedy, an aerial supershow and a main event with the top star on the card defending his title. As these two companies separate to begin the build toward Final Battle and Wrestle Kingdom 12, respectively, we as fans get to look forward to more great stories and more potential all-time great matches. Bring on December, bring on January 4th. And somebody please, get Jimmy Jacobs a job.

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