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Wrestler of the Month: June 2018



In addition to our top five matches of the month pieces, Robert and Dave will also release wrestler of the month pieces at the beginning of every month in 2018. If you’d care to join us, feel free to sound off in the comments section or get at us on social media @FightBoothPW.

Kenny Omega


He only wrestled two matches this month but Kenny Omega made both of them count. First, he his monumental win over Kazuchika Okada, ending his 720 day reign as IWGP Heavyweight Champion and then followed up by taking NJPW where it had never been before, the CEO Gaming Convention. The door had already been opened for NJPW to expand west but Omega went the extra mile and blew the door off the hinges. Now that he’s been crowned the champion, who knows how far the company will be able to grow. This is the moment so many people have been waiting eighteen months to finally see happen and Omega immediately delivered on his promises by taking NJPW out of its comfort zone as they expand west. Kenny Omega has done an admirable job of making the best out of all of his opportunities and with the future direction of the company unclear, it’s an exciting time to be a fan of New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

June 2018: Our Top Five Matches

Kenny Omega


“The king is dead, long live the king!” Or something to that effect.

June 9th in Osaka felt like the true culmination of a career for Kenny Omega. Sure, the chase is almost certainly always better than the catch, but in this instance, the catch was beyond grand.

For many of the folks who have been watching Omega during this journey, it was comparable to when your favorite team hoists the Stanley Cup, the Larry O’Brien Championship, the Lombardi Trophy or the Commissioner’s Trophy — depending on what you grew up with — maybe it felt like all four. For those of you who have grown up exclusively with wrestling, it felt like Kenny Omega winning the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, the most respected pro wrestling championship in the world today.

This was a true celebration. Not only for Kenny, but also for Okada. His title reign felt super special — because it was. Omega being the guy to seize the championship (after failing his previous two amazing attempts and after being called out by Okada this time) also felt special —because it was.

Sure, the storytelling in New Japan at the top of the card has been exceptional for quite some time now. It goes without saying that Gedo’s use of the long game with Okada versus Omega and Tanahashi and Okada before, has really been special. But we don’t get here without the execution. All three of these aforementioned men have done it better than anyone else in the game over the past decade, maybe ever. Right now though, this is Kenny Omega’s time to shine. Sit back, enjoy and watch what he does next. I promise it won’t be anything short of extraordinary. Because that’s all he knows how to do at this stage of his career.

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