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Wrestle Kingdom 12 Press Conference: Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho full transcript



A press conference for Wrestle Kingdom 12 took place a little after 1 am EST time, 3 pm local time in Tokyo today featuring both Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho. The conference was done to take advantage of Jericho being in town yesterday following his attack on Omega in an effort to further build an upcoming match between the two that has already been getting a ton of press coverage in Tokyo and in North America.

Here’s a full transcript of what both men said during the presser.

Kenny Omega

After the challenge, I’d thought, this would become a gentleman’s contest. This would be truly be, the best in the world versus possibly the greatest of all-time. I was excited. Chris Jericho, I looked up to you. And then after yesterday, I’ve got yet another reason to believe that your are the best. I’ve got yet another reason to look up to you, Chris Jericho, because you taught me a very valuable lesson. You know, as professional wrestlers, we are performers. We are artists. And sometimes we get caught up too much in the entertainment of the fans. Someone like me, gets too caught up in five stars matches. Six star matches. Best bouts. Being the MVP. You reminded me yesterday, Chris Jericho, that at its core, professional wrestling is a fight. And so I understand now what I must do.

This isn’t ever gonna be, who’s the greater athlete? This isn’t gonna be, who can attach themselves more to the fans, who can win over a live crowd. This isn’t gonna be, who the world is cheering for. This isn’t gonna be WWE versus New Japan Pro Wrestling. This is gonna be a fight between two men that truly think that they are the best. I’m willing to shed my blood for it, Chris. And you’re willing to shed blood for it too. I can feel it. This has become something special, something that has really taken a life of its own. And yeah, I know there are going to be fans that after this double main event announcement, they’re going to feel a little salty. Fret not, I am not here to take your precious Naito’s main event, I could care less about that now. As professional wrestlers we have pride. Being a main event is a prideful thing; it’s a feather in our cap, a notch in our belt. This year, I was able to main event against Kazuchika Okada—possibly one of the greatest matches of all-time. And I take pride in saying that that was a main event. A main event worth remembering, a main event that may become legendary.

I have no doubt in my mind Chris, that our match together in the Tokyo Dome will become a legendary match. But I could care less where it is on the card. This has now become a personal battle. So Chris, bring your best, and next time, yes, I can promise you, you’re not going to get a chance to attack me from behind. You’re going to see me coming head on.

A reporter asks Kenny how bad his injury is.

You know I’d be lying if I said this type of stuff happens all the time. For me, it doesn’t. Yeah, I bleed all of the time, but these are accidents. Or these are my own mistakes. One time, I did a moonsault and I landed on some chairs—there was blood. This is the first time someone’s actually, purposefully injured me, cut me. After it happened, you know, I really got to thinking—what was the meaning behind this? What does this do for our match? How can this now be a gentleman’s contest? How could you really want to know who the best in the world is if you’re going to do these things, Chris? And then I remembered, yes, Chris Jericho had said he was willing to study Kenny Omega. He was willing to do what it took to beat me, to prove that he is the best, to prove that he is the Alpha and that the Alpha is always better than the Omega. Well Chris, congratulations. You’ve studied me well. Every time that I have won a match that meant something it has always been man to man, fair and square with all of the cards on the line. You attacking me from behind while distracting me with the video, well, that’s something that you’d see on an episode of Monday Night RAW, isn’t it? And that was my mistake, not to expect that. See, Chris, I have always praised just how smart you are. It’s how you’ve remained relevant for all these years. It’s how you still have people around the world calling you the best. And now, after yesterday, I can’t even be mad. I can’t disagree. Chris, you’re officially smarter than me. I never saw it coming. But don’t count me out Chris. Because I’ve got a few surprises of my own and at the Dome, I’m going to show you. And even though this isn’t the match I thought it would be, it’s definitely one that everyone’s going to want to see and it’s definitely one that everyone is going to remember. So how is my head you ask? It’s fine. I bled some blood. I got some stitches. But it’s going to be nothing compared to the carnage and destruction that you’re going to see at the Tokyo Dome. All bets are off. This is no longer a gentleman’s contest—it’s going to be a fight.

A reporter asks Kenny a question about respect in regards to his opponent, Chris Jericho.

I think one of my mistakes in preparation for this match was going public in how much I respected you Chris—you took advantage of that. And now, going into this match, if I go into it with any measure of respect for you, with respect for your career, with respect for your history in this country. I’m going to lose.

You’ve already taken advantage of my kindness. You’ve already taken advantage of my stupidity. I won’t make that mistaken again. And I’m not going to make the mistake of respecting you in this match when it’s already become a fight. It’s already too late, we’ve already crossed the line. So no, I’m not going to respect Chris Jericho in this match. I will show him absolutely zero respect when we step through those ropes at the Tokyo Dome. There is no way I can come out the victor if I do. Do I respect your career? Yes. Do I respect your band? Oh yeah, I respect your band. Do I respect all of your side projects all of the money you’ve made. Sure, why not. But Chris, I don’t respect you as a human being come the Tokyo Dome. When I see you in the ring, I’m going to treat you like the piece of shit that you are. And everyone’s going to see it, that there’s this big gap in difference between who Kenny Omega is and who Chris Jericho is.

You’ve already shown all your cards, Chris. There is nothing more you can do to me that you already haven’t done. And maybe that’s the way you want it. But Chris Jericho, you’ve unlocked the true Kenny Omega. The Kenny Omega that I really haven’t had the chance to show here in New Japan. You’ve unlocked the Kenny Omega that’s willing to fight to show that he’s the best.

Chris Jericho

A reporter asks Jericho his thoughts on challenging for the IWGP US Championship.

Well I think last night you saw what my thoughts are. With Kenny Omega lying in a pool of his own blood, it made me happy and it made me understand just exactly how much better I am than Kenny Omega and now Japan will understand this as well.

A reporter asks Jericho if there was any particular reason he attacked Omega in Fukuoka last night.

Well, you’re right, it is a dream match. Alpha versus Omega, Kenny versus Jericho. You can …

Suddenly, Kenny Omega jumps Chris Jericho. He assaults him until Jericho is able to get away and hurl a table at Omega. Then they fight a little more before being separated. 

Jericho, now visually upset from what just happened, grabs a microphone to say the following:

This is gonna be a match that you have never seen in New Japan. This is not about five stars, seven stars. It’s not about how many times you can go for your finishing move. This is a fight, it’s a war. It’s Alpha versus Omega. And Kenny, you are going to get the shit kicked out of you, do you understand me? Huh? Do you get it!? Huh?! I’ve been to Japan, 60 times? This match at the Tokyo Dome is the most important match I’ve ever had in Japan.

[Acknowledges someone in the back] What’re you laughing at f**kface? Shut your mouth. I am the best in the world. I am the greatest of all time. And I’m going to prove it January 4th at the Tokyo Dome. We’ll see you there. Don’t miss this match because you’ll never see it in New Japan, ever. Dream match. Alpha versus Omega. One time only, Tokyo Dome, January 4th. Kenny Omega, it’s time for The Cleaner—heavy breathing—it’s time for The Cleaner’s career to be done. January 4th will be Kenny Omega’s last match at the Tokyo Dome. It will be Kenny Omega’s last match in New Japan. Write that down. Write that down, Fumi Saito. His last match, ever. Kenny Omega’s finished in Japan.

Jericho then proceeds to take a media members pad to write exactly what he just said down. He then tells Don Callis, who is wearing a neck brace after suffering a Codebreaker from Jericho last night, to stay out of his way too before exiting the room.

H/T to @totaldivaseps on the giffage. If you’re a pro wrestling fan and you’re not following them then you’re truly missing out.

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