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Ring of Honor Wrestling #355 Review



It’s always a pleasure to see Cody in action, and thankfully we got one of CMLL’s finest as his opponent, the masked Luchador Titán. Before the first match Cody gave a speech about CMLL needing to find someone bigger and better to come to ROH if they wanted to continue their partnership with the organisation, to which Brandi Rhodes told her husband that there was no-one bigger than him.

Along with the main event, we saw a brutal No-DQ, No-Countout match between Cheeseburger and Bully Ray, some backstage segments with SCU, The Dawgs, and The Kingdom, but the show kicked off with a Women of Honor Tag Team match, featuring current WOH Champion Sumie Sakai. It wasn’t the best of matches, and it felt very much like it was solely a platform for Sumie Sakai to dominate, but there were still some decent moments for fans of the women involved.

Riley Shepard and Gaby Ortiz had a good run at the start of their match with Sakai and Stella Gray, managing to put some good teamwork in against Gray. Finding an opportunity and taking it, Stella Gray managed to hit a suplex on Gaby Ortiz and tag in Sakai. Straight away she dominated Riley Shepard with Mongolian chops, followed by a double clothesline on both opponents. After a neckbreaker on Riley, Sukai ended proceedings with a Smash Mouth for the win.

Once a brief video package relived the rivalry between Bully Ray and Cheeseburger, it was time for their match, and it was a brutal and action-packed affair. Cheeseburger came to the ring, and whilst posing for the fans in the corner Bully Ray ran in and hit a low blow that disorientated Cheeseburger from the off. Bully continued to beat him up outside the ring with a rubbish bin that was next to the fans, along with intimidating former ROH owner, and mastermind Cary Silkin. Bully blames Silkin for allowing the quality of wrestling in ROH to diminish at the hands of “millenials” like Cheeseburger and Flip Gordon fronting the company.

As ECW chants filled the arena, Bully Ray continued his assault by hitting Cheesburger with a Singapore cane. When his back was turned, Cheese managed to grab the cane and get some sweet revenge on Bully by hitting him repeatedly, then choking him temporarily with it. It didn’t take long for Bully to regain control, launching Cheeseburger towards the mat with a thumping powerbomb. He reached for his signature chain and began to strike Cheese with it, followed by an attack on senior referee Tom Sinclair.

Enough was enough for Colt Cabana, and he left commentary to run to the ring and give Bully Ray a taste of his own medicine. After beating up Bully, he grabbed a cheesegrater and handed it to Cheese. Colt held open Bully’s legs, and in a variation of The Dudley Boyz “Whassup?” move, he hit Bully in the groin with the cheesegrater, followed up by a few swipes at his crown jewels. Colt then told Cheeseburger to “get the table,” but after leaving the ring Bully managed to take advantage once again. He threw Cheeseburger onto a table in the ring, climbed to the second rope and attempted to jump off onto Cheese, but after moving at the last second Bully went through the table alone.

It seemed as though that was it for Bully, but he somehow managed to hit Cheeseburger with a big boot and pin him shortly after. It was a fun match to watch, and the arrival of Colt Cabana certainly spiced things up a bit. Credit to Bully Ray, though; he’s one of ROH’s top villains, and he plays it so well. Nobody knows what’ll happen next, but I’d love Colt to return to the ring to fight Bully and finally shut the big man up.

In an episode of Coleman’s Pulpit, Caprice welcomed The Kingdom to talk about the 6-man Gauntlet match next week, and suprise suprise, Matt Taven believe it’s a conspiracy. They brought out a purple beret as a present for Coleman, in relation to his days in The Rebellion, but the word ‘Melvin’ was embroidered into it. After Caprice told a story about overcoming adversity, The Kingdom took offence and wandered off. There’s no denying that The Kingdom are a great team, and Vinny is so engaging with his weirdness, so it was a lovely segment to break up the action.

SoCal Uncensored delivered a video where Christopher Daniels and Scorpio Sky trashed The Kingdom for organising the gauntlet next week, saying it didn’t matter anyway because they were going to destroy everyone with “mandatory violence.” In a much weaker and unfunny video, The Dawgs hassled ROH’s Ryan Nova backstage to get a bit of money to pay Shane Taylor to join their team for next week’s gauntlet, but he only had $6 dollars and a few receipts.

The main event of the evening saw “The American Nightmare” Cody, joined by Brandi Rhodes and Burnard the Bear, take on Titán. It wasn’t quite the match I’d hoped for, but it still had plenty of entertaining moments, one of which when Burnard got his head taken clean off. Titán was all about the high kicks early on, then landing a moonsault to Cody and Burnard outside the ring. Cody managed to hit a low blow followed by a disaster kick on Titán, but he wasn’t ready to give up just yet.

The match ended when Cody pulled the referee in front of him so that Titán wouldn’t attack him, but after throwing the ref out the way, Cody hit Titán in the stomach, ripped off his mask, and rolled him up for the pin. The show wasn’t one of the best, but the Bully Ray and Cheeseburger match was entertaining, and the build up to next week’s 6-man Gauntlet match has reached peak levels, and it’s going to be enjoyable to watch.

Chris White loves to write, and is a huge fan of wrestling of all kinds. He supports the Boston Celtics, listens to hip hop, and wishes Ric Flair was his granddad. He's a pretty cool guy, just ask his mum.