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Ring of Honor TV: Episode 310 Results & Review



The Commentators for this episode are Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana. For my money, Colt is always a treat at the announce desk. He and Ian always have good chemistry and you can always be sure for interesting calls out of these guys.

Jonathan Gresham and Jay White vs. War Machine (W) (Hanson and Raymond Rowe)

Gresham and White immediately attack War Machine to try and achieve an early advantage but would quickly see that plan upset by the newly crowned IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions. War Machine is quickly dominant as they bash their opponents in the corner and stack their bodies on top of one another. Gresham and White, despite being pummeled, turn it around and finally separate the two big men. White would throw Rowe into the barricade whilst Gresham starts this match in earnest. Gresham would execute good tag team work with White working over the big man Hanson. Desperate, Hanson gets to his partner and it’s Rowe’s turn to get worked over by White, who again takes him to the outside before going into the commercial break.

When we return, Hanson is taking it to the tag team, as both men are separated into opposite corners. Hanson runs a marathon between the corners, utterly crushing Gresham and White into pieces. With their organs now liquid, War Machine pulls a nasty tag team back breaker combo. White tries to turn things around by starting some offense against Hanson from the top rope, but War Machine is just too strong. At this point White and Gresham have some false starts against Rowe but would finally turn the tide when White nails a big time German Suplex. Gresham and White show some speedy yet powerful offense and unbelievably start man handling War Machine. The team then works a thousand forearms onto Rowe. Gresham pulls a 450 splash on Rowe and would nearly get an upset victory. Unfortunately, Gresham would be repaid for his stunning effort by being hurled upwards so high he goes off-screen by Rowe and caught unceremoniously by Hanson into a devastating power slam, ending the match.

After the match: While Gresham and White are recovering from this hard fought battle, they are attacked out of nowhere by Punishment Martinez. Martinez tosses Johnathan Gresham to the outside first and pulls a massive sit down choke slam on White, that cracks through the ROH arena. Punishment Martinez is getting revenge on Jay White for being one of the few men in Ring of Honor to actually defeat him. Surely, this won’t be the end of this feud.

The first ever Coleman’s Pulpit Promo. I’m not really sure what this was all about, but we’re assured of more of it next week.

QT Marshall arrives at the announce desk singing his own praises as a Comic Con documentarian. Ian would reveal that Jay Briscoe was given a concussion on last weeks episode of ROH TV by the Bullet Club. Considering this, Bully Ray and Mark Briscoe will seek some revenge on Bullet Club on next weeks episodes television Main Event.

Shane Taylor vs. Josh “The Goods” Woods (W)

The Goods brings it to Taylor early with MMA style attacks and strikes. The match quickly goes outside, and Taylor sends Woods into the barricade before the commercial break.

Returning from the commercial break, Taylor has Josh in the corner and proceeds to really work him over with submissions and power moves. An attack in the corner would finally turn this match around with some power strikes, and Woods incredibly lifts Taylor in a fireman’s carry pose. Taylor fights his way down. Woods will not be denied and, after taking some damage, he fights his way into putting Shane in an ankle lock that could have finished this fight. Shane Taylor, feeling more opposition from Josh Woods then he would like goes to the outside to get a steel chair. Taylor looks as if he had some sinister intentions, but Woods quick rolls him up to steal a win.

After the Match: Shane Taylor starts beating down Josh Woods and QT Marshall joins him in the attack, revealing the two men have been working together all along.

In addition, a video package is shown revealing that the Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view main event will be between “The American Nightmare” Cody and Minoru Suzuki. A transition to the locker room reveals Cody is not happy about this booking, and he throws a tantrum before going into another commercial break.

Returning once more from break, there’s a promo with Kenny King speaking on his experience on reality TV (he was on the most recent season of the Bachelorette) and reflecting on what brought him back to professional wrestling. With a renewed passion, he’s looking to make a huge impact on the brand once more. Kenny King is set for a rematch for the ROH Television Championship against Kushida at Death Before Dishonor.

Main Event: Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship Match

Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) vs. The Young Bucks (C) (Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson) (DQ)

Motor City Machine Guns enter first and are determined to pick up their first ROH Tag Team Championships. With a big reaction from the fans, it’s the popular champions themselves, The Young Bucks! The streamers are flying and the opening announcements are made before the final commercial break.

We return to the very beginning of this anticipated match. A quick succession of take downs and reversals results in a “Suck it!” taunt from the Young Bucks, and the Motor City Machine Guns quickly send their opponents to the outside followed by some high-flying offense. The early goings of this match do not involve much tag team work by any means as all four men engage in a free for all. Finally, this assault surrenders into the traditional two legal men, but it doesn’t take long for the Bucks to pull some tag team moves and eventually take things to the outside once more with a senton.

“That was too sweet!”chants erupt from the audience. Nick and Shelley end up as the legal men once this match return to the ring. But again, the four men are in the ring and the Young Bucks have Motor City Machine Guns in double sharpshooters. The Guns escape and Shelley finally gets to tag in Sabin who unleashes an unreal assault of kicks and suicide dives that level the Bucks with authority. Again, this thing becomes a four man battle royal that leaves wrestlers battered in the corner and outside, and Nick and Shelley become legal men once more. This time it’s Nick Jackson who unleashes upon the Guns with vicious kicks and flips that boggle the mind. Chaos ensues again, and it’s super kicks for everyone involved. This exchange would end with the Bucks on top, but the bout would be thrown out by disqualification when Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian interrupt this insane match for the ROH Tag-Titles.

After the Match: The crowd boos as Daniels and Kazarian finish their attack, gloat, and parade around the ring.