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This Week in Wrestling: Monster Truck Sumo Match



What a wild ride WCW was on in 1995. The promotion was in full swing after wrestling megastar Hulk Hogan signed with the promotion the year prior. The main event storylines completely encompassed The Hulkster, having him booked in carbon copy stories of “David vs. Goliath” (or in this case, “Hogan vs. Flavor of the Month”) where he would be attacked by a monster heel for weeks until the pay per view event where Hogan would vanquish the big bad monster, who would never be taken seriously ever again. These stories helped Hogan become the sensation he was in the mid to late 1980’s but by 1995, fans grew tired of the same old antics of Hogan.

This didn’t stop WCW though from booking Hogan against an entire stable of monsters whose sole purpose was to “kill Hulkamania”. Led by ‘The Taskmaster’ Kevin Sullivan, the stable known as ‘The Dungeon of Doom’ sought after the destruction of the Hulkster for months with the absolute zenith of this plot coming at Halloween Havoc 1995. Hulk Hogan was deeply embroiled in a feud with The Giant, who would later become known as the Big Show.

At the time, The Giant was portrayed as the son of Andre the Giant who vowed revenge on Hogan for embarrassing his father at Wrestlemania 3. Their feud was set to culminate in a “Monster Truck Sumo Match.” Yes you read that correctly — a Monster Truck Sumo Match.

The two wrestlers would face off on top of the nearby Cobo Hall where they would do battle inside of giant monster trucks attempting to push the other truck outside of a giant circle. The “match” ended when Hogan pushed The Giant off of the roof of the building. That’s right, WCW filmed an attempted murder on live pay per view. To make the storyline even more ridiculous, the main event of the evening ended with The Giant coming to the ring without a scratch on him to defeat Hogan for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship — by disqualification.

For a better account of the storyline and the PPV as a whole, I strongly recommend viewing the “Halloween Havoc 1995” episode of the OSW Review Podcast. They perfectly recount the sheer stupidity of the booking of the time the events of the PPV in general.

Christian is an avid wrestling fan who began watching in the summer of 2001. His passion for the business starts and ends with the history of the sport. He loves holding discussions with fellow fans about their opinions on events in wresting history spanning all promotions and time periods. He currently has plans to co-host a podcast with fellow FightBoothPW contributor Brandon Miller (@brandonpsmc). If anyone would like to reach Christian, they can email him at or his Twitter account @cdubb106