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Superstar Shakeup 2018 Night One (RAW Recap & Highlights)



Kurt Angle kicks off this year’s Superstar Shakeup from the old Hartford Civic Center where he’s immediately interrupted by Samil Singh. He announces that the United States Champion, Jinder Mahal, is coming to Monday Night RAW. The crowd is not too impressed. 

You can scroll down to the bottom for the full list of today’s moves.

Jinder is upset that he was given an SUV to travel to RAW and not a limo with a motorcade. Jinder doesn’t just expect the same perks that Brock Lesnar gets now that he’s on RAW. He demands them. Kurt asks him to email his lists of demands. Angle then refuses to give out his email on live television. Angle asks if anyone wants to come out to prove Jinder wrong. To prove that he’s not the best superstar on the roster like he claims. His United States Championship will be defended in the first match. Jeff Hardy answers the call. 

Hardy wins after hitting a Twist of Fate and Swanton on Jinder to become the new United States Champion. There were a bunch of near falls toward the end; Hardy countered a Khallas into a victory roll. The action got hot and heavy from there making it a solid opening match to keep the momentum going from last week’s big ‘After Mania’ show. The only problem here was that Jinder’s selling was absolutely atrocious in a couple of spots. 

Jinder tells Renee Young backstage that he’s invoking his rematch clause for the Greatest Royal Rumble event in Saudi Arabia. No Way Jose and his Conga Line interrupt and Renee joins Jose for a dance and we head to our second match of the night — Bayley versus Sasha Banks.

This was a fight. Banks nearly forced the tap with the Bank Statement but The Riott Squad made their arrival from Smackdown to RAW to destroy Banks and Bayley. 

We come back from commercial to see Heath Slater and Rhyno are ready for action. We get a promo with those awful on-screen graphics. Authors of Pain are out to challenge the inaugural SmackDown Live champs. Cole reminds us that Paul Ellering was dumped by Akam and Rezar last week. That chapter was closed. 

Slater and Rhyno take the fight to AOP right away, they aren’t going to let this be a squash match. It’s always nice to see Rhyno get some work in. He hit a nice belly-to-belly on Rezar in this match before they hit The Last Chapter to get the pin on the Dearborn native. 

Miz TV is up next to introduce the newest member of Monday Night RAW. The Miztourage join The Miz for the special edition of the most must see WWE talk show in history. Miz reveals that Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will be joining Monday Night RAW. They are his guests on Miz TV. 

Cole explains that neither man is employed in WWE so this actually is not possible. Zayn and Owens join The Miztourage in a wild  celebration that involves a lot of group jumping. The Miz tells us that this is the finest collection of talent to ever stand in one place. They have more talent than the N.W.O., the Olympic Dream Team. They are the WWE’s version of The Avengers. Kurt Angle’s music hits. 

He explains that Kevin and Sami had their chance to make it to RAW last week but they both lost. Sami breaks out an email from Stephanie McMahon that explains them having their jobs reinstated. They are officially the newest members of Monday Night RAW. Angle reveals that SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan has requested that The Miz be moved to Tuesday nights.

The Miztourage will be staying on Monday Night RAW. Angle is giving a go away present to The Miz. Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley, Braun Strowman and a WWE Superstar who will be making his RAW debut will face The Miztourage, KO and Zayn in a 10-man tag team main event later tonight. 

As always, KO and Zayn were obnoxiously incredible in this segment.

Next up is the final match of the Tag Team Eliminator to face The Bar at the Greatest Royal Rumble for the vacant RAW Tag Team Titles. It’s The Revival versus the team of ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt.

Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Wilder with an assist from Wyatt after he hit a Sister Abigail on Dawson. Wyatt looked incredible in this match. They go on to fight for the tag titles in Saudi Arabia later this month.

We get a super embarrassing commercial that shows all of the Superstars lip syncing to a song about every PPV being co-branded from here on out. I hope we never have to see this again but unfortunately we’ll probably get it on every show all the way through Backlash.

Fandango confront The Bar backstage. The Fashion Police have been transferred to a new precinct. They write The Bar a couple of tickets for fashion faux pas’.

Next up is a replay of Ronda Rousey’s segment with Stephanie McMahon from last week. Rousey and Angle are backstage. Angle tells her that WrestleMania was just the beginning. He has a surprise for Ronda. Natalya has joined Monday Night RAW. Rousey gives her a big hug. It looks like Natalya is back as a babyface. Ronda welcomes her with a fist bump.

RAW Women’s Champion Nia Jax is out to join the commentary team to watch Mickie James take on Ember Moon. Alexa Bliss was supposed to join the commentary team as well but she didn’t have any interest in sitting near Nia. She calls Nia a bully. It looks like we’re headed toward a Nia versus Alexa rematch at Backlash.

Moon hits The Eclipse on James for the victory and man, did James ever sell it. Keep this one for the highlight reel.

We cut back to the locker room where The Miz gives his squad a pep talk after Owens and Zayn discuss their hatred for Shane McMahon for a brief moment. We have another new member of RAW coming up next.

Dolph Ziggler has arrived. He’s joined Monday Night RAW. Jonathan Coachman says that this is one of his guys. He loves the swag. Titus Worldwide interrupts Dolph. They welcome him back to RAW and attempt to recruit him as a new member. Dolph says he didn’t come back to RAW alone. Drew McIntyre appears out of nowhere. He obliterates Crews and O’Neil. They double team O’Neil into the ring post. They turn their attention to Crews now. Zig Zag and Claymore combo on Crews. Wow. What a way to make Dolph relevant again. This could definitely be something.

Ziggler and McIntyre as a team is actually kind of intriguing. It should also be noted that every member of 3MB is now on Monday Night RAW.

Roman Reigns is here and he’s rocking a tank top, a gold chain and a rolex. Maybe he’s the newest member of The Usos? Heel turn speculation runs rampant on social media. Roman reminds us that he’s here, once again, and Brock Lesnar isn’t. The crowd is giving him hell. Reigns says he’s coming back to RAW as the full-time Universal Champion. Samoa Joe interrupts. These two have a match confirmed for Backlash. Will the title be on the line?

Joe points out that Roman is quick to brag about showing up to work but not about getting the job done. Joe just destroys it on the stick here. A highlight package of Lesnar destroying Reigns plays. Roman asks Joe to come down to show what his “lazy fat ass” can do. His words, not mine. Joe teases a walk to the ring then thinks better of it. He throws his towel down and teases another walk into the ring. He tells Roman that he’ll see him at Backlash on his time.

Mojo Rawley was also traded to RAW. I’m not sure if that’s big enough news to air on the broadcast but it was announced in a RAW exclusive YouTube video. It’s also been revealed via that Zack Ryder will be joining RAW as well.

Absolution is out next. We’re getting a singles match between Mandy Rose and Natalya with Sonya Deville ringside. Natalya counters a knee from Rose into a Sharpshooter to force the tap. Deville attacks Natayla from behind. Absolution begins to beat Natalya down and Ronda Rousey’s music hits. She clears the ring to go check on Nattie.

Deville re-enters to take on Rousey. She starts shadow boxing. Rousey pieces her up with a couple of quick strikes and hits a Kosoto Gake Judo trip. She walks Nattie back up the ramp.

A vignette airs telling us that Baron Corbin will also be coming to Monday Night RAW.

The Fashion Police are out next to grace us with their presence. They’ll be taking on The Bar next. Lots of thrusting from Fandango before we head to commercial.

Breeze gets the pin on Cesaro off a distraction outside of the ring for the upset.

Elias join Renee Young backstage. He calls her Rachel. Elias calls Hartford a rinky dink dirtbag of a town. They don’t deserve his music tonight. He has some harsh words for Bobby Lashley before offering Renee a private concert. She cuts him off and sends it back to the announce team.

It’s time for your 10-man tag team RAW main event. KO and Sami are out first. They’re joined by The Miz, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel.

Braun Strowman is out of the opposing team. Finn Balor comes out to join him. Corey slips up by saying the “Bullet Club” is for everyone. He’s reminded that in the WWE Universe it is the Balor Club.

Oh yeah, Mike Kanellis is coming to RAW. I thought you should know.

Bobby Lashley comes out to join Braun and Finn. The IC Champ is out next. Monday Night Rollins makes his way to the ring. “Burn it Down” is getting over in a big way in every town. The fans scream at the top of their lungs when the break in Rollins’ music hits.

The lights go out. Bobby Roode has arrived to Monday Night RAW. He’s the mystery fifth member.

Lashley is still an absolute world beater and he’s being presented as such, as he should.

The highlight of this match was The Miz throwing some of Daniel Bryan’s YES! kicks to Rollins during after acknowledging Bryan’s earlier tweet adds some more fuel to what should end up being the feud of the year on Smackdown Live.

After it appeared that Braun may finish The Miz, the match breaks down and all of the faces hit major moves on the heels. With the legal men now both in the ring again, The Miz looked to take out Braun with Bryan’s running turnbuckle flying dropkicks but Braun was able to come back with one of his own right in the center.

The Miz looks to his corner for a tag, but Dallas and Axel drop from the apron and walk off, leaving him to fend for himself. Braun finished off The Miz with a running powerslam for the win to officially send him to Tuesday night.

The faces stand tall to end the show.

Here is your full list of the moves that took place during night one of this year’s Superstar Shakeup:

Jinder Mahal to RAW
Ruby Riott to RAW
Liv Morgan to RAW
Sarah Logan to RAW
Kevin Owens to RAW
Sami Zayn to RAW
The Miz to SmackDown Live
Fandango to RAW
Tyler Breeze to RAW
Natalya to RAW
Dolph Ziggler to RAW
Drew McIntyre promoted from NXT to RAW
Mojo Rawley to RAW
Zack Ryder to RAW
Konnor to RAW
Viktor to RAW
Baron Corbin to RAW
Chad Gable to RAW
Mike Kanellis to RAW
Bobby Roode to RAW

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