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Video: Vince McMahon takes brutal beating from Kevin Owens to close out SD Live



Mr. McMahon made his triumphant return to SmackDown tonight to address the situation that took place last week between his son, Shane McMahon, and Kevin Owens.

Owens had been threatening to sue the McMahon family and in turn, to take over SmackDown Live and name it The Kevin Owens Show. In the final segment of the show, McMahon took to the ring to break the harsh reality to Owens. McMahon told Owens that not only would he be fired if he decided to take this course of action, but he’d end up being bankrupt after years of waiting for his case to finally see the light of day.

Vince would then go on to tell Owens that he didn’t suspend his son for putting his hands on an employee last week, he suspended him because he didn’t finish the job. Vince explained to Owens that he wanted his son to disembowel him.

The chairman announced a match between Owens and Shane O’Mac at the upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV in Detroit, before Owens asked for permission to “beat a McMahon senseless.” Vince would give him his word via handshake and Owens would take it to heart, headbutting Vince, thus busting him open the hard way. Owens would take full advantage, kicking him in the ribs and superkicking Vince before help finally arrived. Owens closed out the attack with a frog splash onto the 72-year-old before finally leaving the ring. Stephanie McMahon would make her return to WWE television in the final minute of the broadcast to help her father and scold Owens.

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