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Women’s Royal Rumble firsts & records



30 years after the first Royal Rumble match took place inside of Hamilton, Ontario’s Copps Coliseum, an all women’s Royal Rumble match headlined the 31st Royal Rumble event in Philadelphia.

Sure, folks tend to joke around about Stephanie McMahon and her constant mentions of “history” being made seemingly every day when it comes to women’s wrestling. The fact of the matter is, this was truly a historic and emotional night for the women’s wrestling. It was a celebration of how far they’ve come and it was the headliner of the show to boot. There was a great mix of current talent mixed when with some legends and Hall of Famers with some names to spare showing just how deep the women’s talent pool is at this level.

There may have been a couple of interesting moments here but all in all, I thought the match turned out really good from a booking and a wrestling standpoint. If you really want to judge the full body of the match on those two or three awkward moments that took place, then do me a favor and go watch the first men’s Royal Rumble match and get back to me.

Women’s wrestling is here to stay and Stephanie McMahon, yes—we all know she didn’t invent it—is doing a phenomenal job as a cheerleader. While her commentary work during the match certainly left more to be desired—which was was kind of surprising considering how great her promo work is—her dedication and her presence in furthering the product from the women’s side is admirable.

We’re certainly not there yet, we can’t get there until we stop talking about firsts. We can’t be there until every single moment and match isn’t preceded with the word historic. These moments and matches should be expected, they should be the norm. And thanks to trailblazers like the Lita’s and Trish’s of the world mixed with today’s history makers— Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair immediately come to mind—the media recognition and crossover appeal of Ronda Rousey and, yes, the behind the scenes strings being pulled by the likes of Stephanie McMahon, we had a really fun women’s Royal Rumble match last night. And we’re going to have one every single year from here on out because the talent pool is that deep. The talent is that good. And the talent deserves to be showcased on the biggest stage in the world because the demand and investment from the fanbase is there.

The following list shows us some of the women’s Royal Rumble firsts and records alongside the men’s firsts and records. Starting next year, the women will be able to build on these records just as the men did starting in 1989 all the way up until today and beyond.

First Entrant
Women’s: Sasha Banks
Men’s: Bret Hart

First to score an elimination
Women’s: Lita
Men’s: Jake Roberts

First to be eliminated
Women’s: Mandy Rose (eliminated by Lita)
Men’s: Butch Reed (eliminated by Jake Roberts

First Royal Rumble Match Winner
Women’s: Asuka
Men’s: Jim Duggan

Most Time Spent in a Royal Rumble Match
Women’s: Sasha Banks: 54:46
Men’s: Rey Mystero: 1:02:12 (2006)

Shortest Time Spent in a Royal Rumble Match
Women’s: Vickie Guerrero: 0:57
Men’s: Santino Marella: 0:01

Only Woman to appear in both Men’s and Women’s Royal Rumble Matches
Beth Phoenix: (2010 Men’s, 2018 Women’s)

Most Eliminations
Women’s: Michelle McCool: 5
Men’s: Roman Reigns: 12 (2014)

Dave has been covering Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts for various websites since 2010. He currently runs both FightBooth and FightBoothPW with the help of some lovely and talented people.

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