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Women’s Wrestling Revolution ‘The Show Must Go On’ Review



To my delight, on Wednesday afternoon, I saw a tweet from Women’s Wrestling Revolution about a lucky fan being able to get their hands on the latest show from the promotion. Of course, I had to put my name in the lottery. As luck would have it (and also being a writer for FightBoothPW and shamelessly plugging that) I was chosen as the winner. So, to show my appreciation, I thought that I would write a review of this show.

Nadi vs. Allie Recks (Jordynne Grace on commentary)
Nadi came out of the gate wanting to control the pace of the match. She delivered some hard blows and even tried to leave Allie disoriented by keeping her between her legs and rolling her around the ring. Allie decided that it was time to change the outcome of the match and put herself in the driver’s seat. With stiff hits and some impressive kicks Allie Recks took the win for the night. This was a quick opener, five minutes to be exact, but these girls are clearly green and just needed to get some ring time.

Maria Maniac w/ Penelope Ford vs. Davienne w/ Sammi Lane (Jordynne Grace on Commentary)
I guess Davienne did not like the loud reception that Maria Maniac received, because as Maria was basking in the ovation, Davienne went for the attack. Davienne delivered some vicious chops and squashed Maria. Maria was trying to make a comeback but Davienne wouldn’t let up. It also didn’t help that Sammi Lane was “assisting” Davienne at ringside. I loved the segment of punches and drop kicks given by both women in the middle of the match. The chemistry between these two is quite visible. The strength of Maria Maniac was truly on display as she hoisted Davienne on her shoulders and plunged her to the mat to get the win. I really enjoyed this match.

Terra Calaway vs. Skylar (Deonna Perrazzo on commentary)
The size difference between these two is noticeable so Terra thought that she would mock Skylar and kneel to let her get the first hit. The remorse didn’t last long and immediately Tera took control making stiff kicks to the back, pulling Skylar’s hair to control her movements and using the ropes to pull on the shoulders of the red head. My heart went out to Skylar when Tera delivered that insane cannonball from the opposite side of the ring. I think she broke my ribs, just from watching. Skylar was giving it her all, going to the ropes to drop kick the behemoth and throwing stiff arms . Sadly in the end, Tera pulled out a full Nelson to end this bout. I am a new fan of both women and hope to see some more awesome matches with them in the future.

Willow Nightingale vs. Vanity (Deonna Purrazzo on commentary)
I’ve heard a lot about both ladies so this was a treat to see their debut in WWR. A test of strength was immediately on display and Vanity took control early on. I must say that I enjoyed the cerebral, heelish move set that Vanity put on display. Willow started to make a comeback and delivered a beautiful moonsault to bring this bout to a conclusion. Both ladies are quite talented and deserved the ovation they received. The only complaint I have is that during key points in this match, the visual was lost because of the way it was filmed. It’s quite difficult to make out the wrestlers when they go out to the crowd because the fans are so close to the ring. It’s a huge distraction for the viewer.

Priscilla Kelly vs. Jordynne Grace (Skylar on commentary)
Unique match because the Shine Nova championship was on the line, which gave this match some prominence. Priscilla was the defender, so I’m sure she felt the pressure to leave with the title on her waist. Jordynne is really good at focusing on her opponent, but also keeping the live audience in mind and playing up to them to get a reaction. Jordynne’s bear hug is lethal,  but it did not intimidate Priscilla. Priscilla took over the match and toyed around with Jordynne like a cat with a mouse. The chants from the crowd brought Jordynne back to life as she pulled a suplex out of her hat. However, it wasn’t enough to take out Priscilla. Priscilla is now on my radar and I want to see more from her.

Delmi Exo & Ashley Vox vs. Karen Q & Tasha Steelz ( Willow Nightingale on commentary)
Taking a few shots of liquor before the match was a little presumptuous but Karen Q and Tasha Steelz took control in the beginning, so I guess it worked out for them. Team Adams has a chemistry as a team that was refreshing to see.  It doesn’t feel like they were just put together to have another match for the PPV. Tasha has a nice swagger and confidence in the ring that I think will get her far.

Karen Q is a powerhouse with a great set of moves that dazzles the crowd. No wonder she is a women of honor(pun intended). Team Sea Stars seems a bit green and were a bit overshadowed but I don’t want to seal their fate until I’ve seen more from them. Team Adams (Karen Q and Tasha Steelz took the victory.

Gabriela Rios vs. Sonya Strong (Willow Nightingale on commentary)
Gabriela took control in the beginning but it just seemed like a rouse from Sonya to play possum for a bit and then bring that Bronx fire out to dominate. Both women are hard hitters, but my girl Sonya, who I’ve been following for a year now was out for blood. Hard kicks, arm bars and stomping the precious head of Gabriela was all on the menu. Gabriela tried to make a comeback, but it proved to be too late. The feisty Sonya Strong took home the win. Before leaving the ring Sonya had to call out Veda Scott and tell of some of the fans in the process. Gosh, I love this women.

Thunder Rosa & Holidead vs. Taeler Hendrix & Alexxis (Karen Q on commentary
Mind games were being played by the Twisted Sisters (Holidead and Thunderosa but Alexxis wasn’t phased. Thunderosa took over with her great holds and quick counters. Taeler Hendrix had enough of seeing her tag partner getting pummeled and wanted in on the action. Holidead tried to get into the mind of Taeler, but that’s not as easy as it sounds considering she is the queen of head games. Alexxis had her chance to get payback for being double teamed by the Twisted Sisters and brought the advantage to her side. Some nice high-flying moves were missed because the camera angles didn’t really allow the viewer to see. That was a bit disappointing, but the talent from all women made up for it. Thunder Rosa and Holidead took the win.

Awesome Kong vs. Deonna Purrazzo (Karen Q on commentary)
I was truly hyped for this match, because I haven’t seen Awesome Kong compete for a few months and I felt neglected. There was a great ovation for Kong and even chants for her to kill Deonna. There’s no surprise that Kong was the dominant force in this match for the very beginning. Love the mat work that Kong used to keep Deonna down. Deonna wasn’t going to back away from the beast. She delivered some hard blows, masterfully executed submissions and was smart enough to get to the ropes when she needed to regain her strength. A well placed arm bar brought the victory to the rising star Deonna. Awesome Kong was very gracious with letting Deonna have the moment to celebrate her victory. Chants of ‘Thank You Kong’ filled the building as she made her exit. Deonna gave a great speech about what inspired her to not be a diva or model, but what inspired her to be a wrestler. She’s showed respect to her opponent, Awesome Kong and thanked everyone in the crowd for supporting women’s wrestling. That in my opinion, was a great way to end the night.

All in all, I truly enjoyed the PPV. I think Women’s Wrestling Revolution is a wonderful promotion that’s bringing in women who are from many different backgrounds and levels for the fans to get behind. They certainly have a fan in me. Guys and Gals, do yourself a favor and check out this show.

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Canadace Louise-Julie, a Jersey native, has been a wrestling fan for 20 years. Her first memories of wrestling were with her two brothers watching Monday Night Raw, hiding under the covers, out of the site of the demonic Undertaker. Her love for wrestling grew and she loves to share her passion for it with the world. With a love for Lucha, Grappling, Catch, Strong Style, Submission, Technical, Comedy and Sports Entertainment, I doubt that she will run out of topics to talk about! You can follow her on Twitter @canadacek

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