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Unsanctioned Episode 9: Gary Wolfe, ECW’s Pitbull #1



In the latest episode of the Unsanctioned Podcast, FightBoothPW’s Luis Vasquez and co-hosts, Jae Holland and Julio Jeune, are joined by Gary Wolfe, best known from his days in the original ECW as Pitbull #1. 

Topics include:

– Reveals nixed debut plans for WWE and WCW that were scrapped and never happened.

– His time with Paul Heyman in ECW and who new tag-team talent would have to go through first.

– Ric Flair outside of wrestling and a bar story involving his famed robe.

– On Sting beating him to the crow persona.

– Putting Francine through a table.

– Addresses the Dudley’s using the superbomb in WWE, and who told the Pitbulls to stop using it.

– Getting his neck broken and how one of the best segment’s in ECW history came to be.

– If he would welcome working at the WWE Performance Center and what his teaching style is.

– And more.

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