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WrestleMania 34: Brock Lesnar Bloodies Roman Reigns, Remains WWE Universal Champion



Brock Lesnar takes on Roman Reigns in the main event for WrestleMania 34 from New Orleans with the universal championship on the line.

Rumors have been swirling that Lesnar is headed to the UFC after Sunday night but is there a chance that he pulls off the win and sticks around WWE?

Follow along with our play-by-play:

Roman Reigns is out first to a chorus of boos from the New Orleans audience. Brock Lesnar is out second and the crowd gets a little louder for his arrival. Nearly five hours into this card, the crowd might be running on fumes.

Not even 30 seconds into the match and Lesnar has already hit three German suplexes and then Reigns follows that up with three Superman punches in a row. No shortage of big spots early in this match.

Brock blows a spot outside the ring when he’s supposed to suplex Roman through a table but he ends up just tossing him face first into the side of the announcer’s table. Back inside the ring, Lesnar tells Reigns it’s ‘Suplex City, bitch’ before tossing him around a few more times.

Outside the ring, Lesnar is slamming Reigns from one side to the other but Roman finally turns things around. Reigns then follows that with a spear as he takes Lesnar over the announce table onto the ground.

Reigns finally pulls Lesnar back inside the ring where he lands two more spears but he still can’t get the pinfall. Lesnar turns the tables when he catches Reigns with a big knee coming in on the third spear.

Lesnar then hits a pair of F-5’s back to back but Reigns kicks out both times. Lesnar hits a third F-5 but Reigns kicks out yet again. Lesnar then tosses Reigns outside the ring and puts him through an announce table with another F-5.

Back inside, Lesnar hits another German Suplex followed by an F-5 but Reigns kicks out yet again. Brock takes off his gloves and then clubs Reigns with a series of elbows that cuts him open. Reigns is covered in blood and he finally hits two spears in a row but can’t get the finish.

On the third attempt, Lesnar stops him and hits one more F-5 and this time he finally gets the pin. Lesnar is still the universal champion, which means he’s sticking around WWE for at least a little while longer after all the rumors seemed to point to his return to the UFC.

Is it possible that Lesnar came to an agreement with Vince McMahon to remain in WWE as long as he would allow him to fight in the UFC again? Only time will tell now that Lesnar won in the WrestleMania 34 main event and still holds onto the universal title.