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What’s next for CM Punk?



Last night, CM Punk suffered his second loss inside the octagon, this time against Mike “The Truth” Jackson, and although he made it to the end of round 3, it was clear his expertise and experience in mixed martial arts severely lacked.

As wrestling fans it’s hard to witness such a revered athlete get destroyed in such a way. Punk’s loss against Mickey Gall after a submission was nothing short of embarassing, and his fight against Jackson was also tough to watch. You have to give the guy credit for sticking with it especially after such a resounding defeat first time around, but it seems pretty clear CM Punk won’t be back inside the cage anytime soon. Well, maybe not the UFC’s cage at least.


After the way in which he left and the whirlwind of disruption he left behind back in 2014, it seems very unlikely he’ll return to the bosom of Vince McMahon. On The Art of Wrestling Podcast, he told long time friend and Second City Saint partner Colt Cabana that he was suspended by the WWE after walking out. Following his suspension nobody contacted him, and he felt abandoned by the company. He had plenty of issues with WWE before he left, such as receiving lower pay than others and having to wrestle when he was dealing with serious health concerns, and this was the last straw. He vowed never to work with the WWE again, and I doubt very much he’ll be back, but we all same the said about Bret Hart.


Of all the organisations Punk has been associated with, many believe his time with Ring of Honor has to be the most pivotal in his career, and showcased just how good the straight-edged superstar is. His feud with Raven was legendary, and his partnership with Colt Cabana was one of the best ROH has ever seen. Would a return to the company that made him be his best option? He has said that he will never return to wrestling, but maybe that was as a competitor. Imagine joining Colt on the mic for co-commentating or hosting duties? He’s a smart guy and knows better than anyone what wrestling is all about, so you never know. He doesn’t need to wrestle to return to wrestling.


At this point, the last place CM Punk wants to be is back in the octagon, but in time maybe a third fight is the direction he wants to head in. He’s a resilient competitor with the heart of a lion. I don’t know if he feels like he has something to prove or whether he’s just trying to fight personal demons, but another fight in the UFC seems very unlikely at this point. He headed to the hospital at the end of his fight with Mike Jackson, and he clearly struggles adapting to MMA. The best thing for him would be to walk away; he did his best, left the fight on his feet, and proved he has the mentality to compete in the UFC, just not the skill. 10 years ago, maybe, but definitely not now.


CM Punk has done a fair amount of writing, and comic books are a clear passion of his. The Drax series he wrote was pretty good, and if he dedicated more time to this craft he could produce some worthy stories. Whether with Marvel, Vertigo, or via his own independent material, he could take his determination to the written word and create comics that are worthy of his obvious abilities as a writer.

The Blackhawks or the Cubs

Anyone that follows CM Punk on Twitter knows he’s a huge fan of ice hockey and baseball, specifically his home teams of the Chicago Blackhawks and the Chicago Cubs. Superstars have been known to put money up to fund the teams they love, and as much of a long shot it probably is, the self-proclaimed fan might very well decide to throw his hand into the world of sports, not as a performer, more as a shareholder.


CM Punk has been through a lot, and maybe it’s time to stop putting his body through so much. He’s faced life threatening injuries, a glorious wrestling career, and a run in the UFC, so maybe settling down with his wife and enjoying retirement is the way to go. But if his previous decisions reflect his future, we all known that CM Punk doesn’t give up without a fight.

What do you guys think? Is CM Punk done with wrestling? Is his UFC career over? Sound off in the comments or head over to @fightboothpw to let us know.

Chris White loves to write, and is a huge fan of wrestling of all kinds. He supports the Boston Celtics, listens to hip hop, and wishes Ric Flair was his granddad. He's a pretty cool guy, just ask his mum.