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Unsanctioned Podcast: Ernest the Cat Interview



Not only could Ernest “The Cat” Miller bust you with some James Brown inspired dance moves, but he was a bonafide tough guy during his heyday in WCW and WWE, respectively.

Miller dishes on a variety of topics to Unsanctioned’s Jae Holland and Julio Jeune, including:

– If he ever heard Hogan, or anyone else, using racial slurs while in WCW.

– What James Brown was proud of him for regarding his mark in the wrestling industry.

– A look at his short stint in WWE and his relationship with Vince McMahon.

– Why he didn’t jump to WWE immediately after the purchase of WCW.

– His feud with Buff Bagwell and the blackface moment. Why he chose to not stop it from happening…

– A moment with John Cena at a live event where he realized WWE didn’t have any plans for him.

– On seeing himself more than just a great “black talent” in wrestling, as described by some in the business.

– On wanting a “Death Match” with Scott Norton and why.

– His original reaction to realizing Brodus Clay, now known as Tyrus, was using same entrance music as he did, and characteristics of his gimmick, after he left WWE.

– If he feels there is any truth to the Ahmed Johnson/Stevie Ray feud swirling around the wrestling community.

– High praise for Eric Bischoff.

– And much more!

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