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WrestleMania 34 Live Coverage: Charlotte Flair ends Asuka’s streak



Asuka’s undefeated streak and Smackdown Women’s Championship are on the line here in the second match on the main card of WrestleMania 34.

Charlotte comes out to her father’s theme music on a throne. She’s escorted by a few Roman Gladiators. Her Nature Boy remix music hits and she makes her walk.

Asuka comes out with a special NOLA inspired mask.

A very hot start to this one. Asuka takes control early. She almost hammers Charlotte into the first row with a hip attack of the outside apron.

Asuka sinks in a RNC early by Charlotte escapes. Flair hits a knee across the back of the neck to drive her face into the mat. Charlotte does a moonsault put Asuka picks her out of the air and sinks in a triangle choke. Charlotte reverses into in a Boston Crab. Crazy transitions here. This is high level stuff as expected from two of the top workers in the business.

Asuka hits a suplex off of the apron onto the outside mat. There appears to be some blood on Charlotte’s elbow.

Charlotte reminds Asuka that she’s queen. The Empress is not impressed. She fires away with a rapid fire combo before almost hitting a near pinfall.

Asuka heads to the second rope but Charlotte takes control. Whoa. Charlotte just did what looked to be a Spanish Fly off the top rope that was as scary as it was incredible.

Charlotte hits a Natural Selection but Asuka counters into a crazy rolling armbar. Figure Four attempt from Charlotte. Asuka gets out and sinks in the Asuka lock.

Asuka screams at Charlotte. The Queen hits a massive spear into a nearfall. Charlotte sinks in a Figure Eight and Asuka taps! The streak is over!

Charlotte Flair retains her SmackDown Women’s Championship and becomes the first woman to defeat Asuka in the process ending her 914 days undefeated streak.

Asuka takes the microphone and addresses Charlotte.

“Charlotte, was ready for Asuka,” she says. “Congratulations.” The two embrace in a very emotional huge.

Dave has been covering Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts for various websites since 2010. He currently runs both FightBooth and FightBoothPW with the help of some lovely and talented people.

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