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ROH Final Battle 2017 ‘Cody vs. Castle’ live coverage



The biggest Pay-Per-View event of the year for Ring of Honor and we’re ecstatic to cover this event live right here at FightBoothPW with some help from the FITETV app.

Singles Match
Will Ospreay vs. Matt Taven

Matt Taven’s entrance with TK O’ Ryan and Vinny Marseglia is the stuff that dreams are made of. Taven’s vision of The Kingdom is truly on display here at Final Battle. Hot start to this match. Both men go into high-flying mode and Taven is actually able to keep up with Ospreay, arguably the best frequent flyer in the game.

Ospreay eventually gets the best of him though until the fight goes to the outside. That’s where TK and Vinny come in, as Taven is able to distract the easily distracted Todd Sinclair to allow his mates to soften up Ospreay. More hot action here. Picture perfect stuff from both guys. Ospreay gets a near fall of a crescent kick and ‘off with your head’ elbow blow (as Ian calls it )after some more non stop action.

Just really good chemistry between these guys. A beautiful opener that could easily end up being a main event feud no matter how you slice it. Taven ends up getting the pin after countering a OsCutter into a Climax. “This will be the last time that I’m ever at Final Battle and not leaving without gold around my waist. We’re ending this Conspiracy right now,” Taven says following his victory.

Winner: Matt Taven via pinfall

Tag Team Match
The Addiction vs. War Machine

Lots of pyro for War Machine’s entrance. ROH is going big for their version of WrestleMania inside of the Hammerstein tonight. The action quickly spills to the outside with War Machine getting the best of Daniels and Kaz. The Addiction are able to slow things down and double up on Rowe to inflict their brand of veteran punishment. Rowe tags Hanson in who runs wild on Daniels and Kaz. He stacks Daniels on top of Kaz and unleashes 10 forearms. Some solid tag team wrestling here from War Machine. Daniels tries to get some cheap falls with some dirty tactics. Kaz with a lumbar check and an Unprettier on Rowe but Hanson breaks a near pinfall.

What?? Crazy double back handspring from Hanson on Kaz and Daniels. Fallout on Daniels and Rowe gets the pinfall. I always forget how athletic Hanson is. Incredible. Looks like we have a new number #1 contender for the ROH Tag Team titles

Winners: War Machine via pinfall

Singles Match
Jay Lethal vs. Marty Scurll

It’s Villain time. Marty Scurll is out first with a white coat, white plague mask, white top hat and white umbrella.

Scurll offers his hand to Lethal after he joins him in the ring. Lethal accepts. Scurll does his usual early match bit and Lethal is not impressed. He gives him a slap to the face and they proceed to go toe-to-toe. A couple of chops are exchanged and Scurll gets Lethal outside of the ring for his superkick off the outer apron spot. Lethal launches Scurll into the barricade. Someone throws a streamer into the ring during the match and the crowd starts chanting “a**hole”. Dueling “Let’s go Marty” and “Let’s go Lethal” chants now from the crowd. Springboard dropkick from Lethal followed by a suicide dive. A couple of uppercuts for good measure and Lethal rolls Scurll into the ring. He covers the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champ for a two count. Euro uppercut from Scurll. Scurll for the pin but it’s only a one and a half count. Scurll silences the crowd and looks to begin some small joint manipulation. Scurll has Lethal in the corner now but Sinclair backs him off. Scurll off the ropes and he’s met with an elbow from Lethal. Scurll is going after the knee of Lethal now. Chops are exchanged. Now some forearms. Both men are exhausted. A Lethal Combination and a cover from Jay. Scurll kicks out at two. Scurll rolls up Letal but he puts his legs on the second rope to gain leverage and Sinclair calls it. Torture Rack from Lethal. Shout out to Lex Luger. Lethal wants to go for the flying elbow off the top but Scurll meets him to offer a superplex. Tornado DDT from Scurll outside of the ring. Awesome sequence on the outer apron ends with Lethal getting the best of Scurll with a cutter onto the floor. Lethal Injection attempt but Scurll reads it and counters. Scurll pushes Lethal into Sinclair and the ref is down. Scurll grabs a steel chair and tosses it to Lethal as Sinclair turns around but Lethal one ups him by laying down with the chair around his neck to insinuate that he was attacked by Scurll. Another Lethal injection attempt but Scurll is still keen too it. Brainbuster from Scurll. Figure Four locked in from Lethal. Scrull grabs the umbrella. Sinclair takes it away and Scurll grabs a Bullet Club umbrella as Sinclair disposes of the other one. Scurll still can’t get the finish. Scurll calls for the Chicken Wing but Lethal is able to hit a low blow followed by the Lethal Injection. Perfect ending. Scurll challenged Lethal in the build up to become go back to his villainous tactics and he did to get the victory.

Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match
Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Best Friends

Three incredible matches in just under and hour and now we are onto the first of four title matches of the night. Great pacing tonight. Sabin and Chuckie T. kick things off. Two dog night from Best Friends and Shelley has had enough. Beretta with a suicide dive but he misses his mark and almost nails Chuckie T. They hug and the crowd approves. Tree of Woe on Beretta and Sabin jams his foot into his crotch. Sabin pulls Chuckie T’s crotch into Beretta’s face and the crowd chants “You Sick F**k.” MCMG mocks them by hugging in the center of the ring. Great Detroit Pistons reference from Ricabonni in regards to MCMG. Chuckie T gets the tag and runs wild on Sabin. Apparently Chuckie T is going to celebrate with Joel Embiid if they win the titles according to Riccaboni. Love it. No idea where that came from. Some good offense from Best Friends now but MCMG quickly takes control once again. Double kicks to Beretta. They hit Skull and Bones but Beretta kicks out. Super Strong Zero from Best Friends and we almost have a title change but Shelley makes the save. Lawn Dart Cutter from Best Friends on the outside. We’re back inside now and Sabin eats a piledriver from Chuckie T but quickly rolls Beretta up for the pin and MCMG retains. Interesting finish.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

ROH World Television Championship Match (Four-Way Elimination)
Kenny King (c) vs. Punishment Martinez vs. Silas Young vs. Shane Taylor

Punishment Martinez enters the ring first where he is joined by his Legion of Anarchy.

Silas is out next. He’s been on an absolute roll of late. Shane Taylor out third and the champ, Kenny King, is out last and he gets an entrance fit for a king. Love what ROH is doing tonight. They’re making every match feel important.

Elimination Order:
Shane Taylor is eliminated by Punishment Martinez
Kenny King is eliminated by Silas Young after being hit by a glass beer bottle
Punishment Martinez is eliminated by Silas Young after he hits Misery

Winner: Silas Young is your new ROH Television Champion. This is Silas’ first ROH singles title after 10 years with the company. Awesome moment.

New York Street Fight
Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray vs. The Briscoes

Dreamer and Bully enter through the crowd. They’re immediately met by The Briscoes after they crawl over the barricade. Mark appears to be biting the forehead of Bully Ray outside of the ring while Dreamer goes to work on Mark. Dreamer looks great tonight out there. Dude is ageless. ECW chants ring throughout the Hammerstein. Dreamer bites the head of Mark. Jay joins his brother inside of the ring to work over Dreamer. Jay launches himself at Bully. Four chairs are tossed into the ring, one for each man. What looks like a lightsaber battle with steel chairs ensues. Dreamer and Bully win the battle forcing The Briscoes to look for more weapons. Kendo stick time. Bully and Dreamer drop the chairs to look for something to counter the kendo sticks. They actually find some lightsabers. Riccaboni called it. “If those are the real deal, they could cut somebodies limb off,” Riccaboni says.

Ray and Dreamer win the battle and hit a double bionic elbow in tribute to Dusty. Ray with a chair to the neck of Jay. Dreamer brings out a kitchen sink and hammers Jay with it. Bully motions to the fans and they ask him to get the tables. Mark puts an end to the fun. Bully is busted open after a blade job. Briscoe flips off the crowd and does a flip onto a ladder onto Dreamer. Jay Briscoe starts drilling a bloody Bully Ray. Jay finds a cheese grater. Jay starts grating Bully’s forehead and the blood flies. Just when it looks like the Briscoes have Team ECW dead to rights Bully Ray mounts a comeback. Well, it was short-lived. Jay nails Bully with a steel chair and Bully is a bloody mess. Jay picks up a table to put Bully away but Bully rises. He kicks the table and puts Jay down with an inverted 3D. Dreamer begins to handle Mark. Spicolli Driver through a table from Dreamer to Mark. Bully hits a splash onto Jay through table now. Bully pours lighter fluid all over a table in the center of the ring but Mark saves Jay. 3B onto the table from the Briscoes but it doesn’t break. Froggy Bow from Mark and Jay pins Bully for the victory.

Winners: The Briscoes via pinfall

We get a break to take a look at the top five moments in Final Battle history. We now join Ian Riccaboni for a major Women of Honor announcement. Brandi Rhodes, Deonna Purrazzo, Jenny Rose, Bonesaw Jessie Brooks, Kelly Klein, Mandy Leon, Stella Gray, Sumie Sakai and Mayu Iwatani join Ian on the stage. Beginning on Jan 20th, the women on stage and many more will compete in a tournament to crown the first ever Women of Honor champion.

Six-man Tag Team Championship Match
The Hung Bucks (c) vs. Flip Gordon, Dragon Lee and Titan

Crazy action. I’m not even going to try and do a live play-by-play here. If you follow the ‘Being the Elite’ series, you know this is a huge deal for Flip Gordon. As you’d expect, incredible spots here in this super fast paced, fun as hell match.

The match ended with Matt and Nick hitting a Double Indytaker/Rite of Passage on Gordon and Dragon Lee with Page holding both men in position. Scorpio Sky and The Addiction would take out The Hung Bucks after the match. Sky would also take out Gordon, aligning himself with Kaz and Daniels.

Winners: The Hung Bucks

ROH World Championship Match
Cody (c) vs. Dalton Castle

Major entrance for Castle. I count at least a half-dozen Boys with fans joining Ring of Honor’s ‘Top Cock’ as he makes his way to the ring.

Brandi Rhodes holds the new ROH World Championship over her shoulder as she escorts Cody to the ring. Cody takes off his hood to reveal his newly bleached blonde hair. He looks like a true video game villain.

Castle has Cody scouted early. He’s avoiding everything on the champs repertoire. The Party Peacock is very aggressive early but Brandi is able to distract him for a moment and Cody takes full advantage. Back and forth battle between these two. Cody gets Castle to the outside. He puts Castle through the timekeeper’s table. Cody grabs a steel chair but The Boys are not having it. Brandi dives off the top rope to take out The Boys. Todd Sinclair ejects The Boys and Brandi. This is mano-e-mano. Castle is quick to take control. He has Cody busted open. Wow, he’s bleeding profusely. The bleached blonde hair really adds to the imagery. Cody hits Beautiful Disaster on Castle. Castle hits a dead lift German on Cody on the outside. Some more action and Cody accidentally clocks Sinclair. Castle locks in the Julie Newmar and Cody taps! But Sinclair is out, he doesn’t see it. Bang-A-Rang attempt on Cody but he reverses it into a Cross Rhodes. Sinclair is back, that has to be it. Castle kicks out! A disaster kick from Cody but he’s out of it. He simply cannot make the cover. Castle hits the Bang-A-Rang 1, 2, 3! Dalton Castle is your new Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion. He is the 24th man to earn that title and he ends Cody’s reign at 175 days.

Winner: Dalton Castle wins via pinfall to claim the Ring of Honor Championship

Cary Silkin enters the ring to award Castle the title and streamers fly. The Boys re-join Castle to celebrate. A dejected and blooded Cody leaves the ring as Castle and The Boys are showered with confetti.

That’s all folks. Feel free to follow us @FightBoothPW on social media for all things Ring of Honor and all things professional wrestling.

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