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Wrestler of the Month: April 2018



In addition to our top five matches of the month pieces, Robert and Dave will also release wrestler of the month pieces at the beginning of every month in 2018. If you’d care to join us, feel free to sound off in the comments section or get at us on social media @FightBoothPW.

Will Ospreay

On April first I was sure I had just seen Ospreay’s final wrestling match of his career. When he split his head open on the apron, I was convinced this was the end. Not only was this not the end, Ospreay wrestled another twenty matches throughout April. During Mania Weekend alone, he wrestled seven matches. The one against Matt Riddle is being considered by many to be the best match of the entire weekend. Starting his month off with a near-death experience, he ended April by debuting a new move that will be much safer for his body, hopefully insuring a longer career. Will Ospreay was hands down the best wrestler of April and with Best of the Super Juniors just around the corner, there is a strong possibility of him being crowned May’s best wrestler.

Matt Riddle


It all started with the main event of his own show. Matt Riddle wrestled Minoru Suzuki in a KO/submission match at GCW’s Matt Riddle’s Bloodsport in a ring with no ropes; because that’s how Riddle likes it. He’d then go on to defeat Zack Sabre Jr for the Evolve Championship, ending his reign at 404 days. After that, he’d defeat Deonna Purrazzo at Beyond Wrestling’s Lit Up event. And that was just day one. All in all, Matthew Riddle wrestled 11 times during WrestleMania weekend, taking on everyone from Keith Lee to Will Ospreay to Jimmy Havoc to James Ellsworth to Anthony Henry — who he’d defeat to win Style Battle Season One. You’d think maybe the man would take a little break after putting in all of that work in such a short of a period of time, right? Wrong. Riddle would go onto wrestle Shane Strickland for the inaugural MLW World Heavyweight Title against Shane Strickland just days later before hitting CZW, PWG and Beyond to close out a career defining month.

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