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Smackdown Live: Should Sami and KO stay fired?



Should Sami and KO stay fired? Yes!

Sort of.

This functions on two assumptions:

1: Reigns beats Lesnar for the Universal Championship.

2: Shane is healthy enough to actually be in this match. This one could easily be worked around, but the story would be less fulfilling.

The idea that Daniel Bryan’s first match back would be a loss is nearly inconceivable. I could see how it would work: Shane takes the pin, Sami and KO come back to make Smackdown Live crazy again, and Daniel Bryan becomes the attack arm of Shane. An even more interesting twist would be Daniel Bryan turns on Shane in the match, Sami and KO win, and the “Yep!” movement gets joined by the very man who inspired it. A Daniel Bryan/Sami Zayn/KO stable sounds really, really cool.

…I may have just undermined my own point…let’s see if I can turn this around…

That nearly inconceivable situation aside, Daniel Bryan must win his return match. Considering that his last 3 WrestleMania matches were victories (HHH, then Orton/Batista at WM 30 and the IC Title ladder match at 31), he’s technicially on a winning streak. If he wins, then KO and Sami are still fired. As far as we know, this only applies to Smackdown Live. Shane had said they would be fired from all of WWE but that was at least a month ago and Daniel Bryan didn’t say anything of the sort.

Assumption 3: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are only fired from Smackdown Live.

This makes the next step pretty obvious. They go to Raw. With rumors (stated on TV) of a superstar shakeup after WrestleMania, this would be the world’s easiest story line to move them over.

How does Roman tie into all of this? Simple: who does Roman fight after winning the title? What main event level heels exist on Raw? Go ahead and think. I’ll wait.

The Miz? He could still have the IC title and, if he doesn’t, he’ll likely take some well-earned time off to spend with his new baby girl. Seth Rollins or Finn Balor could easily turn during that match but they’ve been setting that up as a feud to watch going forward so they’ll be working with each other. And…who? (insert New Day “Who?” chorus here)

The answer could, and should, be KO and Sami. Kevin can claim his long previous run as Universal Champion as reason to go for the title. Considering their friendship seems to be back together, Kevin could give that spot to Sami who has definitely earned at least a shot at a world championship. Those are two main event level heels that Roman could feud with at least until Summerslam if necessary. We already know Kevin and Roman can put on good matches and no one would be able to sell Roman’s power like Sami.

Does this leave a void in the “top heel” spot on Smackdown Live? Absolutely. But Smackdown Live also has Randy Orton who reportedly really wants to turn heel again. Bobby Roode’s heel work in NXT is second to none and the main roster deserves to see that. Jinder Mahal, while not flashy and not as interesting without the Singh Brothers (frankly, barely interesting with them) is the heir apparent and that’s a little scary.

Side note: Rusev is not a heel any more. When you manage to get Aiden English, a fake holiday, and get a t-shirt over because you’re that good, you’re not a heel. Also, Happy Rusev Day.

Let Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn stay fired from Smackdown Live, put them on Raw, give them the Universal Championship (either one would work, but please Sami) and let them be the more vicious version of Owens and Jericho. Daniel Bryan wins his return match, we open spots for new feuds, and the wheels keep spinning.

Unless you decide to make that Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn/Daniel Bryan stable.

Alex Mihailoff is a WWE fan who loves a good storyline and overanalyzing the WWE. He doesn’t know everything but will readily give his opinion on anything.