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Unsanctioned Episode 5: Ahmed Johnson



In a rare interview, Tony “Ahmed Johnson” Norris, puts everything on the table and dishes to the Unsanctioned Podcast crew (Luis Vasquez, Jae Holland, and Julio Jeune). This is a “must-listen” interview from start to finish, where scores are settled, suspicions are revealed, and Johnson stays brutally honest on all topics, which include:

– Clapping back at Stevie Ray and Teddy Long over their recent comments about him

– Losing his patience with Goldust during their feud

– The Rock denying his black heritage and what Johnson did to address that

– Racism in WWF, specific examples and names, including who he thinks wrote the “N-word” on his car after winning the IC championship

– His experiences working with Vince McMahon and if he would welcome closure with him

– What he thinks of each member of the Nation of Domination, calls D’Lo, “She-Lo”

– Why his view of Booker T is unfavorable

– Which main event superstar convinced Vince that “America isn’t ready for a black WWE champion”

– Plus: MC Hammer, Owen Hart, The New Day, WCW, being asked to change his in-ring style, and MORE.

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