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The Next Possible LIJ Member



A new member of Los Ingobernables de Japon will be revealed October 8th at King of Pro-Wrestling. The last reveal was December 2016 when Hiromu Takahashi returned from excursion as The Ticking Timebomb. Everyone in LIJ has a tie to the leader, Tetsuya Naito, but they’ve joined in a multitude of ways. Hiromu and EVIL both came into the faction straight off excursion while SANADA was a surprise free agent signing and BUSHI was a surprise return from injury.

Shingo Takagi
Shingo made fantasy bookers heads spin when he announced his plans of going freelance this summer. Bred in the Dragon Gate system, over the last two years Shingo has made claim of wanting something greater. Dragon Gate allowed him to competed in both AJPW and BJW but that wasn’t enough to keep him satisfied. While not known for being Tranquilo, Shingo has a heck of a personality and a cool guy aura that could fit into the LIJ mold. The tie to Naito is their trainer, Animal Hamaguchi.

There’s no mistaking YOH’s admiration of the Stardust Genius moniker. During this year’s Best of the Super Juniors he shed his Roppongi 3K attire in order to dress strikingly similar to the Naito of old. With the future of Chaos uncertain, YOH may be compelled to jump ship and join someone he models himself after.

Hirai Kawato
The current excursion-bound young lion finds himself posting up in a familiar stomping ground for Naito, CMLL. Although he’s only been away since February, BUSHI does need a partner for Super Jr. Tag League. They could be pulling from the talent pool earlier than usual to account for the injury to Hiromu.

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