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Ronda Rousey will not hesitate to rip Stephanie McMahon’s arm out of her socket



Ronda Rousey’s road to WrestleMania continued last night in Anaheim and it didn’t end pretty.

The former mixed martial artist and Olympian made her RAW debut, continuing her ongoing storyline with Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and Kurt Angle. It became clear that RAW GM Kurt Angle was told by McMahon and her husband to lie about the comments he made to Rousey at Elimination Chamber that forced her to slam Triple H through a table

Stephanie would end up apologizing, in a very dramatic and insincere matter, for the slap she gave Ronda on Sunday night, only after the former UFC champion threatened to rip her arm out of her socket. The segment ended with Triple H suckering punching Angle for what appeared to be no good reason before leaving the ring. 

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