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Shine 47 ‘Survival’ quick results



WWN Brand Ambassador Trevin Adams informs us off the top that Shine Champion LuFisto and ACR, both of whom were scheduled to be in action tonight, have both suffered injuries and will not be competing on tonight’s card.

The winner of tonight’s Survival Rumble will challenge LuFisto for the Shine Championship At Shine 48. Nova Champion Priscilla Kelly will be in the Survival Rumble, if she wins she will get LuFisto. If Kelly gets eliminated, she will have to defend the Nova Championship against whoever eliminates her. The order of elimination will determine the matches for the rest of the card.

Match #1: Rain wins the Shine Survival Rumble

Entrants in the Survival Rumble

1. Rain
2. Aria Blake
3. Kikyo
4. Natalia Markova
5. Tesha Price
6. Ivelisse
7. Dynamite Didi
8. Robyn Reid
9. Mercedes Martinez
10. Dementia D’Rose
11. Shotzi Blackheart
12. Brandi Lauren
13. Leva
14. Priscilla Kelly
15. Kiera Hogan
16. Aerial Monroe
17. Stormie Lee
18. Aja Perera
19. Candie Cartwright
20. Jessicka Havok

Match #2: Natalia Markova defeats Aerial Monroe

Match #3 4-Way Fray: Dynamite Didi defeats Kikyo, Robyn Reid, and Tesha Price

Match #4: Leva defeats Dementia D’Rose via disqualification

Match #5: Priscilla Kelly defeats Aja Perera to retain the Shine Nova Championship

Match #6: Shotzi Blackheart defeats Kiera Hogan

Match #7: Jessicka Havok defeats Brandi Lauren

Match #8: Mercedes Martinez and Ivelisse defeat Candy Cartwright and Aria Blake to retain their Shine Tag Team Titles

Match #9: Stormie Lee defeats Rain via referee stoppage

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