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WCW Executive Kevin Sullivan talks turning Hogan heel, ‘All In’, Sting rumors and more



Wrestling legend, former WCW executive, and the man behind turning Hulk Hogan heel, Kevin Sullivan, sits down with Unsanctioned for an in-studio conversation. You do NOT want to miss this episode. Topics discussed include:

Full episode:

– Addresses rumors of Sting possibly being the third man instead of Hogan.
– On the process of convincing Hogan to turn heel and what it took.
– How he would book Roman Reigns by pairing him with Daniel Bryan.
– If he’s rooting for the ALL IN model to succeed and where he sees it going.
– How he handled being a talent and a booker in WCW at the same time.
– Giving Paul Heyman the cell phone gimmick and working with him in ECW.

– And much more!

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