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WrestleMania 34 Live Coverage: US Championship Fatal 4-Way



Bobby Roode is out first with a ‘Glorious Entrance’.

Aiden English is out next. He drops some rhymes before declaring today as Rusev Day.

Sunil Singh is out next to introduce Jinder Mahal.

Your United States Champion Randy Orton is out last.

Rusev clears the ring early. He does a cannonball off the outside apron onto Mahal and Orton. We get some one on one action between Orton and Roode for a moment. Orton hits a superplex on Roode and looks to finish but Mahal and Rusev break up the pinfall.

After some action outside of the ring, Roode attempts a Glorious DDT on Mahal. Mahal reverses but Roode almost ends it with a schoolboy that’s broken up. Orton is now standing by his lonesome in the ring. He goes for the DDT on Rusev but Rusev its a Machka Kick. Orton drops his trademark DDT on Rusev who conveniently had his feet draped on the second rope.

Orton hits an RKO on English. Rusev misses a Machka kick. Orton RKOs Rusev. Orton RKOs Mahal. He attempts a pin but Roode breaks it up. Roode tosses Rusve out of the ring. Orton attempts a RKO but Roode escapes and hits a Glorious DDT. Mahal in for the save. Rusev hits a Machka kick or Roode.

Rusev stands tall with Mahal laid out. The crowd erupts into a Rusev Day chant. Rusev looks to lock in The Accolade but Singh interrupts. Rusev takes out Singh, Mahal hits the Khallas off the distraction. Jinder Mahal is your new WWE United States Champion.

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