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Unsanctioned Podcast: Trina Michaels Interview



Once upon a time, Trina Michaels was an award-winning adult film star. Now, as a crossover star, she’s a 10-year veteran of the independent wrestling scene, and proud of it. These days she mostly dedicates her time to managerial duties, but, if the right opportunity were to come along for a program in the ring, Michaels would be game—Mia Khalifa, anyone?

Michaels discusses a variety of topics with Unsanctioned’s Luis Vasquez, Julio Jeune, and Jae Holland, including:

– Breaking down what a feud with Mia Khalifa would look like, including who would be a heel and who would be a face.

– What made her switch careers from adult entertainment to professional wrestling.

– Her online feud with Joey Ryan and if she’s serious about working with him in the ring.

– Her ideal WWE opponent and who she dreams of walking to the ring.

– If she’s encountered sexual harassment in wrestling locker rooms and promotions.

– Her status with IMPACT Wrestling.

– Going through a table at Lucha Las Vegas show.

– How much longer she will stay in wrestling.

– Her thoughts on Sunny.

– And much more!

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