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The Undertaker vs. Triple H ‘Super Show-Down’ play-by-play



The main event of Super-Show Down in Melbourne, Australia is here. This match up between The Undertaker and Triple H is being sold to us as a “Last Time Ever” match between two of the biggest stars to ever lace them up. Let’s get to it.

Shawn Michaels is out first and he’s eating it up in front of 70,000 plus. He’s years removed from being anything that resembles a “Heartbreak Kid” but this is WWE and we live frozen in time. His resume and the memories still make this a special moment, especially for the fans in attendance. Triple H is out next.

“The Game” by Motorhead hits the loudspeakers and as Corey Graves explains, “Someone is about to get their ass kicked.” Trips and HBK embrace as the music stops and we get a small moment before Kane’s music hits.

The Governor of Knox County makes his walk to the ring before being joined by his Brother, The Undertaker. The crowd screams when the first bell tolls. Taker walks through the smoke as everyone takes it in through their electronic devices. Look out for a few thousand different entrances videos from a few thousand different crappy vantage points on social media when you get some spare time. Or just watch it in glorious HD on the WWE Network — your choice.

Both men remove their jackets in sync. JoJo reminds us that this match is for the “Last Time Ever” and even adds a new wrinkle into the equation — this is now a No DQ match. Triple H does what he wants.

Taker is looking to strike but HHH is able to avoid him early. HHH puts his hands behind his back, channeling his inner Ali. Both Michaels and Kane get up on the apron and Cole reminds us that this is a No DQ match, expect these two to get involved.

Taker kicks HHH in the gut and begins work on the left arm of the COO. HHH is able to avoid some trademark top rope “Old School” offense from the Dead Man. Now, Triple H goes to work on the left arm of his opponent. HHH looks to mock Taker with signature “Old School” move off the top rope but Taker stymies him. Taker now proceeds to unload on his opponent with a series of right hands in the corner. Taker then finally hits “Old School” on HHH to close out the first story of the match.

We head to the opposite corner now where Taker continues to wear down HHH. It’s time for Snake Eyes from Taker but HHH is able to take him down with a knee before he can hit the boot. HHH knocks Taker over the top with a clothesline where he looks to chokeslam Michaels but HHH is able to intervene. Michaels slams Taker face first into the post and Kane wards him off.

HHH rolls Taker into the barricade The stairs are next. Michaels begins to set up a table, Kane walks to corner to see what these two are up to. HHH puts Taker into a Pedigree but Taker counters with a body drop. Taker uses the stairs. Solid storytelling thus far as you’d expect.

We re-enter the ring where Triple H regains control with some knees to the head and a swinging neckbreaker before attempting a pinfall. Taker kicks out at two. HHH has Taker on his knees where he unloads with some right hands. A right to the gut stops HHH in his tracks. Taker drops HHH with some strikes but HHH is able to get back on track. Another pinfall attempt sees Taker kick out at two again.

Taker catches HHH off the top rope and just tosses him over the top rope. Awesome sell job by HHH. He hasn’t lost a step. Taker throws HHH into the timekeepers region. The Dead Man begins to dismantle the announce table. Michaels distracts his old rival and HHH is able to get back to work. Just moments later, Taker throws Michaels into what they like to call the “WWE Universe,” which is their way of saying the audience. Things get a little sadistic there when Taker begins to choke HHH with some cording. Things start to get a little sloppy out here as well as Taker walks HHH down through the arena.

We continue throughout the arena as Taker drags HHH back to the ring, or should I say ringside. Michaels attempts to help his friend but he get destroyed by a right hand from Taker. One punch KO. Taker grabs a steel chair from under the ring and meets HHH back inside. HHH now has the chair. He looks to waffle Taker with it but he’s met with a big boot to the grill. Michaels is back up and Taker taunts him from the inside. He hammers HHH to the mid-section with the chair. Taker brings the furniture outside with him to hammer HHH on the spine. HHH is visibly in pain. Another shot to the downed HHH, right in the mid-secton.

We move back to the wooden table that was previously set up. Taker lays HHH onto the table and climbs the stairs onto the apron. Michaels interferes and Taker meets him with a monster boot. HHH rolls off the table. Taker looks to hit a Suicide Dive on both men but HHH re enters the ring with the chair. Kane pulls Taker out of the ring. Double choke slam attempt but HBK and HHH meet him with kicks. Kane ends up on the wooden table after HBK hits Sweet Chin Music. Elbow from HHH onto Kane and he goes through the table. The pace is picking up.

HHH takes the chair and moves to the high rent district but Taker catches him and hits a chokeslam. Taker hits the Tombstone on HHH. HHH kicks out at two. Taker punches the ref in the face! That’s what happens when you don’t count to three. He kicks the ref out of the ring before hitting HHH with a boot. He asks HBK if he’s watching. More chair shots to the spine of HHH. Taker is on a rampage. No one is safe. Michaels covers his mouth with his hand as he watches, leaning against the barricade. Another chair shot from Taker for good measure. Micheals is gasping. He’s visibly concerned for his friend.

Taker sets up the chair under the neck of HHH and Michaels has had enough. He pleads with him from the apron. Michaels enters the ring and meets another right hand from Taker. This gives HHH enough time to recover and give him a Spinebuster. Both men are down. A chokeslam attempt from Taker fails and HHH hits a Pedigree. But he didn’t get all of it. A new ref enters the ring and we get a two count. Now it’s HHH wrapping the steel chair around the neck of Taker to set up a potential career ending move. A big boot of the second rope from HHH does the deed. 1, 2, and Kane interferes, pulling the ref out of the ring.

Micheals grabs HHH’s sledgehammer and gives it to his discouraged friend. He just can’t find a way to finish his rival, he now has the answer in his right hand. Taker rises with the steel chair, HHH rises with the sledgehammer. HHH attempts to hammer Taker with the weapon but he uses the chair as a shield. It’s enough to get Taker down but there’s no ref. Taker sinks in Hell’s Gate as HHH clutches his weapon. He forces it against the throat of Taker to break the hold. Awesome sequence. The crowd approves.

Taker wants the hammer but Michaels grabs it first. Kane attempts to chokeslam Michaels but receives a low blow instead. Taker tosses HBK over the ropes. Taker now has the sledgehammer. He tosses it away. Pedigree attempt from HHH, chokeslam from Taker. Taker sets up the Tombstone but HBK hits Sweet Chin Music. Taker will not go down, he catches his second attempt at Sweet Chin Music. HHH bounces the sledgehammer off Taker’s face and HBK hits Sweet Chin Music again. Pedigree from HHH. That’s all she wrote. Triple H and Michaels embrace as The Undertaker lays beaten on the canvas. The announce team tells us that the rivalry is over, but we have to know that it’s anything but.

Taker nods to HHH in approval as he hands over the sledgehammer to “The Game”. HHH tosses it over the top rope and offers his hand. They shake hands and proceed to hug. Fireworks commence as they all hold one another’s hands up. Maybe it’s really over? Not so fast.

Kane and Taker then proceed to take out both Michaels and Kane. Taker hits HHH with a Tombstone. The Brothers of Destruction turn their attention to Michaels now on the outside of the ring. “We just witnessed the ultimate show of respect, now this is the ultimate show of betrayal,” says Graves. A chokeslam on Michaels through the table closes out the show as the Brothers walk off.

With Crown Jewel coming up in Saudi Arabia in early November, we fully expect to see a tag match between the four men involved in this match, leading to an eventual singles match between Taker and Michaels at either Royal Rumble or WrestleMania. Are you ready?

Dave has been covering Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts for various websites since 2010. He currently runs both FightBooth and FightBoothPW with the help of some lovely and talented people.