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Ring of Honor TV: Episode 307 play-by-play and review



Ring of Honor Wrestling Episode 307 for Week of August 7, 2017 – Lowell Memorial Auditorium – Lowell, Massachusetts

The updated show opening starts off the show.

They begin with a video package that starts with showing Cody Rhodes pinning Christopher Daniels for the ROH World Title at Best in the World, and then shows some of Cody’s victory promo, where he mocked Sinclair Broadcasting for no longer possessing the World Title, and saying the Prince had become the King. Then we get some words from Daniels, where he said that he had never been one to let one loss define, but a fire had now been light under him, and they showed Daniels lighting up Cody at Chicago Ridge. Then they showed Cody wanting to answer his critics by asking for a two out of three falls match for the rematch, which Daniels agreed to. They then showed Daniels saying that his victory would be the beginning of Cody’s nightmare.

They then went to a promo by Cody. He’s in a suit, with the belt, and he’s talking to the camera, which is giving him a close up. He says that everyone talks about the journey Daniels made, from the first main event in ROH history to winning the title at the fifteenth anniversary, like he wasn’t aware of it. He said that he was a student of the game, and knew exactly who Christopher Daniels was. But he said that Daniels didn’t recognize who he was. Cody said that he had his fingers on the briefcase before, that he had come so close to grabbing that brass ring. He knew all about loss. He said he chose to take those losses and make them fire. He said that ROH was just a stop on the journey and took credit for ROH’s growing PPV business, actually naming numbers. He then said that ROH was holding ROH back. He said that having a free agent as the champion was great for them, because he would get them exposure. “That’s what I do.” He said that Daniels has been joy as champion, but that fire that got him to the title had died and became mediocrity, just like the ROH fans, and said that mediocrity loved company, but so did magnificence, and then he held up the belt and ended with “and this is magnificence.” Commercial Break.

BFC, we get a voiceover from Ian Riccaboni, talking about the interview, saying he believed that this showed the hubris of Cody. But then we see The Addiction, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian coming to the ring, as Riccaboni’s voiceover continued. Riccaboni said that the following footage had been banned from ROH Television by the board of directors for the past three weeks, but they would see it now. Riccaboni said that the fans should see it and make up their mind about Christopher Daniels.

Kazarian has the mic and Daniels is wearing dark goggles over his eyes for some reason. Kazarian was talking about his big win over Adam Page and said that he was feeling great that night until Daniels lost the World Title. Kazarian said he wasn’t mad at Daniels, because he knew that he could take a loss, but he was mad at you, pointing the fans. He called out the fans that had been booing Daniels and chanting “Daniels sucks” and called out “the row of fat guys in Bullet Club shirts” who had been flipping Daniels off. Kazarian said that it had been just a few months, since March 11, when Kazarian watched lines of grown men, crying as they came up to Daniels and said “you deserve it, no one deserves the title more. You are Ring of Honor.” He said that the same ones that were booing were the same stupid marks crying then. He said that they had a few new toys in the toy box and they had this sick “out with the old, in with the new” mentality. Kazarian said all of those fans made him sick. Daniels took the mic. He said that the same fans in this very building were cheering him at All Star Extravaganza last September and that he thought he would get a hero’s welcome when he came here, but instead they were chanting for the new flavor of the month. He mocked the “Daniels Sucks” and “Cody” chants. Daniels then said and did a hand gesture that was beeped out and said “you guys weren’t cheering him when he was Stardust.”

A bunch of fans started clapping and cheering, and Daniels said not to clap for him. Daniels said that Cody didn’t even have enough respect to sign a contract with the company, and he signed a two-year deal, and no one ever tweeted about that. Daniels said he thought he would win the title, sign a new contract, and lead this beautiful company and its passionate fans into the future. But he said there were no fans. Daniels said that he would evoke his rematch clause, beat Cody’s ass, and ask Joe Koff for his release so he could take the ROH World Title around the world, except in Ring of Honor and these “unappreciated f**kers.” He said that he would never do anything for the fans again and everything he did would be for us…

Riccaboni said these were strong words from Daniels and said the match was next.

And then we get a new Health Alert Hotline knee brace commercial. Yes!

We come back from commercial, and Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser in the ring and they are in the ring with their sign, showing the days, now at 43, since Lethal was last seen in the ring o ROH TV. Young detailed the attack by him and Beer City Bruiser in detail (could have done with some footage or at least some still photos. C’mon, here.) Young then said if he was smart, Lethal would never show his face on TV. Of course, that was the cue for Lethal’s music to hit and for him to make his return. Young tried to ward off Lethal on the floor with the sign, but Lethal ducked it and Young went failing. Lethal took the sign and nailed Bruiser with it, then came in the ring wore him out. Lethal grabbed a chair and proceed to wail on both men with it. Bruiser let out some awesome screams when Lethal hit him. Lethal laid out one set of security guards, then drove the butt of the chair into Silas’ ribs repeatedly. Another pair of guards came out, and Lethal dropped one, and let it make like he was going to let the other one leave, but then decked him anyway. He then laid out Young with the Lethal Injection. The crowd chanted “Welcome Back.” Commercial Break.
Main event time. Ian Riccaboni and Rico De La Vega are your commentators.

“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes (C) vs. “The Almighty” Christopher Daniels in a Two out of Three Falls Match for the ROH World Heavyweight Championship

Daniels insisted on being introduced as “the greatest world champion in ROH History.” Cody did a roll in front of Daniels and Daniels took a powder, coming and stretching his legs on the guard rails, as a fat fan got in his face a little and booed. That ‘fat guys in Bullet Club shirts’ line has so much truth to it. The fans chanted “Boo Boo Face” at Daniels.

Daniels took his time getting back in the ring. Cody responded by doing a series of pushups. Daniels complained to the ref as the fans chanted “Boo Boo Daniels”. They finally locked up to start the action, and Cody grabbed a quick armdrag, then hit a flying schoolboy for the first two count of the match. Cody tried to chain the roll up right into a Figure Four, but Daniels kicked it away and they stood off. “Boo Boo Daniels” broke out again and Daniels milked it a little, like a good heel would. They locked up again and Cody grabbed a headlock. Daniels tried to toss him off, but Cody collapsed on the move. Daniels used some little bodyshots to get to the ropes and shove Cody off, but Cody put Daniels down with a shoulder block. Daniels dropped down, leapfrogged over, and caught Cody with a hip toss and a bodyslam. Daniels went for a whip, but Cody blocked it and lifted up Daniels for a long vertical suplex, but instead released him face first into the mat, then taunted him. Daniels took another powder, and the fans chanted for “Cody.” A kid yelled at Daniels and Daniels told him to shut his mouth. Commercial Break.

BFC, they were in a tight lock up and Cody grabbed a headlock. Daniels backed into the ropes and threw him off, but Cody caught him with a shoulder block. Daniels dropped down and went for a leapfrog, but Cody stopped short and caught him with a kick to the gut and the drop down uppercut for a one count. Cody locked a hammer lock on and pulled back on the other arm. Daniels fought one arm free and worked to his feet, grabbing Cody’s head so he could back him into the corner. The ref called for a clean break, but Daniels cracked Cody with a back elbow. Daniels went for a whip, but Cody kipped over him, but Daniels dropped him with a right hand. Daniels bent Cody over the ropes and pulled at his pretty face, taunting the fans as he did so. Daniels then whipped Cody into a leg lariat and Cody took a powder this time. Daniels tried to go after him with a dropkick through the ropes, but Cody ducked it and sent the off-balance Daniels back first into the rails. Cody slammed his head into the apron a few times and then went in the ring, building steam for a dive, but when Daniels avoided, Cody stopped short, gave Too Sweet, and poked Daniels in the eye with it.

Meanwhile, as this match is going on, the announcers are debating Cody’s free agent status and all the title defenses he is making outside of Ring of Honor. It’s rather fascinating.

Cody went to whip Daniels, but Daniels reversed it and Cody went hard shoulder first into the rails. Riccaboni that Cody had been nursing a shoulder injury. Daniels taunted the fans while ref Todd Sinclair checked him, and they went into the aisle way before Daniels went back on the attack. Daniels got him back in the ring and stomped the shoulder, then choked him over the ropes. Daniels went to the floor and tried to slam Cody’s face into the buckles, but Cody blocked it and slammed his face in, and then caught him with the Beautiful Disaster. Cody went out and tossed him in the ring, then rallied the fans as he went for a springboard, but Daniels blocked it. He let Cody fall to the apron, then caught him with a shoulder to the ribs, sending Cody to the floor. Daniels went out and threw him rib and shoulder first into the apron. Cody tried to get some distance, but Daniels nailed him from behind and tossed him in the ring and covered for a two count. Commercial Break.

BFC, Cody was getting to his feet into a waist lock, breaking it with some back elbows. Cody ran the ropes, but Daniels caught him with a body slam, then nailed him with an Arabian Moonsault for a two count. Daniels place a knee on belly and choked Cody, taking the ref’s count. Daniels jawed with a fan for a little bit, then kicked Cody in the ribs. Daniels jawed with the fans some more but then went up top, but Cody caught Daniels sleeping with a climbing the ropes armdrag off the top! The fans rallied behind Cody, but Daniels caught with a short shoulder to the ribs.

Daniels went to run the ropes, but Cody got a burst of adrenaline came behind him with a pair of clotheslines. He went for went for a whip, but Daniels reversed it and charged, but Cody lept over it and caught Daniels with a snap power slam for a two count. Cody sold the arm and rallied the fans again. Cody went for the Alabama Slam, but Daniels reverses into a sunset flip for a two count, but then Cody escaped and applied the Figure Four Leglock in the center of the ring. Daniels writhed in pain, but slowly made his way to the ropes. Cody then spread his arms and yelled “Rainmaker!” (The match with Okada hadn’t happened when this was taped, by Riccaboni has been talking about it in past tense.) Cody went for it, but Daniels ducked it and almost shoved him in the ref, but Sinclair backed away. Cody caught Daniels in a single leg and went for the Figure Four again, but this time Daniels kicked him into Sinclair and he went down! Daniels proceeded to kick Cody low, just as he had to Lethal at Final Battle. Cody fired back and kicked Daniels low, and they both fell to the mat in pain!

Frankie Kazarian then came down and put a chair in the ring, and went to wake up the ref. Marty Scrull then came down and fought Kazarian to the back! Daniels grabbed the chair, but Sinclair woke up and grabbed it. Cody then caught Daniels in a schoolboy for the three count, with Daniels still having the chair in hand. Cody wins the first fall.

But Daniels still had the chair and he nailed Cody in the back with it. Ian noted the bell had not rung for the second fall, and De La Vega said that made it legal. The ref and Daniels argued about it, with Sinclair realizing that he could do nothing about it. Cody went to the floor. Commercial Break.

BFC, Cody is still on the floor, trying to climb to his feet as Daniels taunt him. Daniels then pulled him up and drilled him with a Release Urange on the floor. Daniels got back in the ring and taunted the fans. The ref counted Cody got right in before the 20 count, New Japan style Daniels cursed at the ref, then decked Cody when he got in the ring. Daniels taunted Cody and pounded him with rights, as he screamed “I built this company.” Daniels hit him with some elbows and ran the ropes, but Cody leapfrogged and got caught in a Fireman’s carry, but he slid behind, only for Daniels to nail him with a backelbow. Daniels charged, but Cody back dropped him over the top, but Daniels caught him with a right hand. Daniels came back in the ring, but Cody caught him with a kick to the collarbone and a flatliner. Both men came up to their feet trading rights until Cody kicked him in the gut. Cody ran the ropes, but Daniels caught him with a running back elbow.

Daniels ran the ropes and Cody caught him with a running knee to the gut. Cody charged, and Daniels leapfrogged over, but Cody caught him with a series of left jabs and then a big bionic elbow with the bad arm! Cody take the time to sell it, then dropped a big elbow for a two count. The announcers wondered how Daniels would react to losing two falls. Cody went for a suplex, but Daniels blocked it. Cody fought for it, but Daniels floated over, but Cody switched and went for an O’Connor Roll, but then turned into a Cross Rhodes, but Daniels reversed it and hit the Last Rites (the same move), but Cody kicked out at two. Daniels called for the Angels Wings. He went for the move, but Cody back dropped him over for a two count, but Daniels held on to the arm and hit the Angel’s Wings, but Cody kicked out! Daniels crawled over and screamed at Todd Sinclair. Daniels hit the Release Urange, then pointed to the corner for the BME, but Cody grabbed by the leg and caught him in a Sushi Roll for a two count, but Daniels caught him with a second Urange. Daniels went for the BME, but Cody moved, but Daniels landed on his feet. He tried to catch him again, but Cody slipped behind and hit a Full Nelson into the Cross Rhodes for three count

Winner: Cody, 2-0.

Trainers come out to help Cody as Kazarian comes out to bring Daniels back. They look disdainfully back at the ring as the show ends.

Frank’s Take: I loved the execution of this episode. There are certain things that you can do with a one hour show that you can’t really do on a three hour-where you focus a whole show on one match, and make the whole hour about it. They did it here and it was great. From the opening package to the Cody interview, to the Addiction’s interview. It took me awhile to figure out just what was going on there. What this amounts to is a double turn. Cody is now the hip cool babyface and Daniels is the bitter veteran heel. It’s smart in a lot of ways, and also opens a lot of possibilities with the Bullet Club in the months to come. The match itself was different from what I expected, but very enjoyable. I loved the twist of Cody winning two straight falls, and I really am anxious to see what is to come here. Even though they’ve lost half their damn roster to NXT in the past year, ROH somehow manages to keep on trucking along, and they deserve our respect for that.


Frank has been a wrestling fan since he was two years old. (Don't worry, he's got proof.) He's also a huge boxing and UFC fan and has a long standing love affair with Popeyes Chicken. He still owns a VHS copy of the first Ring of Honor show ever and was watching NXT before it was cool (or good). Bret Hart > Shawn Michaels. You can follow him on Twitter at @FightFanaticPod and on Tumblr at FrankTheFightFanatic. He's also starting his own podcast soon!

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