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The ‘Rise’ of Delilah Doom



November 10th, 2017. RISE 5: Rising Sun kicks off inside of the storied Berywn Eagles Club with a visibly distraught Delilah Doom making her way to the ring. “Delilah, thank you for coming out tonight,” ring announcer Sarah “Joy” Shockey says to open the show. “What’s going on tonight? How are you doing?” she asks. 

Delilah is set to compete for the top prize in the promotion—the Phoenix of RISE Championship—in a multi-woman elimination match that is scheduled to close out the show. Unfortunately, we can immediately tell that something isn’t right when she’s given the microphone by Shockey.

“This weekend was supposed to be awesome and I was going to make all of you “Doomies” so proud, but unfortunately, due to an injury I obtained at the seminar today, that’s going to be taken away from me I think,” Doom revealed in her opening promo. The promo was a heartfelt one that had everyone in attendance hanging on every single word. Whether the fans believed it or not—I feel like most of them did—the ones who may have been skeptical were able to suspend their disbelief in favor of the story due to Doom’s fantastic promo work. After all, this would be a show centered around her becoming the new Phoenix of RISE Championship. And that would only be the first title she’d win that weekend.

“When RISE first started a year ago, myself and many other females all took a huge chance,” Doom told us just days after the biggest weekend of her professional career. “I decided to invest in myself and my career and take a leap of faith in RISE. There were no guarantees. I just knew I would have a great learning experience and maybe get seen by some people. I ended up in the main event that night for a title no one even knew existed! And while I came up short, RISE has provided me with so much since that first day. Inspire Pro Wrestling will always be my home, and promotions like Sabotage and RISE will forever be my homes away from home. They all believed in me from the start.” 

Exactly one year prior to RISE 5, Doom would compete in two matches at RISE 1: Ignite. She’d defeat Samantha Heights in an opening round match to gain entry into a fatal four-way match for the inaugural Phoenix of RISE championship. Unfortunately for Doom, it’d be Angel Dust, now simply known as Dust to RISE fans, who would emerge as the first Phoenix of RISE title holder in the history of the promotion. 

“Looking back at RISE 1, I have grown so much,” Doom told us during our exclusive interview. “I have had the opportunity to take part in so many amazing seminars. Saraya Knight. Colt Cabana. Dr. Tom Prichard. Aja Kong. Madusa. And then to also be surrounded by amazing people like Allison Danger, Cheerleader Melissa, Mercedes Martinez, this list goes on! Rise holds a special place in my heart. I even got to wrestle in the UK against Shotzi for the Phoenix of Rise Championship.”

Doom would fall short again in a rematch against Dust at RISE 2. She’d follow that up with a loss to Rosemary at RISE 3 and another failed effort to capture the top prize in that aforementioned match against Shotzi Blackheart at RISE 4 in England on short notice. That brings us back to RISE 5 in Berwyn, where we’d witness yet another title change occur when Kikyo would eliminate Blackheart to capture the title to conclude a five-way elimination match that would involve some foul play from Dust. Just as RISE executive producer Kevin Harvey, who like Dust, was also under the influence of Rosemary during this match, would make the move to award Kikyo with the belt, a sixth competitor’s music would hit the loud speakers. Remember, “Doomies never say die.” 

“Being a part of RISE has given me the opportunity to be around women who know the business and have done so much in and for it,” Doom said. “I have made so many connections and I have so many brains to pick and people to ask for advice and help. Saraya Knight has taught me so much both in and out of the right. Madusa has been an inspiration of mine and someone I’ve looked up to, so it’s been really awesome to be around her, especially because she’s so uplifting and empowering,” she continued. “I mentioned a few of the other awesome females previously, who we have access to ask for advice and ask questions. I can’t forget Kevin Harvey and Dave Prazak, both who I have learned, and still am learning, a lot from.”

Back to Berwyn, where Doom would rush to the ring, handing over a doctor’s note to the possessed Harvey before aggressively removing the JanSport fanny pack from around her waist—which could mean only one thing—the “Queen of Aerobic Style” was ready for war. 

Bad left wrist and all, Doom would secure the Phoenix of RISE Championship via pinfall after raising her knees to nail Kikyo right in the midsection on off a frog splash gone wrong. This was the same move that Kikyo used to eliminate Shotzi Blackheart to assure that we’d be crowing a new champion on the night—it just wouldn’t be “The Fallen Flower” on this particular one. 

“To say walking out of Rise 5 champion was amazing is an under statement,” Doom told us. “I’m still speechless. I’ve worked very hard and it’s very surreal and ironic even that on the one year anniversary, I was able to walk out champion. I’m thankful for all RISE has done for me, and I’m going to make you all damn proud,” she further explained.

As if winning the top prize for one of the most exciting up and coming promotions in all of wrestling wasn’t enough, Doom would follow it up with another special accomplishment just one day later. 

In the first of four Shimmer tapings to take place during the weekend, Doom would take on one half of the Shimmer tag team champions in Vanessa Kraven, who would be joined ringside by her partner, the devious Tessa Blanchard. With the ongoing dissension between the duo known as Mt. Kraven coming to head, Doom would take full advantage, capturing her first singles Shimmer victory only to come up on the wrong end of a beatdown following the match. Enter Leva Bates. Bates would make the save thus setting up a tag team title match between the Mt. Kraven and the team of Doom and Bates—collectively known as Totally Tubular Tag Team—later on that day at Shimmer 97.

“Shimmer has been on my career bucket list since I started training,” Doom said. “For women’s wrestling, it’s a high-caliber promotion that I remember being told by people I’d never make it to. I’d never be good enough to wrestle for Shimmer. When I made my debut in July, I felt on top of the world. I did it! Hard work pays off.”

Doom and Bates would defeat Kraven and Blanchard to end the 363 day reign of Mt. Kraven and break them up in the process. It would mark the second major title win for Doom on the weekend and the first taste of Shimmer gold for Bates since making her Shimmer debut in 2009. 

“When Leva and I won those tag team championships this month, I can’t even put into words the feelings I felt. Not only am I a part of the Shimmer roster, but I am also a champion of Shimmer. Leva and I make a good team, and I’m excited for our reign together as tag team champions!”

Coming off the biggest weekend of her career, Doom now sets her focus on December 1st in South Gate, California at RISE 6: Brutality. That’s where she’ll make the first defense of her Phoenix of RISE Championship in a steel cage main event against Rosemary in a rematch of their RISE 3 match. While the steel cage should do it’s job by keeping out anyone who would happen to be under the influence of Rosemary’s mind games on this particular night, you also have to factor in the experience of “The Demon Assassin” in matches that take place under inhuman conditions like these. 

“Some have said I have asked for my death wish by wanting this match. Locking Rosemary in a steel cage with me means she can’t have any of her minions come to her side. I’ve been in the ring with Rosemary before, and I’ve been studying her very carefully. This is going to be a war, and I won’t quit until I leave that cage still Phoenix of Rise Champion,” Doom promised.

If you weren’t able to get a ticket to RISE 6, you can watch the event live on VOD by visiting Smart Mark Video shortly after the event. Make sure to follow Delilah on Twitter @Delilah_Doom for more updates on future appearances.

You actually thought that we’d leave you without asking Delilah a Richard Simmons related question? Not so fast. Here’s a little bonus quote from “The Queen of Aerobic Style”. 

“Richard Simmons has been and is a hero and an inspiration of mine. His energy, his positivity, his love of helping people and making those around them feel good about themselves….it’s so contagious. He’s someone I look up to and I feel like if I want to do for people what he does. I know that personality type isn’t for everybody, and maybe that’s why no one ever wants to join in my aerobics with me. Leva has been a good sport, though! Haha”

Not only will RISE 6: Brutality feature the main event steel cage title match between Doom and Rosemary, you’ll also get a World of Stardom title match that will see Toni Storm defending her strap against Mercedes Martinez, a barbed wire bat match between LuFisto and Dust and an intergender 4-on-4 tag team warfare match that will feature Team Lucha Queen, captained by Taya Valkyrie, against Team Zombie Princess, captained by Jimmy Jacobs. Newly crowned Shimmer Champion Nicole Savoy, Chelsea Green, Cheerleader Melissa, Deonna Purrazzo and Kylie among others will also be appearing on the card.

Make sure to follow RISE on social media and support Delilah by visiting her ProWrestlingTees store for some totally tubular merch.

Dave has been covering Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts for various websites since 2010. He currently runs both FightBooth and FightBoothPW with the help of some lovely and talented people.

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