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Superstar Shakeup 2018 Night Two (SmackDown Live Recap & Highlights)



SmackDown Live hosts night two of the 2018 Superstar Shakeup live from the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. Your current WWE Champion, AJ Styles, is here to address the WWE Universe right out of the gate.

You can scroll down to the bottom for the full list of roster moves from night one and two of this year’s Superstar Shakeup.

AJ address his ongoing issues with Shinsuke Nakamura, saying that Nakamura isn’t “The Artist,” he’s a con artist. He blames Shinsuke for ruining their match at WrestleMania and the dream match he had with Daniel Bryan on last week’s episode of SmackDown Live. He knows that Shinsuke has all of sudden forgotten how to speak english, but AJ isn’t here for a conversation. He’s here for a fight. Instead of Shinsuke, we get Aiden English and Rusev.

English sings him a beautiful song that explains the current situation. He then proceeds to rap about Rusev Day. Everything about this act is incredible. AJ agrees to a fight with Rusev, being that it’s Rusev Day and all. He also calls Shinsuke spineless. Our opening match is AJ Styles versus Rusev.

Styles immediately gets a deep Calf Crusher in on Rusev which causes Aiden English to interfere. The referee calls an end to the match. English and Rusev double team AJ and Daniel Bryan comes out to make the save. Styles and Bryan clear the ring to end the opening segment.

We cut to Shane McMahon watching the show on television from the back. There’s a knock at the door, it’s your new SmackDown Live General Manager, Paige. She has an idea.

“There’s gonna be a tag team match playa,” Paige says, paying homage to Teddy Long. We’re getting Rusev and Aiden English versus Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles later. Holla. Shane does a little Teddy Long dance. That was fun.

We’re getting a ‘Mellabration later featuring your new SmackDown Live Women’s Champion.

Shelton Benjamin is out next. Noticeably absent is Chad Gable, who was moved to RAW last night. Shelton tells us that he thinks that Gable was an inspirational partner and he sees good things for him in the future. He tells us that last night, his Twitter account was hacked. He no longer needs Chad Gable and he never needed him. Chad Gable needed him. He wants the respect that he’s deserved and the championship opportunities that he is owed. He gets Randy Orton. Orton stops mid-way down the ramp and so does his music. Jeff Hardy comes out next. The new United States Champion has officially moved to SmackDown Live.

Hardy has decided that he’s going to face Benjamin, not Orton. Randy Orton accepts the situation and takes off.

Hardy puts Benjamin away with a Whisper in the Wind and a Swanton. If you went back in a time machine to 10 years ago, you may have seen the exact same thing on WWE programming. Maybe even on SmackDown.

The Miz appears on-screen. He asks Providence, Rhode Island if they’d like to see Daniel Bryan punch him in the face tonight. They scream yes. He tells them that it’s too bad, he’s at home with his family in Los Angeles. Maryse and his newborn baby girl join him on-screen. The Miz uses adult language while speaking about Bryan and Maryse scolds him. There’s a small child present, he needs to watch his language.

Next up will be a singles match between one half of your SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions, Luke Harper, who will be representing the Bludgeon Brothers and Jey Uso. Haper destroys Uso, this was a legitimate squash. Jimmy attempts to attack them with one of their mallets but it’s just not enough. Naomi runs out to protect her husband from any further damage. The Bludgeon Brothers back away with their belts and mallets, obeying Naomi’s wishes.

Samoa Joe is announced as the next big move to SmackDown Live. He’ll make his debut for the Blue Brand against Sin Cara. Sin Cara appears to have a gameplan, targeting the left leg of Joe for a moment, but he only gets off minimal offense before being put to sleep via Joe’s Coquina Clutch. Joe grabs the mic.

“Well, if it isn’t the land of opportunity. But you see, to me, this place seems like the land of handouts…..SmackDown Live has been coddled, has been catered to and worst of all, everyone here has been convinced that they are better than they are. Well, that all changes. I get all the opportunities to put to sleep your beloved Daniel Bryan. I will be the man who defangs The Viper, Randy Orton. And I will emasculate and decimate AJ Styles. And if any of you are non-believers than look no further than what I’ll do in Saudi Arabia and at Backlash. And speaking of the Greatest Royal Rumble, I can make you this solemn promise.” He tells us that he’ll put the “Big Dog” out to pasture for good if Lesnar leaves anything left of him after the Greatest Royal Rumble. And if somehow Roman wins, he’ll bring back the IC and Universal titles to SmackDown Live. “Believe Dat.” Strong stuff. Strong stuff indeed.

A vignette for Sanity airs. They’re bringing Chaos to SmackDown Live, soon.

Bryan is backstage with Renee Young. Big Cass comes back to interrupt their interview. He doesn’t understand what all of the fuss is about and proceeds to call Bryan “little man” before taking off. Carmella is out next for the ‘Mellabration.

There’s a lot of leopard print in the ring. She informs us that she’s not just the Princess of Staten Island. She’s the Princess of SmackDown Live. She says that she beat Charlotte Flair all on her own. We get a video package of Carmella that shows us the timeline of her winning the first ever Women’s MITB ladder match up until her cash in.

She says she’s really going to miss Frankie (her briefcase), but she now has Cleopatra (her SmackDown Live Championship). Charlotte’s music hits.

Charlotte pokes holes in Carmella’s history lesson, bringing up James Ellsworth, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce as the reasons she’s had any success. But she says game respects game and congratulates her on capitalizing on opportunity. She gives Mella some words of wisdom, “It’s much harder to stay on top than get to the top.” She says that she has something of hers. Kay and Royce are out next.

They say that Charlotte asked for magic last week and they gave it to her. They made her title disappear from around her waist. We are looking at the future. And the future is IIconic. Charlotte attacks Royce. Kay tackles her and they begin the beatdown. Becky Lynch comes out for the save. And just as things begin to heat up, we cut to commercial.

After commercial, we join Charlotte versus Billie Kay in singles action. Royce is in Kay’s corner and Lynch is in Charlotte’s. Carmella remains ringside with Cleopatra, next to the commentary team.

Charlotte forces Billie Kay to tap to a Figure Eight before Carmella attacks Charlotte with Cleopatra. Becky and Peyton jump in. The IIconics and Carmella are in control of Becky and Charlotte when Asuka’s music hits. She’s making a permanent move to SmackDown Live and she’s here to come to the aid of the babyfaces. They stand tall after taking out the IIconics. Carmella has retreated to the top of the ramp where she clutches her belt.

A vignette plays of Gallows and Anderson announcing that they’re moving to SmackDown Live.

The Bar announces that they’re coming to SmackDown Live.

We cut to The New Day backstage. They run into R-Truth and Tye Dillinger. R-Truth is excited that all of them are together on Monday Night RAW. The group informs him that they are actually on SmackDown Live. Truth runs away and says that he’ll see everybody tomorrow. The rest of the group is concerned for his well-being.

It’s time for our main event of the evening. WWE Champion AJ Styles will be joined by Daniel Bryan. They’ll be taking on the team of Rusev and Aiden English. We’re reminded that Rusev will be taking on The Undertaker on April 27th in Saudi Arabia at the Greatest Royal Rumble. It went from Rusev vs Taker to Jericho vs Taker back to Rusev vs Taker in a matter of days.

Bryan is out last to a monstrous pop. He kicks things off against English. Bryan’s out strikes and outgrapples English before tagging in Styles. They have the upper hand on Team Rusev Day, implementing their submission game on both opponents, before we head to commercial.

We’re building toward a hot tag to Bryan from Styles upon return from commercial as team Rusev Day works over the champ for a handful of minutes. The crowd explodes for Bryan. He runs wild on Rusev until English breaks up a Yes! Lock submission attempt. Bryan takes out English and gets back to work on Rusev. Rusev becomes YES! fodder until, out of nowhere, a maniacal Nakamura low blows Styles on the outside. Bryan becomes distracted. He turns around to eat a big boot from Big Cass.

Renee Young appears to ask Shinsuke about his repeated low blows to Styles. “No Speak English,” Shinsuke replies, before walking off. Big Cass stands tall inside of the ring with his fist raised as his music plays out the episode.

Here is your full list of the moves that took place during this year’s Superstar Shakeup:


Jinder Mahal
Ruby Riott
Liv Morgan
Sarah Logan
Kevin Owens
Sami Zayn
Tyler Breeze
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre promoted from NXT to RAW
Mojo Rawley
Zack Ryder
Baron Corbin
Chad Gable
Mike Kanellis
Bobby Roode

SmackDown Live

The Miz (Night One)
Jeff Hardy
Mandy Rose
Sonya Deville
Samoa Joe
Big Cass
Luke Gallows
Karl Anderson
Alexander Wolfe promoted from NXT
Killian Dain promoted from NXT
Eric Young promoted from NXT
Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas w/ Zelina Vega

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