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Smash Wrestling Episode 29 Review



From the Opera House, Toronto, Ontario, we bring you our recap of the 29th episode of Smash Wrestling

The show starts with a replay of last week’s backstage attack on Tarik by Sebastian Suave Anthony Kingdom James.

Sebastian Suave and Anthony Kingdom James walk to the ring for Suave’s scheduled match. James takes a microphone and starts berating the crowd. He says it’s not because they have a ticket that they have the right to talk. Then he introduces himself and says he’s the smartest man who ever live. He represents the finest athlete of Smash Wrestling, The Endorsement, Sebastian Suave. He’s here to remind him of the seven most important words in professional wrestling: “Promotional considerations paid for by the following”: Blue Harvest Studios Jason’s Lou’s comic book ‘The pitiful Human Lizard’ available in local shops everywhere. Now he wants to get to the matter at hand: Tarik. As people just saw, Tarik as a problem with them. They don’t have a problem with him. Tarik is still Jame’s brother. Business is business but Tarik doesn’t seem to understand that. He wants to get Tarik out there, face to face to handle business.

The crowd chants Tarik’s name. After he’s in the ring, James tells him it’s a different reaction than the one he usually gets. Suddenly people like him. James says he has words for Tarik; but before he can say anything more, Tarik takes the microphone from him. Tarik tells James he’s done talking. James is done talking. He done’s talking because Tarik is not allowing James or Suave to talk to him.

Tarik def. Sebastian Suave w/ Anthony Kingdom James via pinfall. After the match James assaults Tarik from behind. Tarik fights back but Suave gives him a low blow and uses Tarik’s finishing move against him. Suave is about to exit the ring but James tells hm he’s not done. He says people love Tarik. They like when Tarik punches, kicks, jumps and chops. He hits Tarik repeatedly. Then he tells Tarik the friendship is over. This is business and they’re still not done.

-TDT (Mathieu St-Jacques & Thomas Dubois) vs Well Oiled Machine (Braxton Sutter and Mike Rollins) announced for next week

2017 in review:

  • New Debut: 34
  • Most Wins (Male): Tyson Dux  (18) – New Record
  • Most Wins (Female): Allie (6)
  • Most Matches: Sebatian Suave (20)
  • Most Losses: Tarik (11) – 3 Years in a Row
  • Longest Winning Streak: Tyson Dux (18) –New Record
  • Replay of SSB’s attack on Tyson Dux two weeks ago.

Tyson Dux is backstage with FTM. He says SSB has had a change of heart but that’s making it a little light. He says he will fight anybody. You just have to challenge him man-to-man, face-to-face. He asks Frankie what he thinks. He says its hard for him to talk about having a change to heart. His is pretty black. The way he sees it, they have no balls. They’re malicious assholes and they need to be taught a lesson. They’ll do that. Frankie says SSB are dealing with the champion and a guy with a few screws loose. It’s going to be for him and Dux.

-Tyson Dux vs Stu Grayson for the Smash Wrestling Title is announced for next week.

-Replay of last week’s open challenge by Kevin Bennett.

-Matt Haskins cuts a promo. He says it’s easy for Kevin Bennett to call out someone when he knows they’re not there. He knows Bennett thinks he’s a big man thinking one of the best wrestlers in the world won’t answer his challenge. Haskins says he’s coming back to Smash. If Bennett thinks he has what it takes to step in the ring with him, Bennett can call him out then. Let’s see if Bennett really has the balls or if he’s just a little bitch.

-Kevin Benntt v Mark Haskins announced – “Coming Soon”

Zack Sabre Jr. returns to Smash Wrestling. It will be his first meeting against Brent Banks.

Brent Banks def. Zack Sabre Jr via pinfall after Banks surprises Sabre Jr with a counter and pins him. It’s a great back and forth match.

Sophie is an avid sports fan. She follows many sports, including hockey. She has been a wrestling fan for 20 years and enjoys wrestling from all around the globe.

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