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Smash Wrestling Episode 36 & 37 Results



Episode 35 (Original Air Date — March 22, 2018)

John Greed  def. Kevin Bennett (with Big Tank & The Muscle) via Countout after Bennett walked out of the arena.

Tarik and Sebastian Suave are backstage to talk about their problems. They can’t be trying to kill each other. This needs to end tonight. They’re going to face Brent Banks and Tyson Dux in a Tag Team match. The winner of that match will have a chance to be the F8ful Eight Winners.

-F8ful Eight Qualifier match announced: Suave & Tarik vs Banks & Dux.

  • Fight or Flight vs SSB announced for next week.
  • Kill/Screen vs TDT is also announced

Tyson Dux and Brent Banks are backstage. Dux says they got this tonight. He says he, Banks, Tarik and Suave are the foundation of the company. The thing about Tarik and Suave is that they’re not on the same page. He says he and Banks have a chance to be in the F8ful Eight tournament. The only thing that’ll make this better is he can prove to the fans that he’s still at the top of his game. It’s also to get to ‘creepy’ SSB.

Tyson Dux & Brent Banks def. Sebastian Suave & Tarik via Submission. After the match, SSD appear on the screen. They ask Dux if he thought they were done with him. They haven’t had they fun with him yet. At F8ful Eight  they’re going to have all the fun in the world.

Dux responds by grabbing the mic. He says if SSB want to do it, his partner’s right there. They can go right now. SSB doesn’t show up. Dux says if they won’t come to him, he’ll go to them. He exit the ring and goes backstage. Uno’s waiting for him backstage. When Uno sees Dux he goes up the stairs behind him. Dux grabs a chair and runs after him in a dark hallway. At one point he thinks one of SSB’s member is behind him and swings the chair. The person wasn’t a member of SSB, who have vanished.

Episode 36 (Original Air Date — March 29, 2018)

SSB def Fight or Flight (Gabriel Fuerza & Vaughan Vertigo) via pinfall to advance in the tournament.

-We get a replay of Scotty O’Shea’s attack on his partner Kevin Blackwood following their defeat against Well Oiled Machines two weeks ago.

OVE and Trey Miguel are interviewed. They’re asked about their match at the F8ful Eight Tournament – Trey against John Greed and OVE against The Kevin Bennett Experience. They say they’re here to take the tournament. They want to show they’re the best tag team in professional wrestling. Nobody is better than OVE. If people don’t believe them, they can look at OVE’s track record. They have won Titles across the world. The first time they set foot in Canada, they won a Title. Trey says he’s always excited to debut anywhere, and especially for Smash Wrestling. OVE continues by saying OVE is truly them against everything.

TDT def. Kill/Screen via pinfall to advance in the tournament. After the match, O’Shea once again attacks Blackwood.

Backstage O’Shea is yelling Blackwood. Blackwood apologizes. O’Shea then asks him who the other wrestler in the room is. Blackwood says he’s his friend. O’Shea tells Blackwood he has to start listening to him. He then orders Blackwood to eliminate the other wrestling, and says he’s not Blackwood’s friend. Blackwood says he can’t and O’Shea attacks him.

Vanessa Kraven def. Xandra Bale via pinfall

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