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Women’s Royal Rumble: Who We Want and Who We Think Will Win



Instead of our usual staff predictions pieces for WWE Network exclusive events, we’ve decided to change it up a bit this year. Our writers will also be sharing who they want to win along with who they are predicting will win for major events to help freshen things up a bit and break away from the ordinary.

Feel free to tell us who you want to win and who you think will win the inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble in the comments section below or get at us on social media @FightBoothPW.

Matt Addie

Who I want to win: Becky Lynch

Is it just me, or has she been lost in the shuffle recently? There are trifecta factions on both shows, Charlotte and Alexa Bliss are strong champions, and Asuka’s undefeated streak is always present. If Becky won the Rumble in an upset fashion, she would be right back in the mix. Maybe she could hop over to RAW and take on Alexa Bliss, moving Asuka over to take on Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania. Sign me up for both of those matches.

Who I think will win: Asuka

If the plan is for Asuka to wrestle for a title at WrestleMania, this is the easiest way to get there. Having her undefeated streak on the line at Mania would be a large-scale storyline that VKM might not be able to resist. It seems logical, but Asuka is not the straight-up favorite in this match. According to the internet, competing with Asuka for ‘most likely to win’ is Ronda Rousey. If Ronda does shows up, my bet is that it will be to set up a moment with Charlotte, which will occur outside of the Rumble match itself. Asuka can win the Rumble, go after the RAW Women’s Championship, leaving Ronda and Charlotte to tangle at Mania. No matter how it turns out, the Women’s Rumble is quickly becoming the match I’m most excited for on Sunday.

Miranda Adama

Who I want to win: Nia Jax

In the Royal Rumble, big guys never win. WWE has an opportunity here to offer a different tale for the biggest dog in the fight. Not only that, but Nia has shown a keen understanding of ring psychology. The women’s guantlet on Raw months ago showed that Nia overtook every woman not just with strength, but with understanding of where their weaknesses lie, and when Sasha was able to beat her, it was because momentarily her mind slipped. Not her body, her mind. That’s a booking choice that elevates the roster and I’d argue the Royal Rumble itself, for men and women, as a whole. I would also love, love, love for Asuka to go full, unadulterated heel, and run into a spree of chaos after an upset. It opens so many doors for Nia and allows a possible more interesting angle for an eventual Asuka and Ember Moon reunion.

Who I think will win: Asuka

Asuka has never been about squashes… I know it was a heavy fandom opinion that Asuka having to plot and struggle to win was somehow burying her, but she’s looked solid her entire run. At NXT, her prowess came from striking at a presenting opportunity, and with Ember Moon, in playing a little dirty. The main roster has, as it should, emphasized that. Asuka is a cunning opportunist and WWE clearly wants a pay out on one of the female main roster call ups that they’ve handled most carefully.

Dave Reno

Who I want to win: Asuka

She wins the rumble and goes on to defeat Alexa Bliss via armbar at WrestleMania to become the new RAW Women’s Champion. As she celebrates her first of what will be many main roster title wins, the lights go out—it’s Ronda Rousey. Rousey takes Asuka down with a Judo throw and applies a armbar of her own before multiple officials are forced to come in and break the hold. That’s what I want to happen.

Who I think will win: Asuka

I really do believe the dominance will continue for Asuka. I even believe that she will enter the match at number one just to prove a point.

Frank Anguiano

Who I want to win: Bayley

After all she has been through since that horrendous This Is Your Life video, her character deserves this moment.

Who I think will win: Becky Lynch

Factoring in that, Ronda Rousey seems to be in Columbia, I’m going go with Becky Lynch to win the Rumble to set up a match with Charlotte at WrestleMania. Asuka seems to be the obvious pick but I think they wanna save that for a while.

Shannon Willis

Who I want to and who I think will win: Asuka

Asuka is my prediction and also who I want to win. I need Asuka vs Charlotte at WrestleMania with Ronda Rousey as the special guest referee.

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