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The Real Main Event Of SummerSlam Weekend is Asuka vs. Ember Moon



The real main event of SummerSlam weekend doesn’t take place at SummerSlam…

…instead, the real main event will really take place the night before, at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III. I know what you’re saying, “What about Brock Lesnar’s Universal title match?” I will respectfully disagree. As it has often been the case of late, I think RAW’s main events are more spectacle than substance. And, Shinsuke Nakamura getting his first title opportunity is definitely cool, but I suspect shenanigans in that match up that will ultimately diminish it’s excitable effect.

In addition, while I mean no offense to the ‘Glorious One’ Bobby Roode, his NXT title match shouldn’t even close the event. It’s a quickly thrown together main event with newly returned Drew McIntyre, and I’m still a little lost on what happened to Roderick Strong. That’s right, I am saying it because you are all scared to – Ember Moon vs Asuka should be the headline match at Takeover. Furthermore, this match should be looked at as THE title defense to put your eyes on this weekend.

The Challenger

I was fortunate enough to catch an NXT dark show in Florida at the Pensacola Bay Center around the time that Ember first started appearing on NXT. I had no clue who she was, what her character was supposed to be about, or whether she was even worth watching. It didn’t take long for her to turn me and everyone else in the arena into believers. Her look is enough to grab your attention, but it is her in-ring ability that keeps it. Since, that time NXT fans have been treated to her phenomenal abilities on a larger scale and she has quickly become a favorite. That is until her momentum was stolen due to injury. Now that we see Ember back on the scene, the tensions are high on what will come of this most recent title challenge. Will she be the one to finally dethrone the longest reigning NXT champion of all time?

The Champion

I was riding high in 2015, like a lot of people, on Bailey vs Sasha at the first NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. The Women’s Revolution had been cemented at that pay-per-view. It was the first time I’d seen a women’s match be heavily talked about as ‘Match of the Year’ caliber. It seemed like the whole fan base was behind Bailey’s success and positive title reign.

So, I remember when Asuka first showed up on my television. I thought she was weird, she was crazy, and most importantly – I thought she was talented. I remember our jaws collectively dropping as she made Bailey, who has a never quite attitude, totally tap out to the now legendary Asuka Lock. Since that time, The ‘Empress of Tomorrow’ hasn’t given up a single loss, for the title or otherwise.

She has surpassed Bill Goldberg’s epic undefeated streak, She IS the longest reigning NXT Women’s Champion, and she IS the most dominant competitor in woman’s wrestling. If you have any doubt of Asuka’s talent, ask her opponents over the last two years. Everyone should fear her. Asuka is the most steadfast champion in the biz, who is taking on all challengers and leaving them in her dust. It is truly remarkable. To get a taste of Asuka’s toughness and mean streak, I implore you to watch her most recent title defense against Nikki Cross in the first ever Last Woman Standing match where Asuka ended her opponent’s championship hopes with a suplex off a ladder, through the announce table. This is arguably one of the biggest bumps in a title fight this year. Her high and mighty attitude on the mic and with the fans makes her a fantastic heel in addition to her exemplary in-ring action.

I have no doubts that Asuka vs Ember Moon will live up to Takeover Brooklyn’s standard for strong woman’s matches, but I also predict that it will be the most satisfying main event to catch over Saturday and Sundays wrestling festivities. Ember Moon is hungry for the championship and Asuka certainly does not appear ready to give it up. This is definitely going to be an exciting match.