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Smash Wrestling Episode 28 Review – Sami Callihan v. Kevin Bennett



I want to start this article by saying I am so excited to write the first review of Smash Wrestling. I’m a big fan of the show – I think the action is amazing. If you want to watch the show, it is available on The Fight Network at 10PM Eastern, right after Impact Wrestling. If you can get see them live, I’d suggest you do so. I’ve attended their show and the action is even better in person. Now on to the show. 

The show starts with a contest between Evil Uno from the Super Smash Bros – the other member being Stu Grayson- and The Beast King FTM. This match is a direct result of last wee’s attack on Smash Champion Tyson Dux by SSB. FTM came to Dux’s aid. Dux then challenged SSB members, saying he’d fight either of them. They could choose who’d face him. FTM said he’d take on whichever member wouldn’t face Dux.

FTM def. Evil Uno via DQ after Uno hit him with the ring bell as FTM was going for a suicide dive. Uno took the bell and rang it himself to signal the DQ. Uno then proceeds to attack FTM with the bell. He then spits on FTM and then rubs his foot on his face.

In a video, Hacker Scotty O’Shea says Andy Williams is not a real friend. He wanted to keep Kevin Blackwood corrupt. In the end O’Shea freed Blackwood. The image goes back and forth from Scotty O’Shea to Kevin Blackwood, with both men yelling “Kill/Screen”.

Kill/Screen (Scotty O’Shea and Kevin Blackwood) def. The Butcher and the King (Andy Williams and Brody King via pinfall. Blackwood watches as O’Shea attack his former best friend, Andy Williams. He then joins the attack. They tie him to the rope and attack him repeatedly. Kill/Screen ends the attack by spray painting Williams.

Backstage, Anthony Kingdom James is interviewed. He’s asked what the deal is between him and Tarik. James says it’s like he told Tarik: before he came to Smash Wrestling, they were friends. James considered him to be family. Now Tarik doesn’t like who James is hanging out with, so there are problems. James says that’s not on him, it’s on Tarik. Tarik interrupts the interview. He says James talk all this crap about them being boys. Tarik says he doesn’t see it anymore. He says one day James says they’re boys, then the next he feels the need to interfere in Tarik’s matches. James they’re always going to be brethren. Tarik might not believe that, but James does. Business is business, though. He says he’s sorry but this is business, he adds, just before Sebastian Suave attacks Tarik from behind. As Suave holds Tarik down, James tells him to look at him. He repays what he said before the attack: Business is business, and this is just business. Sebastian Suave vs Tarik is announced for next week.

When the show returns from commercial, they show what happened during the break. Kevin Bennett issued an open challenge. We see him and his entourage attacking a random guy in the ring and “pin him”. He then starts to leave but Sami Callihan shows up. He takes out Bennett’s entourage then disposes of Bennett. He buries Bennett under chairs.

Sami Callahan def. Kevin Bennett via pinfall

Sophie is an avid sports fan. She follows many sports, including hockey. She has been a wrestling fan for 20 years and enjoys wrestling from all around the globe.

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