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Smash Wrestling Episode 45 Results



Tarik def. Kevin Bennett (with The Muscle) via pinfall. After the match, Bennett grabs a microphone. He says The Muscle is the dumbest person alive. Big Tank is gone because he got rid of him. He didn’t fit with Bennett’s crew. He’s starting to think The Muscle isn’t a part of his crew either. The Muscle takes Bennett’s mic. He asks Bennett who hit a massive spear in front of the fans tonight. He says he’s the muscles. He tosses bodies. He asks how he doesn’t fit with Bennett. Bennett takes back the mic. He tells The Muscle he’s not the show. He can’t take the mic away from him.He asks The Muscle who he thinks he is, and calls him an idiot. Bennett says The Muscle is nothing but a caveman. He’s a stupid Neanderthal. He didn’t even know that Evan Bourne and Matt Sydal were the same person. He fires The Muscle and tells him to get out of here. Bennett says he’s not a solo artist. 

Backstage, Braxton Sutter talks to Kevin Blackwood. He says he knows it’s tough for him and Hacker. He says what Blackwood is doing is garbage.What he’s doing is not right. He talks about their friendship with Daniel Garcia. He doesn’t know what has gotten into Blackwood lately but he has to stop. Blackwood says it’s funny. Sutter is supposed to be their fearless leader, but he’s just another follower. Sutter grabs Blackwood by the throat and asks him if he knows who he’s talking to. He’s been doing this for a long time. He warns Blackwood not to test him. Blackwood laughs and calls him a sheep. He then pushes Sutter away and leaves. 

Vanessa Kraven def. Jody Threat & Shotzi Blackheart via pinfall

Tarik is interviewed backstage. He’s asked about his win tonight over Kevin Bennett and what’s next for him. Tarik says Kevin Bennett is nothing. He says they might as well make his middle name confident because that’s what he is. Bennett is now out-of-the-way. He can go on to face Kingdom James at the Northern Tournament one on one. After he can end Sebastian Suave once and for all. Sebastian Suave attacks Tarik from behind. After he beat Tarik, Suave says he has a public announcement to make. He tells people to put their money on a real winner: him. 

Brent Banks def. John Greed, Dillon Andrews (w/ his trusty sidekicks) & Tyler Tirva via pinfall

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