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SummerSlam 2018 Predictions: AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe



John: love both of these guys and nothing would please me more to see Joe come away with the belt but this appears to be a starting match in a longer feud. I can’t see Joe dethroning AJ just yet as WWE will no doubt plan to have it happen later down the line or we’ll have a Shinsuke situation where Joe doesn’t win at all. It wouldn’t surprise me if Styles kept the belt for a while longer yet though.

Winner: AJ Styles

Chris: It has gotten to a point where Samoa Joe is probably the only guy who’s going to stop AJ Styles. He’s beaten the best, but in a WWE ring he’s yet to face his old friend. This is going to be brutal, and it is going to be a slobberknocker. If AJ wins there doesn’t seem to be any other road for him to take on Smackdown, but if Samoa Joe wins, he’s got a lot of opponents to wrestle in defence of the title. I can see a potential feud with Randy Orton lined up for AJ if he leaves the champion, but at this point, Samoa Joe has worked hard since joining NXT and WWE, so I’m going with him to win.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Dave: Samoa Joe is so good at his job — these two could trade the title back and forth until they both retire and I doubt anyone would have an issue with it. That said, I love the idea of AJ keeping the title for an extended run — at least until Mania. He’s the best babyface champion WWE has seen in quite some time.

Winner: AJ Styles

Frank: It seems so tempting to pick Joe, but they seem to be building up Styles current title reign as something really special, and I think he survives this one.

Winner: AJ Styles

Total: 3-1 for “The Face That Runs The Place”

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