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WATCH: Cesaro gets his two front teeth jammed up into his gums at No Mercy



WWE superstar Cesaro parted ways with his two front teeth tonight during WWE’s No Mercy PPV.

The spot occurred during a tag team title match that pitted Cesaro and his teammate Sheamus, collectively known as The Bar, against current RAW Tag Team champions Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. As you can see below, the “Swiss Cyborg” would go just a little too high after Ambrose launched him into the corner.

Cesaro, stud that he is, would continue to work the match until the final bell. The end result would see Ambrose and Rollins retain after Ambrose hit his patented ‘Dirty Deeds’ finisher on Cesaro for the pinfall.

UPDATE: Upon further investigation from @PiperValentine, it appears that Cesaro actually shoved his own two front teeth deep into his gums during the aforementioned slingshot spot gone wrong. The following photo via Cesaro himself confirms it.

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