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Unsanctioned Podcast: Missed Opportunities in WWE



Reading crystal balls in WWE has never been the formula to creating success. While it’s hard to forecast exactly what will click with the crowd, align with great timing, and putting the right person in the perfect role, missed opportunities in WWE unfortunately do happen. The company does plenty of things well, but it’s always fun to look back on what could have been.
Topics discussed include:
– Should Sting have been in WWE during his TNA/IMPACT run?
– Are we satisfied with where Sasha Banks is right now?
– Should there have already been tag titles in the women’s division?
– Is it a tragedy that CM Punk never headlined a WrestleMania?
– Was DDP’s run with the company satisfactory?
– All that and MORE on the Unsanctioned Podcast!
The Unsanctioned Podcast is hosted by Luis Vasquez (@LuisVasquez617), Jae Holland (@JayoCity), and Julio Jeune (@TheJuice_UPW). Find FULL EPISODES today on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Plex, and Tune In. Drop a line at


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