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Smash Wrestling Episode 39 Recap



Episode 39 (Original Air Date – April 12, 2018)

The Beast King FTM def. Brent Banks to retain his the Smash Championship. Banks got this opportunity due to the fact he won’t be able to compete in the F8ful Eight Tournament because of Tyson Dux’s suspension. Dux’s suspension resulted from the incident between him and SSB three weeks ago, where he attacked someone he thought was from SSB and it wasn’t. 

Tyson Dux gives an interview. He says he totally understands why he was suspended. It was an honest mistake. It was not intentional. He says SSB played their little tricks. Dux lost his cool. He lost control and bad things happened to good people. Here’s the thing though: It was only a month suspension. He is coming back. If they think after just one month of suspension he’ll be in the bottom tier, he’s not. He’s coming back on top. He’s coming for them. Smash Wrestling is his home. He was to come home. When he does come home, they’ll have hell to pay. 

  • Behind the scenes between Anthony Kingdom James and Sebastian Suave. James tells Suave he told him so: they won. The two men hug. Then James tells Tarik he told him so too. It’s about teamwork. Tarik agrees and leaves. Suave tells James he told him so: Tarik doesn’t get this. He didn’t want his hug. 

SSB def. TDT, Tarik and Sebastian Suave (with Anthony Kingdom James) & OVE to win the F8ful Eight Tournament. At the end of the match, Well Oiled Machines come out. Evil Uno says Well Oiled Machines know what this means. The two teams are destined to meet. SSB don’t want to wait. If the WOM are ready, they can go right now. WOM get in the ring and the two teams brawl. The Beast King FTM and Vanessa Kraven run to the ring to help SSB. Evil Uno and Stu Grayson hit the WOM in the head with the Tag Team belt. The SSB are standing tall in the ring.

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