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Shine 46 Results: Las Sicarias vs. Twisted Sisterz, LuFisto vs. Kraven & Priscilla Kelly vs. Santana



The Orpheum in Ybor City, Florida was the setting for Shine’s 46th numbered event on Friday, October 20th, 2017. We join Lenny Leonard and RJ City on commentary as they guide us through the proceedings for this PPV event.

Kid Cadet kicks things off by introducing us to Trevin Adams who brings out Allysin Kay for an interview. Kay addresses the “threat” made by Brandi Lauren, saying that she’d be surprised if Lauren could prove that she doesn’t have one STD and saying she should learn how to talk in regards to her most recent promo. Ruthless. Kay finishes by saying that she will be ready to come out to this ring when Lauren is ready to come out and fight her like a grown ass woman, she then calls her a trailer trash basic bitch. Kay is attacked by Dementia D’Rose before she can make her way to the back. D’Rose takes Kay down to the ring and we have an impromptu match!

Allysin Kay vs. Dementia D’Rose
After some strong offense from D’Rose to start off the match, Kay was able to turn things around momentarily outside of the ring with some efficient steel chair work. Rose took her momentum back inside of the ring before eating a nasty Samoan drop from Kay off the second rope. Stomps, strike and hip attacks were all in play from D’Rose before she attempted to use a steel chair inside of the ring. This caused the referee to step in which D’Rose didn’t take kindly to. D’Rose would be DQ’ed but that wouldn’t stop her from unloading on Kay with the chair. More referees would be called in to stop D’Rose from causing Kay irreparable harm.

Final Result: Allysin Kay defeats Dementia D’Rose via DQ

Natalia Markova vs. ACR

Markova, fresh of a WWE Performance center tryout, takes on former Las Sicarias stablemate, Amanda Carolina Rodriguez. ACR scored the pinfall after nailing Markova with a high kick. 

Final Result: ACR defeats Natalia Markova

Aerial Monroe and Aja Perera vs. Kiera Hogan and Aria Blake w/ Candy Cartwright

Blake and Hogan, known as The Cutie Pie Club, take on Team SPAM, Perera and Monroe, in the first tag team match of the show. Candy Cartwright joins Hogan and Blake ringside where she’ll provide here tutelage. Perera scores the finish on Hogan here after hitting a Super Driver and we get more dissension between The Cutie Pie Club with Cartwright placing the blame on Blake.

Final Result: Aerial Monroe and Aja Perera defeat Kiera Hogan and Aria Blake

Shine Nova Championship Match: Priscilla Kelly (c) vs. Santana

Priscilla Kelly is quickly becoming one of the most talked about women in pro wrestling. Her promo work is very good and her commitment to character is outstanding. Making her the inaugural Shine NOVA Champion was a fantastic move by this promotion in my opinion.

Leonard reminds us that this is the first of three title matches on the night. This will be Kelly’s 5th title defense on her 97th day as champion. She faces one of the top babyfaces in the world in the returning Santana Garrett. The devious and explicit Kelly fared extremely well with the very athletic Santana delivering another entertaining performance in singles competition. Humping, foot and neck biting were all in play for “Hell’s Favorite Harlot,” who would look to strip Santana of her gifts by ripping off her trademark “Headband of Power”. Kelly would escape a very tight Muta Lock from Santana by biting the wrist of her opponent. The finishing sequence would see Kelly miss a cross body off the top before Santana missed a Shining Star Press. Kelly capitalized by rolling her up into a small package to retain.

The Cutie Pie Club then came out to attack Kelly before Team Spam and Jordynne Grace made the save. Grace picked up the Nova Championship and handed it to Kelly before leaving the ring. ACR then came out and hit Kelly with a kick to the head. ACR grabbed the belt and cut a promo before tossing it back on Kelly.

Final Result: Priscilla Kelly defeats Santana to retain her Shine Nova Championship


Candy Cartwright w/ Kiera Hogan & Aria Blake vs. Jordynne Grace

Candy takes the mic from Kid Cadet to remind us that she’s the leader of the Cutie Pie Club. She announces Jordynne Grace by calling her “Thick Momma Pump,” which brings Aria Blake to the ring who is all “stuffed”, doing a pretty awful impression of Grace which draws some heat from the crowd. Grace finally comes out and we have a match. Every time I watch Grace wrestle it become quickly evident that the sky is the limit for her. With a ton of experience under her belt at the ripe young age of 21 and a great attitude, it’s just a matter of time before we see her in NXT, hopefully after a lengthy Shine and/or Shimmer title run. Grace scored the victory via technical submission with a bear hug in a very short match.

Final Result: Jordynne Grace defeats Candy Cartwright

Shine Championship Match: LuFisto (c) vs. Vanessa Kraven

LuFisto comes out in her Owl mask where she’ll meet her towering challenger in this battle of Québecois. LuFisto looks to take out the legs of Kraven early. Kraven makes her pay with some power moves. RJ City gives us the quote of the night on commentary during this match when he says the following, “Vanessa Kraven is making LuFisto look like Danny Devito in there and I’m sure Lufisto really wants to Throw Momma From The Train, if you know what I’m saying, Lenny.” I’m not sure how long he was sitting on that quote by it was well worth it. LuFisto regains control and starts to work over the lower body of Kraven. Kraven comes back to life and hits the champ with a cannonball. LuFisto returns with one of her own and Kraven gives it right back. LuFisto delivers another one and RJ quips that this has been “quite the Cannonball Run,” to which Lenny replies that “Dom Deluise would be proud.” Awesome. It should be noted that LuFisto has one of, if not thee best looking Running Cannonball in the business. Another leg submission attempt from LuFisto but Kraven is able to escape. Dementia D’Rose interferes and works over Kraven outside of the ring while LuFisto distracts the referee. Dementia rolls Kraven back inside of  the ring and LuFisto forces Kraven to tap with a leg lock. Dementia hits Kraven with the Weapon of Ass Destruction before bringing a chair into the ring to further damage the legs of Kraven. Kraven sells the beating tremendously, needing help from multiple referees to make it to the back. Definitely looking forward to a program between these two.

Final Result: LuFisto defeats Vanessa Kraven to retain her Shine Championship

Lenny Leonard announces that Shine will be returning to The Orpheum on December 16th for Shine 47.

Shine Tag Team Championship Match: Las Sicarias (Mercedes Martinez & Ivelisse) (c) vs. Twisted Sisterz (Holidead & Thunder Rosa)

This was a solid main event that saw the champions leave with their titles; no titles changed hands on this show. The ref had absolutely no control over this one as these teams engaged in an all out brawl for the final half of the match. Martinez was able to submit Rosa with the Dragon Sleeper to retain. 

Final Result: Las Sicarias defeat Twisted Sisterz to retain their Shine Tag Team Titles

Dave has been covering Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts for various websites since 2010. He currently runs both FightBooth and FightBoothPW with the help of some lovely and talented people.

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