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Smash Wrestling Episode 40 Recap



Episode 40 — Original Air Date — April 19, 2018)

John Greed def. Kevin Bennett (w/ Big Tang & The Muscle) via pinfall. As Greed make his way to the back, Bennett grabs a microphone and asks him where he thinks he’s going. He says he’s not done with him and orders Greed to get back in the ring. Bennett calls Greed a coward. He says he wants him one on one. When Greed turns his back on Bennett, he says he knows what he’s doing. He’s going back home, celebrate, go back to his family. In Bennett’s opinion, Greed shield go back to his roots. He should go back to the bar and get himself a drink because he’s a fat alcoholic. Bennett will go back to Greed’s family, smash his girl and Greed’s kids will call him daddy. Greed runs back to the run ring. Bennett quickly gets out and throws Muscle into the ring. Greed quickly gets rid of him as Bennett and Big Tank quickly get out of the arena. 

Greed grabs a microphone. He says Bennett wants to talk about his family. He doesn’t want to fight. He’s not even in the building: he ran away. He says he just beat Bennett’s ass. If Bennett wants to go one more time, he’s in. This time he won’t just beat him: he’ll kill him. 

Vanessa Craven def. Alexia Nicole via pinfall 

  • Sebastian Suave vs Tyson Dux vs Tarik vs Brent Banks is announced for next week.
  • SSB vs The Well Oiled Machines for the Tag Team Title is also announced for next week. 

“Hacker” Scotty O’Shea def. Daniel Garcia via pinfall. After the match Kevin Blackwood gets in the ring with a keyboard and hits Garcia in the head with it. Blackwood grabs a microphone. He says people like Daniel Garcia and people like everyone in the arena are weak, disgusting sheep. They boo Scotty O’Shea but he has shown Blackwood the light. Now the two of them will show everyone the truth. All the people in the arena and the guys in the back are all sheep. 

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