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Ring of Honor Wrestling Episode #350 Review



There were two great matches tonight, with the returning Austin Aries taking on current ROH Television Champion Silas Young, as well as Tenille Dashwood vs Karen Q. Both matches entertained, but it was the former that stood out the most. We also saw a heated exchange between Cody and “The Villain” Marty Scurll, as well as a few matches announced for Best in the World.

First up, “The American Nightmare” Cody kicked off the show, escorted to the ring by Burnard the Business Bear. After boasting about how the last six months had been a dream, Cody claimed the unofficial leadership of the Bullet Club, but said the world was not enough and he was destined to be the ROH World Champion. He continued to hype his triple threat match against Dalton Castle, and his “Bullet Club subordinate,” Marty Scurll when he was interrupted by “The Villain.” Marty stated Cody loved to talk about how good he was, but the reason Scurll didn’t do that was because everybody already knew that.

Scurll claimed he would do whatever it takes to become first-time ROH Champion even if it meant going through Cody. Ending the segment with a handshake that turned into Scurll teasing broken fingers for Cody, he patted his hands and left the ring. The mind games have started, and Marty Scurll left with the upper hand, but it’s interesting as to whether or not this is a set up for Dalton. Are Cody and Scurll going to destroy Dalton and turn it into a two on one matchup?

Up next was a backstage promo from Silas Young, claiming Aries had been whining, and he didn’t want to hear it anymore, and that when he beat him he didn’t want to hear any excuses. Both wrestlers had travelled together on the indie circuit, and both hailing from Milwaukee. The hype for the match was real, and it was sure to be something special.

The first match of the night saw Tenille Dashwood facing off against Karen Q. It started off slowly, with multiple shifts in control and little action, but the pace picked up a bit. Women of Honor is gaining a lot of momentum at the minute, and this match did a lot for it. Karen Q is brutal in her approach, with big kicks and a prominent Boston Crab aimed at Dashwood, but it wasn’t enough. After countering a move Q coins as the “spring roll,” Tenille turned it into a pin and got the victory. Karen Q had a meltdown at the end, and it provided great entertainment value.

After showing a video recap of Punishment Martinez and Hangman Page’s rivalry, it was announced by Ian Riccaboni that the two would face off at Best in the World. This has the potential to be a very brutal and physical matchup, adding to an already exciting card. It was also announced that The Briscoes would face The Young Bucks for the ROH Tag Team Titles at the same show, providing The Briscoes retained the belts at next week’s show, where they will be facing Roppongi 3K.

It’s always a pleasure watching “The Last Real Man” Silas Young in action, and his sneering persona was on top form tonight as he walked to the ring, getting into various shouting matches with the fans. After three years away from Ring of Honor, Austin Aries returned to the ring, brandishing his former titles, hoping to add the TV Title to his waist. This was a wonderful brawl, with both wrestlers pushing themselves to the limit. Silas Young tried to wear Aries down with shoulder tackles, but Austin launched various aerial assaults on Young, including a flying elbow to the spine. Silas Young took it outside the ring, launching Aries into the barricades.

Both competitors threw mirrored punches at each other, and the two started to show signs of fatigue. After Young hoisted Aries onto his shoulders ready to land Misery, the referee inadvertently got knocked out by Aries’ boot. When Aries tried to launch yet another aerial attack, Young’s pal, the Beer City Bruiser ran to the ring. Thankfully, Austin Aries’ good friend Kenny King ran to his aid and stopped him from getting involved. Silas tried to grab his belt and swat Aeries over the head with it, but King stole it from him and landed a shot with it himself, knocking him out and allowing the recovered referee to count to three as Austin pinned him.

After announcing Aries the new champion, senior referee Todd Sinclair overturned the decision and called a disqualification in favour of Silas Young, allowing him to retain. Austin’s frustration turned to rage, kicking the referee in the groin, followed by a vicious attack against his ‘friend’ Kenny King, releasing his anger on King with The Last Chancery. It was a brilliant matchup for the two superstars, and a shocking end that will no doubt be the beginning of a feud between Aries and King.

Chris White loves to write, and is a huge fan of wrestling of all kinds. He supports the Boston Celtics, listens to hip hop, and wishes Ric Flair was his granddad. He's a pretty cool guy, just ask his mum.

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