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‘Walk With Elias’ EP Review



It’s great to be back writing new material for FightBoothPW. I got my first opportunity last year thanks to Dave. Now I’m back giving my review of WWE Superstar Elias’ debut EP, Walk With Elias.

I’ve been watching this guy since his NXT days as ‘The Drifter’ Elias Samson. I didn’t like him at all during this time as he was annoying and very boring to me. Since he’s been called up to the main roster, he has changed up his gimmick big time. He knows how to work the crowd, he knows who he is and as a performer he is better now too. Who would have thought his catchphrase ‘Walk With Elias’ would lead to him not only getting over but even led to an actual music album. You just never know what might work in the wrestling world these days.

In true Elias fashion, we get a four track EP for his debut. The four songs are titled as follows: The Ballad of Every Town I’ve Been To, Elias Words, Nothing I Can’t Do and Walk With Me.

Each track has a very mellow vibe to it. The guitar playing is very well done. He stays in character a majority of the time. To me, the first two tracks come off as an extension of what he does on Raw on a week to week basis.

We get the signature guitar riff to start the EP before Elias talks trash about the different towns he’s been to. I love the line on The Ballad of Every Town where Elias says “I’m waiting for a town that’s not such a disgrace, but I see so many stupid people I wanna punch them in the face,” that’s Elias at his best.


On the last two tracks, Elias actually tries to sing and put some feeling into it. Especially on Nothing I Can’t Do. Elias trades his guitar in for a piano on this one. That gave the song a nice touch to it. The best part is with about a 1:25 left on the song when you think it’s over, he comes back with a little “Bet you thought this song was over but it’s not over yet.
and sings some more to close it out. He got me on that one for sure.

I was pleasantly surprised by this EP. It was fun and worth a listen. No one’s saying Elias will win a Grammy for this, but if you’re a WWE fan and you Walk With Elias – check it out. It’s currently number six on the iTunes chart 24 hours after it’s release. That’s truly amazing.

Nothing I Can’t Do is my favorite track on the EP and the longest at 4:38. Followed by The Ballad of Every Town I’ve Ever Been To. All in all, this only adds to Elias character. Take it for what it’s worth and that’s an extended version of his performances on RAW. Just have fun with it and always remember that WWE stands for: Walk With Elias. I said WWE stands for: WALK WITH ELIAS! I hope you enjoy my review. Let me know what you think and check out the EP for yourself.

This guest post comes to us via @MoneyMakerChris

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