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ROH Athletes Help Young Fan Toward Speedy Recovery



Professional wrestling, the genre that combines a mixture of athleticism, drama, and theatrics, has thrilled audiences for decades. The sport that originated on the carnival circuit over a hundred years ago underwent an evolution as the years progressed, a metamorphosis that saw dimly lit buildings transformed into high-definition arenas. The fast-paced, hard-hitting style of Kenny Omega’s stellar matches in 2017 is certainly very different from the legendary Ed “The Strangler” Lewis’ grappling contests in 1917.

Still, the common theme within the wild world of sports entertainment is that it connects with the audience. Fans that flock to the venues to see a live show or those who anticipate a streaming event clamor to watch the larger than life personas paint on the canvas of the squared circle.

The human emotional expressed during a battle between heroes and villains is a key building block to any form of storytelling, an aspect that allows the unique art form of pro wrestling to identify with fans from every demographic. It also becomes a bonding experience for those that enjoy watching the spectacle inside the ring ropes together.

One such example is the Klaus family, Georgia natives that spend their quality time together watching an array of athletes pummel opponents to chase championships or demand vengeance. Everyone from John Cena and Bayley to Cody and the Bullet Club are favorites in their household.

“Me, my sister, and step dad all love wrestling. WWE, NJPW, ROH, it’s just enjoyable,” said Jonathan Jackson

The grappling action is a continuous source of entertainment for the close-knit family. However, the littlest fan of the house had a recent health scare when four-year-old Gabby was sent to the Intensive Care Unit after a serious asthma attack last week. She spent two full days under constant supervisor to monitor her breathing before she was moved to a regular room on her third day at the Augusta University Medical Center. Finally, she was allowed to go home after four days and still receives routine breathing treatments at home to fully recover.

During her time on oxygen while at the hospital, her uncle Jonathan reached out to one of the family’s family stars, the Ring Of Honor world champion, Cody Rhodes, an athlete he met several times previously at various events, where former WWE star was always very polite. It was arranged that Cody’s wife, the beautiful Brandi, recorded a “get well” video for her. Seeing one of her favorites from Youtube blogs immediately brightened up the tired toddler.

“My mom said she wasn’t feeling well, but she told her who it was and showed her the video. My mom said the reaction was priceless. She was smiling and her mood just changed completely,” Uncle Johnathan explained.

Gabby’s aunt posted an update shortly before the little girl was allowed to return home that showed her with the trademark “Too Sweet” pose, a retro gesture that regained wild popularity from New Japan Pro Wrestling. The tremendously talented Cody Rhodes, and one half of one of the best tag teams in the world, The Young Bucks’ Matt Jackson responded with well wishes. The adorable girl was even too much to resist for the finger-breaking villain Marty Scurll, who sent his hope for her speedy recovery.

Thankfully, Gabby is now back home, where she can continue to play with dozens of action figures in the living room while her family watches New Japan World or Monday Night Raw.

“She would come in the living room just to be with us. My mom isn’t a fan of wrestling, and at first, Gabby would say she liked it because my mom didn’t. It was cute. A few weeks later she would ask who people were, copy the chants, do the entrances, and watch videos on YouTube. She listens to the themes and loves watching videos of Brandi’s video blog. Her favorites are Brandi Rhodes, Cody, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and AJ Styles,” Johnathan said.

With the exception of using an inhaler in the future, four-year-old Gabby Klaus will make a full recovery. The asthma attack that landed her in the ICU would be a scary situation for anyone, especially for a toddler, but through the kindness of top-notch athletes and the power of the social media platform, she had the chance to focus on well wishes from her favorite on-screen stars instead of a gloomy hospital room. These thoughtful and simple gestures made a total difference to Gabby and her family. Remember, this is just one example of the many things these competitors have done to be helpful outside of the ring. More than anything, this is an example of the power of professional wrestling and the truly positive effect it can have on everyone even outside of the squared circle.

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